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August 25, 2011


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I concur, fantastic pick, Benita! Green was my thought, too, when I saw your doormats, somehow the green of the hosta plant imposed itself onto that door then. I'm glad you thought of it, too.


Ha, and here I thought you were going to cover it in fabric. ;)


Ah, green will look great!
I love the elephant pattern too, it is almost like a Swedish national treasure :-)
Have a good Thursday!


It's going to look smashing!


The door will look amazing! Inventive choice of colour.


Great idea:) I think second shade from the top.


Green! You surprised me! When I saw the title of the post I thought....oh, it'll be grey or white....Green! Next thing you know, you'll be painting a wall blue or something, you never know what this might lead to. All teasing aside, I think it will be brilliant and I am hoping you will have the clear weather you need to check this job off of that enormous list of yours.


Very nice choice. I'm hoping for a thorough description of the job, as my door needs paint too. I know what colour, only I'm wondering if I should take off all the hardware like the doorhandle etc. while painting.


Ooooh what a great choice! I love the colour and can't wait to see the painted door *hopes for better weather*


Green will be lovely! Mycket bra :)


That green will be fantastic! Stop rain so we can see it finished!


Such a cool decision - green!!
It´ll be perfect.

I´m a new reader since about 1 week and I can tell you right away - I´M HOOKED!!! Hooked, hooked, hooked!
I have loved to organize ever since I was a kid but for different reasons(too long to explain) I´ve sort of tried to ignore it, partly because I thought it might make me a boring person. Stupid, I know.

I haven´t had the time to read all your posts, there are quit a few ;-), but already I´m eager to start changing the way I´m handling my house, my studies, my job routines, my economy and paper work... etc. Wow, what an inspiration you are! I don´t think that I will have your incredible and seemingly unstoppable energy in doing so but if I can double the amount from how I function today, it would be more than fine by me. :-D

Maybe there are already answers to my questions somewhere in here, in that case maybe you can just tell me where to look. If not:

Were you like this(don´t take me wrong here) even as a child? Did you organise your room, your desk at school, your bags, your note books, wardrobe etcetera the same way you do today?

Did you ever try to stop being so tidy and organized. Did it ever bother you(maybe cause others were different)?

And finally, how come you have such perfect english? Are you bilingual, have you lived abroad or are you just a language person? Anyhow, it´s a delight to read.

My only problem with finding Chez Larsson is that it has made me a huge procrastinator - I can´t stop reading it instead of studying and doing my work. Not good! Hopefully it´ll change and become the opposite instead. :-D

Love from one happy reader.


Very nice choice!
I remember ordering paints when I still lived in Finland, and they all had similar names, like ID numbers for prisoners. Here in England even made to order paints mostly have names, like Woodland Fern, Dublin Bay, Pradise Green or Minted Glory :)
Well, they all do the same job and your door will look really good!


That's a lovely classic green. Ask if you can see the first and second colour dry at the shop because often in paint it turns out being much darker. I find that with wall paint, however it may not be the case for enamel or wood paint.
It's going to look fresh and gorgeous and add a dash of colour in the Winter.


Yes, yes.
No, no.
I'm a language person :)


Love your choice and can't wait to see it. I've been waiting for this post since yesterday!! :D

Eunice in PEI

What a great colour! Your new home is looking fabulous :)


Nice color :)
Are you going to paint the inside of the door, too?


Perfect choice!!!


This is going to look great, Benita.

Green is my absolute favorite color for front doors. It goes with everything because it's a color of nature, but most people don't think to use it.

Petit Filoux

And there I was thinking it was going to be white...! Can't wait to see it all done though! Frigging rain, we're getting so much here too in the UK, it's depressing!


Nice! After checking out your pinterest page, I was sure it was going to be yellow!


Yes, it will be white :)


I totally agree!

mama ring

that is going to be awesome! :)

Kitty Andersson

Yay, I'm so glad you're going with a color. I was afraid you were going to paint it white! Can't wait to see the finished product!


Good call! Love it!

Rebecca @ beautiful square feet

Great choice - it's going to look fab! Look forward to seeing it painted - fingers crossed the rain stops!


"Behind the Green Door" was Linda Lovelace's breakout film, as I remember... But seriously, I'm glad you're not going for gray (or white!)


Awesome! I'm so excited to see how it's going to turn out!



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Loove green! But after the initial reaction, i immediately thought about your christmas wreath. How will it look with green on green? Or maybe a white wreath this year, chop up your old christmas tree? Cant wait to see the finished result!


I use this program from flugger to test my paint choices.



Funny......... I thought green straight away. Yellow would look nice too............ My door is boring white because it needed to tie in with the garage door and window trims but I am going to compensate with a big bright pot and/ or house number. Very cool door by the way......... :)


I like the green and have been jealous of the elephant pillow since you first showed it to us. I have a question about the gravel. Will it be a pain when you have to shovel the snow? Or is there a better way to get the snow off? A snow blower or something else?


We just bought a mid century modern house in the wine country, usa and now have to pour through your blog for inspiration! Love it! Now, what is the elephant fabric?? I see it everywhere these days but no link to who it's by. Please help?!


One of the reasons I went with green was that it would look nice around the holidays as opposed to yellow which just doesn't say "Christmas" to me :). I love green on green but I may do a completely different thing this year anyway. We'll see...


I had gravel at the old house and if it was a light snow fall I'd just sweep it away. Also when the ground freezes the gravel freezes too and sticks together and one can showel over the top. Not sure how my round pepplbes will do but I shall soon find out I guess :).


* pebbles


The fabric for the pillow is by Estrid Ericson for Svenskt Tenn. http://www.svenskttenn.se/en-us/product/0134/textile/fabric/own-design/ta10059/textile-elefant-cotton.aspx

Fiona Potter

Yay! A perfect colour choice, very you :) And a green door is an unusual thing, so that's a thumbs-up from me. I just love colourful doors, and I'm so excited to see this finished.

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