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August 29, 2011


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I love this idea. So simple but so effective!


Great way to solve a problem! What is the code/name of the grey?

On another note, will you go to the Formex fair this week? I know a lot of bloggers go but you are the one closest to my esthetic and a report in the blog wold be most apreciated.


I was afraid I was going to get that question... Just after I tossed the cans I realized I don't have the code written down. I do have the NCS color chart though so I'll try and find it on there and get back to you!

As for Formex, I haven't decided if I'll go or not. I might have to for work but if I can get out of it I will. I know a lot of bloggers are so excited about it but I think it's pretty boring. It's usually the same thing as last time with a few exceptions which will be written about by others anyway :)

Vicki K

Oh - the colors look so great with your green pillows. Great headboard/paint solution!


It look great Benita... and it seems you had no problems painting over the wallpaper.
I know that some commenters were sceptical, but I.. like you, have done it many times. As long as it was good paper and it's stuck down well, it's fine.
I do love those two little ETSY pics you have but have I seen the B before ??
Jo xx


It used to be on my side of the bed in the very yellow bedroom in the old house :)

Petra from NL

Clever plan!!
I didn't read any comments on painting over wallpaper but yes, I've done that many times as well...


simple and stunning!


I just went and found it.. ;o)
Can I ask what it's made of and where you found it ?
Jo xx


It turned out great! You have such a creative mind!


It's fabric covered something (MDF?). I got it as a sample from one of my Chinese suppliers at work so I'm afraid I don't have a good source for it.


looks great, what a good idea to use up paint!


Inspired idea. It looks really good.


Looks gorgeous, and I love your bedspread x


Looks good. Are you planning to add other details to the faux-headboard (like a white wooden frame for example) or do you think that the simple white area works better with the style of the nook?


I think I'll just keep it as is for now, but you never know further down the line :).


It looks wonderful and cozy.


It looks fabolous, what a super great idé, and it has such a clean and crispy feel to it (can one say so?) ;-)
I for sure would look forward going to bed in such a place, wall or not. The grey colour is perfect in my opinion and I think it will divide the hole area into a living space and a bed room space much more clearly than if all the walls where to be white.

Ah, so so curious about the rest! Patience, patience.
Well, you´ve done it again, Benita. Twelve points.



great idea!!!


Yes this is original Benita. Not only a good taste, then also great solutions in situations where other people would just give up.

Have a nice week :-)


Calm and soothing and relaxing just as a bedroom should be, not to mention the headboard on a dime. I like the combination of the soft gray, white and green. Sweet dreams!


Nice! I could do this too, I've been meaning to do an actual headboard for so long that I doubt it will ever happen.

machen und tun

it looks great, Benita! and i love, that you actually paint your walls while your bed is still around.. :-) that`s the spirit!!

Paula R.

Looks great! I was wondering if you were planning on doing any painted "trim" around the edges of the board?

I'm always reading your blog, but since the comments don't show up in Google Reader, I don't remember to comment! I also love the front yard. I've got a patch in my back yard that won't grow anything so I'm thinking of your pea gravel idea!



The room looks wonderful! Is that a bed skirt under the white coverlet on you bed? I like the look of it! Do you know where I could get the same? Thanks.


I'm not adding trim, at least not right now :)


Check this out http://chezlarsson.typepad.com/myblog/2009/01/super-simple-bed-skirt-howto.html


Your "can do" attitude never fails to impress and inspire me!


Woah I love this! My boyfriend and I might diy a bed for our new flat and this would be the ideal "headboard" for it!

christine e-e

you are genius + thrifty! love it & the pops of green.


Brilliant! :)


Hi Benita ! Reading your blog gives me so much inspiration and energy with my morning cup of coffee, I wanted to thank you for that !
I also wanted to use this bed-related post to ask you about this new matress of yours. I remember you got it at IKEA, following the advice of a sales person there. A few months (and many nights !) down the line, are you still satisfied with this matress ?
I need a new matress and am thinking of buying it at IKEA, and I wanted to know whether they were good ones.
Thanks again for everything.


dude, you are a genius.

Anna, Sydney

Hej Benita. Krusbarstyget pa en av kuddarna, far jag fraga var det kommer ifran? Jattefint ar det i alla fall. Vi har ocksa gra vaggar med vita lister hemma och jag tyckte verkligen om den dar grona fargen som accent, men foll pladask for krusbaren. /Anna

Amy | bulk flowers Co

it's so simple it's wonderful!!!


Well that is a good idea! I may have to do something similar with our guest bedroom!

By the way, be sure to enter my Shabby Apple dress giveaway!


Have a lovely week! :)


Det är från Svensk Tenn. Tyvärr svindyrt... http://www.svenskttenn.se/sv-se/product/0127/textil/textil/ta10017/textil-celotocaulis-315-lin.aspx


I am still very happy with both the mattress + pillow top (Sultan Salhus + Tafjord)! So happy that when I had to get a new one (the old double bed was too wide for this space)I got the exact same thing again. And I got the same pillow top for Wille's bed too. It's soooooo comfortable!


Thanks for your reply & advice :)


Ooh.. I feel a project coming on ;o)
Jo xx
thank you btw


Harmoniskt är det första som jag tänker på. Det andra är att jag älskar arrangemanget ovanför sängen. Hamnar på Pinterest :)


Thank You!


Absolutely gorgeous! I love the green elephant cover!

Rebecca @ beautiful square feet

It looks great - love the pictures above the bed too! I'm so glad to see you use that filing cabinet as your bedside cabinet - when we finally get around to putting our son Torin in our spare room, we're going to have to find space for 2 of those and I was thinking one would make a perfect bedside cabinet for my husband's side of the bed! Thanks Benita!

Anna, Sydney

Tack! Valdigt tjusigt dock.


Hi Benita! I follow your blog with great expectation and interest and I love your simple, ingenious, effective and practical ideas! However, I admire your great energy the most! Your are a real inpiration and encouragement for me! Thanks for that!
Your new bed room looks very nice and relaxing! I think although, a thin wooden frame around the white area, in the same green of the pillows would be an additional nice little touch :)


Här kommer äntligen färgkoden: NCS S 1500-N.

London Builders

Nice bike. You've created good space for keeping thing safe....specially for the helmets.

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