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August 31, 2011


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Maureen@ Notes on a Visual Life

Looks fantastic and cozy! I love the PAX wardrobes. They always look so sleek. I actually like the Helmer file drawer ;-)
The magic of paint never ceases to amaze me. I can't wait to see what you tackle next!


This is soooo great!! You have such a great eye and I think the nook is perfect. I think I will be getting those wardrobe doors when we finally buy a house. Thanks for sharing!

Heather Lea

Wow, I am speechless! You did a fantastic job. I can see why you chose that nook for your own personal space.


What a lovely sanctuary a great place to relax and unwind....I like the paint color....


Simply perfect! I would love a nook for myself (yes yes self pity).


I am loving following the transformation and your beautiful little house, I adore small houses!

And how funny, we also switched to the 140 bed because our room is only just over 3x3m and I have the exact same high gloss white wardrobes in my white bedroom - there is just room for a Malm dresser in our space, too, as a nightstand... our accent colour is dark red and our floors oak but I need new white blinds for the window, as the very simplest ones I've had for 5 years are looking decidedly grubby, might just try those you have ;)

All the best from Switzerland!


I love your wardrobes, so shiny, and amazingly they fill out the whole place. Did the wardrobe just happen to be the good size or does Ikea really have as much variety in sizes?


I used one 1 meter wardrobe and two 50 cm wardrobes and there's some space left (about 20 cm) between the wardrobe and the little "window". That's where I "park" the curtain when not in use :). As for the depth I there were meant to be wardrobes in that spot because several of my neighbors still have built-in's there there. I guess the previous owners opted out but still used the original layout when building the house.


* think
** - there


Hi Benita ! Your bedroom nook looks fresh and cosy, you did a great job (as usual).
I have a question regarding the PAX wardrobe. I see it goes up to the ceiling. How did you manage to mount it ? We have 4 meters of similar wardrobe at home, and the IKEA manual instructed to mount each "block" on the floor before putting it up vertically. Therefore, because one has to consider the diagonal height of each block, we gave up on the idea of a ceiling-height wardrobe (we use the space above our wardrobe as storage inside big white cardboard boxes).
I don't know whether my explanations were clear, but if they were and you understood what I meant, I'd be happy to hear your experience on this !
Thanks for everything you're sharing here.


I love following your progress, making this home your own -- when I see your posts in my Google Reader I grin and check in ASAP - thanks for taking us along on this journey. Your nook is beautiful.


Looks fab.. and I was going to ask this exact same question about the wardobes.
I wonder if the PAX brand is THE most universally useful storage system ever created.??
Sure seems like it eh. ;o)
Jo xx


I assembled them standing... It was a bit of a nightmare since I was on my own but the two 50 cm ones went ok. The 100 cm one didn't want to cooperate at all with me having just two hands, being on a stool and trying to hold tools at the same time so I had to wait for the contractors to help me hold that one. Doing it on your own is not´something I recommend, but two people can.


Looks fantastic - and SO relaxing!

Petra from NL

LOVE the soft grey on the walls! Calming yet a little bit of colour in an already gorgeous space. Maybe the picture isn't clear but I was just wondering if you are able to open the wardrobe door on the far left. It looks so close to the pipes... (the 20cm are on the other side, right?). Looking forward to the post on the curtain. It looks like you didn't go for velvet after all...

high house then radio

Again - you've created such a lovely space! I could move right in!
(I won't though - I'll just keep reading your blog:)
Love the little surprises: the little tulip chair on the picture frame and the disco ball in the little "window".


Lovely! I have the same Pax wardrobe just different handles.


Wow Benita, you amaze me ! I shouldn't be surprised, in the light of what you undertake by yourself, but I am all the same !
Thanks for your communicative energy and spirit !
A big thumb up from Germany.


I love the nook, I love the disco ball!!


I sooo pinned this. Love.


You know I´m so incredibly impressed by your work and progress.
Your energy, your persistens - it´s really... ..amazing. Wow, you inspire me!
Your way of making coherent material choices throughout the house, wich I LOVE, together with your colour palette, your minimalistic touch to everything and then all those little details that still makes it personal and with a homey feeling, all this makes it SO enjoyable to follow every little step of what´s happening. I could move in any day and have only to bring my own books, dvds and painting gear(being an artist) - that´s it.

Your bedroom nock is a dream!


Well spotted :). I can't actually open the furthest away door completely but that was a choice I made and it works well enough.


I love ABSOLUTELY everything in there... It looks so calming and relaxing! =) I especially like the wardrobe, it fits the space perfectly! =)



You´d probably have tons of brilliant ideas yourself if necessary but I still would like to ad what I did when having that same "problem".
I bought some white "filttyg" (felt?) and cut a long, thin piece of it witch I then added to the pipe with double sided adhesive tape.
Of course, it doesn´t make the door open up more then before ;-) but it prevented it from getting scrape marks.

MacLeod House

Love it, love it, love it. Gave me such a great idea for getting letters for above our white bed frame (Malm). Thank you as always for such wonderful inspiration! (and I'm glad you mentioned the cat bed, because I was going to ask!

Charlotte K

This reminds me a little of what Thomas Jefferson did at his house Monticello:


I love the idea. I have always wanted a bed in a cupboard. If I ever have a little summer cabin I will!

Kathrin Käppler

That's simply awesome.


What a lovely, special place -- and just for you. From your photograph it appears that you may have a Phalaenopsis - also known as a "moth orchid." They are absolutely marvelous, and very easy to keep. If you need any information regarding their culture, please let me know. They are incredibly long-lived and bloom often. Just a cautionary note...orchids are addictive... ;)


It looks really good, always inspiring!


My mom used to grow all kinds of varieties (in pots, on cork etc) and win prizes in the local Orchid society. She had a whole green house with them at a previous house so i actually knew the name of this one :). I'm really bad with them though... as soon as every bloom has been spent I toss them on the compost heap. I have no patience waiting for new buds to form...


I understand why you chose the nook (I'm sure Wille loves his space!) but I do wonder how you will deal with a need for...privacy. What if you met someone and wanted to *ahem* bring him home?


Can you buy mattress of 140 cm in Ikea? I am now decorating almost the same place :-). Your are great inspiration to me.

It looks great!
You made miracle from such a small place. I would only miss the door sometimes, but you answered this already.


You can in Sweden. Sometimes it's on order though and not in stock.


To be honest that's SO far out of my mind at the moment, I'm way too happy single. Somewhere down the line I do see doors of some kind there but it's really far down on my priority list.


Really loved it, looks very cosy!!! Congratulations for the nice work :-D
Cheers, Angela


Looks great. I'll be waiting for the curtain post (what I want to know is, do you pull it all the way across the nook entrance for privacy)


I do.


B for Benita.

B for blanco (white, in Spanish).

B for beautiful.

Once more, thanks for sharing.

Sandy Shirley

I absolutely LOVE the subtle contrast between the light grey and white. Beautiful! I wish I could de-clutter my bedroom and have it look so calm.


It looks great, Benita. I was skeptical, just like others, of your desire to use this nook as you bedroom, but it's turned out very nicely. And! Not that he would, because I get the impression he's a very good kid, but if Wille ever gets the idea to sneak out it will be quite difficult with you slumbering there by the door! ha!


He is the BEST kid, but I do sometimes hear him arriving home in the wee hours of the morning :)

Sarah Gilmour

What a great transformation! Looks wonderful! I am also on the search for a good bedside table...most are too tall for my low-lying bed. So an IKEA box is standing in as a place to put my alarm clock on.

I love that you have a disco ball hanging in that little window near the cat bed!


If it is not too much to ask....is it possible for you to take a shot of the exact same angle as your realtor did....just want to see the before and after from the same angle.....thanks...


Lovely, lovely space! I can't believe your stamina in getting all this work done...it seems like you just motor on.


I´m just the same - have no patience in waiting and they look so sad without flowers. It does bother me a bit though cause it seems like SUCH A WASTE and also, I feel sorry for the poor plant when I toss it out so quickly. ;-)


Can we see a full-view shot of the space now? I'd love to see the "big picture before and after!"


Benita, would it be possible to see the updated version of the photo first seen in todays post, from that very same angle? I believe that such a photo wouldn´t reveal anything not seen already but of course, I cannot be sure of that.
It´s just a question. :-D


Your room looks serene and fresh. Thanks for ongoing inspiration! I'm curious to see the whole room from the same angle as the realtor picture appearing first in this post. Please?


Oh WOW this looks amazing! So fresh and bright! Your room is simply beautiful!


It looks really nice. I was going to ask you what the room looks like when the curtain is closed, but I imagine you'll discuss it in another post. :D


Oh my oh my! That is my dream room. So beautiful, so clean, so inviting. I adore the gray walls. Thank you so much for sharing!


You nook is lovely! I don't like grey that much, i have to look at it all day at work, but this color is really nice.

blue china studio

Oh! I want a sleeping nook! This turned out absolutely beautiful. It is so cozy and peaceful. And love how you did the head board. As always you are so so clever.

Pine Tree Home

I really like to streamlined simple clean look. Just beautiful. Those closets are a great idea.


As always.. LOVE it! You are the best, so much inspiration :-) G


Lovely, lovely--all of it! And I want to thank you for the inspiration to perch little treasures on top of picture frames. I have a couple little favorites that I've added around the house, and it adds such fun, whimsy, and personalization to the rooms!


It must be the tenth time I'm looking at those pictures today! It's so lovely that I can't get enough of it! Thanks for sharing, once more your creativity and productivity are beyond words :)


It's really lovely bedroom!


I don't have a wide angle lens but do plan to rent one once the whole house is somewhat finished. Right now the living room outside the bedroom nook is still a mess with original wallpaper and yellowed ceiling...


I don't have a wide angle lens but do plan to rent one once the whole house is somewhat finished. Right now the living room outside the bedroom nook is still a mess with original wallpaper and yellowed ceiling...


I don't have a wide angle lens but do plan to rent one once the whole house is somewhat finished. Right now the living room outside the bedroom nook is still a mess with original wallpaper and yellowed ceiling...


I don't have a wide angle lens but do plan to rent one once the whole house is somewhat finished. Right now the living room outside the bedroom nook is still a mess with original wallpaper and yellowed ceiling...


My dear gosh, I am completely left speechless. Good job woman! Enjoy your new bedroom, I now I would! :)


Finfin-fint!! Jag kom på värsta grejen, kanske gillar du det: Sätt upp en skiva för inner-fönstret och ha det som en inbyggd hylla (dvs en hylla inbyggd i väggen), men böcker i eller nåt! Man kan ju sätta upp ett hyllplan eller flera i mitten också. Det hade jag iaf tyckt varit himla snyggt!

Amy | bulk flowers Co

you don't cease to amaze me... you know what I love the most... you're simple, humble and beautiful!!!


Ahh, that is lovely! I am a long-time supporter of the bedroom nook. If I were not married with three children at home, that is exactly how I would like to live.


You amaze us every time. I hope you take some rest to enjoy all this hard work every now and then, too!
Never noticed the little window before, btw, but the disco bowl is very cute. :-)


This is so inspirational. Clean and clutter free. You inspired me to tackle some home projeycts. I changed out my kitchen cupboard door, felt like a million bucks. Thanks...tak!

christine e-e

your nook is incredibly cozy-looking!
I collect small chairs that I display on the walls - when I change the accent colors of my room, I often spray paint the chairs in the new color. One of my chairs has about 7 coats of paint. (I don't actually change my accents that often, but the paint on the chair got chipped several times, so I whipped out the paint for a touch-up)... paint can transform anything!


You truly are a machine. The room looks so serene and you've done a lovely job. You don't feel too exposed without a door there though? xx


I think so - I did the same as Benita, one 100 for my husband and 2x50 for myself so that I have room for dresses in one and both shorter items and drawers in the other (I also have low ceilings, only just over 2m in this old house).
I also have that 20 cm space at the end which is brilliant for that tiny bit of extra storage or curtain!
In our place, the depth was also perfect, as there is a (real) window just there. I couldn't use the modern sliding door-type wardrobe because it would have been 2cm too deep and then I wouldn't be able to open the window...


Haha, det var det första som jag tänkte på när jag såg fönstret men för nu får gardinen hänga där bakom. Alltför många andra viktigare projekt att ta tag i först. Som tex att få lite färg på taket och väggarna därinne i vardagsrummet :)


No :)

judith b

This is just wonderful, Benita-you've created a loft space/floor for each of you! Your nook is so charming and cosy, yet you have the rest of the floor to gaze out on, which must give you a wonderful feeling of space.

The house is so wonderfully transformed under your magic wand. I am dazed by your energy and will power. After a day's work at the office you just "motor on" as someone said above! You are our deco/Jill of all trades/Martha (even she doesn't do all this stuff herself!) heroine of the 21st century! Bravo!


Congratulations Benita, your place looks really lovely and fresh.


Really :-)? A lmaopromotionalkitten basket??? SWEET!



Sadness! Enje is not available in the U.S. right now. Seems it was recalled last year =(


Haha, I LOVE DYAC :)


this looks so amazing


What a great space you have created for yourself! Love everything about it :-)

london builders

What a corner.....truly lovable. The white flowers look amazing yeah.Congratulations for your wonderful work.


I'm also painting my bedroom grey, but i'm having trouble finding a nice shade. What paint did you use?


It's a shade without any traces of color, straight off the grey scale from white to black. The color code is NCS S 1500-N.


Hej Benita!
Jag älskar din blogg, du ger mig massor av inspiration!
Jag är i tagen att måla om vardagsrummet och skulle då vilja ha en ljusgrå, försöker hitta rätt nyans vilket jag tycker är svårt. Vad har du använt för färg i sovrummet? Har du nån ncs kod för denna tro? :)



Hej Emma, NCS koden är NCS S 1500-N.

London Builders

What a corner.....truly lovable. The white flowers look amazing yeah.Congratulations for your wonderful work.


Benita, what is your bed on? An IKEA frame? Did you sew the skirt? Thanks!


It's a spring base on legs. I used this method for the bed skirt: http://chezlarsson.com/myblog/2009/01/super-simple-bed-skirt-howto.html


Wheat color grey did you use in the nook and who is it made by?


We use the NCS color system in Sweden and the color is NCS S 1500-N. It's no particular brand, I just asked them to mix the brand they had at the store to that grey. If you can't get the exact color translated it's on the neutral grey scale, so it has no tint whatsoever in it.

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