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July 25, 2011


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:) What a cute picture of Mini. Hope you have a nice and productive Monday despite the "off" start.


It seems that you needed the sleep after the all hard work you've been doing for weeks. Hope you feel well. I get weather related headaches, so I know how a headache can disrupt a day. Happy painting.


You must have needed the lie-in; you are on holiday after all!
Happy painting!


Ah, cats...we are their slaves, there is no doubt about it! They own US!


I was wondering where you are. You're on holiday you're allowed to sleep in. I get headaches too from sleeping too much, but only if I sleep more than 10 hours :)


Good luck for todays chores! :-)


Your body could probably use a bit of extra rest. I hear ya about the back ache after sleeping in. I can't even sit for long periods without getting an achy back.

Good luck with the painting!

Lisa Flaherty

Well said!

elisa rathje

well deserved at any rate! i hope it stays dry enough for your painting plans. x


Oversleeping and forgetting what day of the week it is: that's what vacations are for- enjoy!


I noticed Mini is lounging in a tray. Isn't that just like a cat! My cat loves a shoebox. It's very ugly! We can't bring ourselves to get rid of it because he loves it so much. I'm really considering painting it white. Cats really do run the show.


Just found your blog and I've been reading your most recent posts now. I just want to tell you that i simply love your style! Its so clean, practical and bright. You're a great designer and all your compositions are very "inviting" and with smart solutions too.

You're work will be a great source of inspiration to me when i plan my future home!


Hi Benita!
I was just wondering if you have ever used a power washer to scrape your paint? The type that sends out a jet of water. It seems like it would be faster. (Though I know you don't have a good relationship with appliances. :P )
We have 6 log and board cabins to maintain, and I can't imagine doing it without mechanical help. I love the 'painting crew' paint sprayer, in particular. Turns a week's work into a less than a day's.
Thanks for your awesome blog.


I own a power washer but am reluctant to use it on the walls of the house as the jet stream of water gets into any cracks and can apparently cause water damage. I do use it on the patio, stone slabs around the house and on fences etc and I love it :)

Nicole |Wholesale Flowers Co

Happy painting!! I just wish I could do so many things all in one day (and you woke up late!! :P )


Happy Painting to you! :)

So fun that you got to sleep in a little on a cloudy day! Hope you don't get a headache or back ache from the sleep! I bet it does you a world of good since you have been working so hard on your new house!

~ Ali


Good luck with the painting! I hope your Monday was just as productive as mine! And I totally get what you mean about the whole sleeping more than 8 hours business. It drives me nuts that my body can't adapt.



I just found your blog a few days ago and I am really enjoying it. Love the posts about mini and bonus. My daughter has a cat that looks just like mini.

Charlotte | Living Well on the Cheap

Oh I'm so jealous! I can barely function on less than eight hours of sleep. I really need nine or ten to feel well rested. I would LOVE to be able to get by with less!


"Sorry guys, I totally overslept today and because this vacation is confusing me. I forgot to prepare a post yesterday because I didn’t realize that today is Monday."

Super! You are human. A human with days off. :-))


My cat tries to claw through the window glass when she wants to go out! Glad to hear Bonus was safely cuddled up.

christine e-e

this is an adorable picture - I didn't notice the white box until I glanced at the pic a second time. Mini is just as "clutter-free & fashion-conscience" as you & Willie. You must have needed the sleep - your body woke you when it got enough.

Melissa @ LA Furniture

Mini's looking comfy... I think it's okay to oversleep and rest.

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