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July 18, 2011


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Benita, your kitchen is beautiful! The pops of green are fresh and enliven the space.


Oh, and thanks for showing us your perfectly completed kitchen! The white dishwasher door looks just right, why does Ikea not get it? You went to so much effort, and it was worth it.


It is amazing what a white rectangle can do for a room. :) Love your kitchen.

elisa rathje

such a trial! clearly all worth it. it must be a pleasure to have your kitchen just the way you want it. x

Vicki K

Wow - beautiful kitchen! How are you liking your refrigerator?


Switzerland (ahm, at least my co-worker and me ;-) ) loves your finished kitchen! Well done, makes me also want a new kitchen...


Love your kitchen, it's perfect!


And me! Three Swiss people.. thats almost all of Switzerland, isn't it? :-)


Looks great! I love the hood and the tile makes me week in the knees every time you show us a glimpse of it.

European Chic

I love your kitchen! Pure bliss!


if it was a challenge for you it would be almost mission impossible for the rest of us!
So you will keep this door, not wanting original white from producer? Since it is dish washer, and that door gets warm, maybe the producer product would be of a higher quality?
It looks great!


The kitchen looks beautiful!

Business logo design

You know how to make your post understandable for most of the people.Thumbs up and Thanks.


I'm curious, why didn't you just buy the abstract dishwasher front? :)


I love the look of it but the interior is a bit weird and I'm still getting used to it :)


That is the producer. The dish washer is from IKEA.


There isn't one in 45 cm width! The stainless steel one is what's available!


Congrats on the door. Not only is the kitchen (practically) finished, but if I remember your images from before, it is quite what you had envisioned as well!

Anna H Pruitt

White perfection!!!


Wohoo for ready! You're kitchen looks amazing. I still cannot get over the subway tiles, I want some too!


Wow! Look so beautiful!! Your kitchen shelves doors so bright. I really love them all...Can I ask you about the cutest bloom and bloom stand I can seen in the photo(left side of it?) Where did you find it? I'm so curious about it. The bloom looks so cute! I really like it. I just put mine to the shelf door...


Gorgeous! And great problem solving.

I'm with Yoko, where is the broom and stand from?


If it's any consolation, we had the same frustration with the panel on the Ikea dishwasher. Love your space! Thanks so much for the inspiration!


Looking great and another tick - that's always good x

Lisa Flaherty

Fantastic! Your DIY is soooo inspiring! Very empowering for this "average Joe" to give it a go. I just noticed that you have drawers under the kitchen sink instead of a two-door cabinet, which in the U.S. is the standard set up. I knew you were opting for drawers in the kitchen, but for under the sink, drawers never occurred to me. How is that working, and how is the access to pipes, etc. if necessary? Looks very cool!


Gorgeous! LOVE the lines of the Smeg peeking into the shot :)


I got it and a second one at IKEA a very long time ago and love it. They don't sell it anymore unfortunately.


You're a bloody marvel, Benita!


It's mostly an illusion :). The top "drawer" can't be pulled out and the two bottom ones are actually just one huge tall one. In there I keep the trash and recycling containers. If you pull the whole thing out the pipes are easily accessible at the back.


AWESOME kitchen! I love it! Your kitchen is a work of art!

~ Ali


Benita! The kitchen is wonderful! How are the cats? Anymore runaway issues?

Abacaxi & Hortelã

Love, love, love it!!! So fresh, so clean, so YOU!
Enjoy it!!
Bisous from Versailles, Chantal


Oh, what a difference a door makes!

blake @ salt teak & fog

gosh that's a beautiful kitchen. well done!


Bonus has gone missing again. We kept him indoors and on a leash for five weeks and then successfully let him out during the day for four days and in at night. On the fifth day (Friday) he didn't come inside and is missing since. We go to our old neighborhood every night but so far we haven't seen him but our old neighbors and new owners say he's around there some where. Naughty kitty!

Jason @ Chesterfield sofa

Your kitchen is stunning. But it would never stay that clean in my house!


Thank you Benita, for letting me know! Oh, it's a IKEA product! I hope they will sell it again!!


Well you did a great job on the door because it blends in perfectly with your kitchen! Fantastic job! :)


It's beatiful this IKEA'S white kitchen.Your houses are some special,and are decorated with much love and pleasure.


Looks beautiful! So white and clean - love it :)
Can I just ask, although this is an old post, where you got the broom from? It looks so nice, especially for something that is often so ugly. Tack! :)


saw that you had already replied, hope IKEA starts selling them again :)


Boy, you really could have used an extra pair of hands for that door placement. I can't imagine trying to do a job like that with only one person. And it didn't come out crooked! Amazing.

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