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July 28, 2011


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Irene Waldeck

I suggest looking at Hinson. They have some very simple patterns in lovely colors.


I painted a linoleum floor in our powder room. The tiles were awful and I had no money but I did have leftover paint. I put three coats of clear polyurethane on it and it has only started to wear off after five years. Not bad.
My mom wallpapered the ceiling in the kitchen and I thought she was nuts but it looked nice. So have fun with the floor!

Petra from NL

The squiggle paper has a nice summer/beachy feel.
Fun idea to try this...! I guess that varnish should make it durable. Don't think it will be cheaper than new lino but ofcourse you get so much more choice!


I think it's worth a try. And I love the squiggle!


Like Rose I have painted lino in the past with great results. Inexpensive and easy to change when you get inspired. But it would no doubt be interesting to follow your experience with the wallpapered floor.


What a great idea! Can't wait to see the outcome x


Or maybe something from the 50s?

Said the very tiresome historian... ;)

Zosia Polonica

I do like the blue and white squabble. As an alternative, have you considered the inexpensive peel and stick tile, e.g. black and white checkerboard, something like you used to have painted in your kitchen in the old house, if it is going to be a temporary solution? I hear they are easy to install.


Have you seen this, Benita? http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/la/look/wallpaperon-the-floor-097701

I think a subtle print with only one or two colours would be great. Something like what's on the wall behind the bed in this room http://homes.ninemsn.com.au/theblock/rooms-masterbedroom/8275083/katrina-and-amie-master-bedroom-ensuite


Fun idea! Could there be sometype of clear plastic sheets that you could lay on top of the wallpaper? That way you could change the wallpaper or flooring more easily. Not sure this idea is any good, just a thought.


Silly me, I thought this was a rug and I loved it(!) but if you are going to use it for the whole floor feels a bit crowded. My guess is that you need pattern, but not too much fuss when covering the area. On a second note, the whole idea is fantastic and the absolute quick fix! I sure want to see how well it holds! As always, Benita, you rock!


ooooo interesting project never thought of using wallpaper on the foor x


Another couple of ranges you might like to try: Mini Moderns and Rapture & Wright. Fab idea though, Benita. You really seem to be having some fun (in between al the really hard work), can't wait to see how it turns out! x


Hi, I like your bag, what is it?
http://www.sanderson-uk.com/search-results.aspx grey atomic is ok


I love the Fireworks pattern by Albert Hadley by them!


I considered them and also the Retro ones by Eco but the colors are wrong...


I hadn't seen the AT post, interesting! As for the pappern in the link, I actually looked at something similar but it didn't come in any exciting colors.


I'd worry that it would all slide around too much and besides there are so many nooks and crannies in the hall so it would be a nightmare cuttting it all free floating.


Very nice!


I considered that but then decided I didn't want checkerboard again.


That's what I was planning but if I want a pattern it would take me forever to paint which is why I thought of wallpaper :).


I've had the bag for years, it's by a local shoe shop, Rizzo.


Graham and Brown Umbra Fracto in green and white? Maybe pattern's too busy.


Is it possible to wash(wipe that kind of flooring? We will soon be in a season full of rain, dirt and snow...for pattern I would take some stripes, white and gray or something like this.



I can see what you mean. I actually like the one in the photo very much, but maybe you are right about the black.


interesting idea! How hard will it be to remove the varnish and paper when that time comes? This is going to be so much fun to follow. Thanks for always being an inspiration!


Check this out http://www.yankeemagazine.com/issues/2009-01/home/flooring. They used paper bags but, wallpaper is paper too! I'm sure your creativity will get you some amazing results.


Have you looked at FLOR carpet tile system? They have regular sales, easy to mix and match..stripes, colors, patterns, textures..I fear that by the time you have done all the work with wallpaper and layers of varnish you will have spent near as much money as FLOR on sale and spent much more time..nooks and crannies easy the carpet tiles cut with a sharp blade and straight edge. And when one gets funky you can take it outside, scrub it off a pop back in place..


I have but it's not widely available over here. I contacted the Swedish rep but no one has been in touch so far.


Ugly but cool! :)


My idea is that whatever I'll do to the floor after is to put something on top of the varnished wallpaper and not remove it.


I considered stripes but I'm not feeling it.


Love the westwood squiggle! The color is great with your locker, and the pattern is fab. Can't wait to see how this works!


I absolutely adore the one in the photo and would use that. The only thing that would be better is more red.

But you shouldn't listen to me, anyway, because I actually like pink-beige. It's so neutral, soft and goes with any other color. Also, I prefer to wear cool colors and decorate with warm ones - so I'm biased that way too. :)


Hi Benita!
I discovered theese a few months (a year, perhaps...) and think they are pretty amazing!
Take a look - http://www.sloophoutbehang.nl/en

love love love your blog!


What a fab idea! I was going to suggest the "Delight" pattern from Mod Green Pod, but their website is kind of on the fritz and I don't know if they are still around.


I prefer the latest pattern in a single color...
Good luck with the experience!
I have been following your blog with even more curiosity now in the new house!


Back in 1977 we wallpapered our kitchen floor. We laid the wallpaper right over the old linoleum. We used a marine-grade poly over the top of it, I think 3 coats. That floor held up for YEARS. Go for it!


I can't find a link for it, but I've seen Marimekko wallpaper that's leaves scattered on a white background. It comes in a green you'd probably like and I think the way the leaves are scattered would make it a good choice for being horizontal on the floor rather than vertical on the wall.

I would love it if you could put up a tutorial w/ lots of pics if you do this.

Lisa Flaherty

I do love the pattern in your photo, but think it would be too much if covered the whole floor. Perhaps if that were inlaid as a faux rug with a solid or simpler pattern around it? Ah, but the Westwood is very cool, and is somehow reminiscent of Greek tiles. Perhaps as an homage to Wille's recent travels?


I remembered seeing this in the "Creating the not so Big House" book (p 56) a family wallpapered the floor in their kitchen and dining room. There isn't much info on it, and the pics aren't worth scanning, just that they put 2 coats of polyurethane on top to protect it, and "The first wallpaper floor lasted 3 years, and they liked it so much they put in another, which gives the house a completely different look and feel."

Do it! The squiggles would be great in a small area like that, can't wait to see what you come up with.


I know, those are so cool, but not the clean crisp look I'm after in the hall :)




Oh, yes, after varnishing with a floor varnish it should be as cleaneable as any other floor.


Nice one!


Yay for 1977!


Have you considered making a floor cloth? More work, painting your design on canvas but then you would have exactly what you wanted.


i'm so curious to see how this turns out - im off to check out that apartment therapy post next.
i have two thoughts about this for what its worth - what about the orla kiely multi stem? fresh and modern but im not sure if it is maybe too much color (or the wrong palette) for you? http://www.orlakiely.com/assets/www.orlakiely.com/store/HWMSTP-500-Multi.jpg

another thought is to paint the floor white then stencil on top of it. it would give you complete control/flexibilty re:color choice and there are some pretty amazing stencils out there of course. wondeful inspiration here:http://designamour.com/2011/01/05/stair-rising-experience/


Designers Guild makes some amazing patterns.


Hey Benita!
You might find something you like here too: www.flavorpaper.com

Rebecca Melander

Being Scandinavian, you probably would know where to source this better than I, but does the blue herring pattern by Almedahls come in a paper form? http://www.huset-shop.com/almedahls-herring-fabric-by-the-yard-p-1323.html


I love the one you have up there! I thought it was a rug.


Hi Benita,
I can't remember where I found this cool web-tool but have you seen this yet:
You could design and print out your own paper ;)


Can't wait to see the step-by-step and "after" results!


Hey Benita!

My first instinct was to like the VW squiggle- and then I imagined looking down at it while walking through a hallway... Could too dynamic a pattern trigger motion sickness should you look down while moving? Am I nuts to worry?

+++ a random aside:
Every time I see your name, I want to sing Bonita Applebum by A Tribe Called Quest. It sounds like they are saying your name, and everyone loves a song with their name in it, right? Especially this one ;) Ha!
Check it out here:

room to bloom

Hi Benita, have you seen the Trellis pattern in the Papier Peints collection from Manuel Canovas? I love the green and white one. Perhaps the Cordoba pattern in the Toiles collection too? I also like the Tate and Sloane patterns in the Vence collection but the colours aren't very exiting... Can't wait to see how it all turns out!


If you're looking for a serious burst of color then "Blomma" from Mairo in turqouise might work. Not sure how bright it is in real life though as I've only seen it on screen. :)

Here's a pic from their website:


ORRR to suggest something slightly different: I would love to see your take on one of these floor cloth projects. http://www.marthastewart.com/273292/making-canvas-rugs

Good luck!


I have but I want to cover ALL the peige so it's not an option in the hall.


I love multi stem but it's not available over here. As for stencilling it could be an option.


I know :)


Don't think they do.






Love the trellis!


Looks pretty cool!


I've considered rtying one of those but not for this hall. I don't want to see a speck of that peige!

blake @ salt teak & fog

wow, what a cool idea. Never thought about doing this, but can't wait to see what you end up with. I know it'll be stunning.


Heh heh, peige! You crack me up!


Hej Benita!
Det ska bli spännande att se resultatatet med golvet! Jag letar förvaring till barnens Longboards, och din är kanon. Men vad har du använt för krokar och ifrån vart?

Tangletree Interiors

It can definitely be done. We've had a few clients after a couple of rolls to do a hallway or stairway landing. Digital Wall Art is also a good option as you can use your own images which is more personal. Plus they come in long strips perfect for small spaces.


I can't wait to see how this turns out! Also, can you share the source for those white wall hook things that you have your bag hanging from? I'm looking for something like that, I don't want to individually mount a bunch of hooks on my mudroom wall!

Melissa @ LA Furniture

I haven't heard or seen that before.. Pretty interesting. Maybe if I''ll see your final result, I can decide to wallpaper mine too. :D


Förlåt, jag såd din fråga först nu! Hängarna (två ihopkopplade) är Wave från Design House Stockholm.


I'm sorry, I missed your question! The hanger thing is Wave by Design House Stockholm http://www.designhousestockholmusa.com/tabid/210/productid/198/default.aspx

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