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August 26, 2011


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Petra from NL

LOVE the idea of just assembling the parts you need!
I bet that the fact you dug it into the sand makes it sturdier too. We have a similar rack in our garage but it's not very heavy and therefore often moves a bit when we park or remove the bike... Maybe we should move it to our front yard as well.


Makes me want to get a bike!
Happy Weekend!


I noticed you have registration plates for your bikes in Sweden. Does it limit theft?
As usual, very neat and practical. I like the bin with the biking paraphernalia next to the rack - very handy. Happy weekend!


Only the bike brand I have, Kronan, has those plates and while I think they are all individual they are just for looks. This type of bike used to be the Swedish Army bike back in the day (but in military green)and has been reissued. I love it because it's so simple and as no gears or anything.


What a great idea to cover the bike rack with gravel. Like the solution for the helmets and bike paraphernalia, as well!


Nice idea to leave out those unecessary racks. They are usually too close together anyhow. The bin is neat.


super streamlined, i love that. helmets are always such a drag to store, i'm inspired! now if rural england would just put in some bike lanes :p

happy weekend x

Petit Filoux

Totally love it - you're so full of good ideas!


I prefer to have my bike inside, at least during the bad weather season. Nobody won't take your helmets from there?


I would too but the garage is long way away from the house so it's not an option. We will put the bikes there come winter though.

As for the helmets, I toss mine in my bike basket wherever I go and leave it there for hours/all day and so far it's still been there when I get back. I guess a sweaty helmet isn't something that's attractive to steal. If it where to get stolen then I guess I'll have to buy a new one.


That's all nice and neat and very good. I love the look of your bike. To protect my bike seat from the rain I have a little "hotel" shower cap tucked under the seat and I pop it on to cover the seat - the elastic keeps it tucked on - better than a plastic bag!

Enjoyed catching up on all the progress you've made whilst I've been away on holiday. You've achieved such a lot and everything you've done is looking really fabulous. You can look forward to some nice cosy time in the autumn / winter in your lovely new place.

Happy weekend.


Like so many people I have to congratulate you on what you have done so far in you new house I am so impressed with you energy, enthusiasm and ideas! Most people would take years to achieve what you have done in just a few months.

So I have a question about that. Once work is over do you spend all your evenings and weekends on your projects or do you give yourself time to veg out in front of the TV. Maybe you can’t relax because the to-do list is never-ending or do you drop into bed exhausted at the end of the day because things just need to get done . . one more layer of paint and then I’ll stop . . . ( you know what I mean)

Now if you can get that door painted this weekend please because we are getting impatient here in blogland to see what the green looks like 

MacLeod House

What a great and simple idea. I love how your ideas are so easy to implement - and yet I would never have thought of them myself in a gazillion years. The bin with the helmets/pumps/locks/towel? Pure genius.


Very nice idea! And thank you for a very inspiring blog. Where did you get the rack from?


Great idea, and I have some of those!


I spend most of my evenings and weekends doing projects but when I'm not at it I watch TV :). I'm a real TV-addict and it's the best way to relax for me. I usually read a mag or do a simple craft or small organizing project while watching though. Can't stop multy tasking :).


It's from Coop Forum. 395 SEK.


I think for security reasons is better to lock your bike in the rack using rear wheel.


Looks great! Such a simple and sensible idea for the bicycle rack.

This post just amazes me. I can't even imagine living someplace where I could keep my bike outside like this for even one day without it being stolen or vandalized. And those helmets would be gone before I could even walk away.

Sweden seems so awesome. :)


I'm as always impressed by the neatness of your projects and the simplicity! Why didn't I think of that...the bike accessories bin... genius! I had one of those ugly bikeracks at my previous home, that kept moving around. Hiding it's uglyness under the gravel gives it such a clean look.


Love the bin for the helmets and locks! We don't have a garage, and have been keeping the accessories in the tiny coat closet. Having a bin like this would free up that space! Thank you! Also thanks to Michelle for the idea of the shower cap. I'll ask my husband to get one the next time he is on the road. Do you have an issue with the rain eying the bikes since they are outside? We get rust, but we also have high humidity here.


Ruining the bikes that is. Does the rain mess them up?


Wow. It looks really integrated with the space. Nice.


Unbelievable! You think of EVERYTHING. :) You are the most organised genius in the world. Thanks so much for all of your hints.


Brilliant, as always!

Kathleen S.

Jippey! There's some Swedish I'm adding to my English exclamations! I love that word, probably don't quite get the Swedish inflection. Is the 'j' sounded like the English 'y'? If so, then it's yippee in English. Not nearly as expressive though.

Love your blog!


Great, thanks!


Did you drive any long pins into the ground over the bottom of the stand to stabilize it any? I'd be worried about the stand migrating as the bikes were put in and taken out. In any case, I love that you camouflaged the base with the gravel. Great idea from Michelle! As far as the rust goes, it just gives you an excuse to maintain your bicycle better. No telling what you'll discover on the rest of the bike while you're de-rusting! How about installing the remaining two on the side or in the back just in case Willie's friends might want to use it? Or they could be used to store or stabilize something else? You probably already have plans for it elsewhere, don't you? Of course!


I was going to ask about the plate, but I see you've answered that. Your bike is so cute! I live where the only bike riding possible is in our neighborhood, I wish we had safer streets and bike lanes! I hear our city is working on it, but who knows when it will happen.
Sweden does seem awesome! :)


som vanligt kommer du med smarta och fina lösningar som får mig att önska att jag hade ett hus att roa mig med! Ha en trevlig helg! :)


I didn't put long pins in but that's a good idea in case it moves about any later on.

I probably won't use the other two parts anywhere :).


It does sound like a J :)


When it rains over here it usually dries up pretty quickly and during winter the bikes will be in the garage.


It looks so tidy now, oh, I would like to have a bike spot just like yours :)


What a great idea! You are so creative. :) Hope you have a nice weekend!


I love the bin. I'd like to find something big enough to store my car rack, too.

I'll bet tent stakes would work well for securing the rack to the ground.


I'd consider digging out enough sand to put in some kind of footing (cement pad?) with rods into the ground, otherwise all anyone has to do is lift the bikes AND the unsecured bike rack, even if the bikes are locked onto it. It doesn't look heavy.

(I'm kind of amused by the English wording on the packaging. "Bike standing" vs "bike stand".)


I realize that the whole rack with bikes and all can be removed but if that happens it happens. I know I have way to much faith in people but that's the way I am but do I realize the consequenses of my being slack with security issues.

As for the wording, I'm pretty sure it's come Chinese factory employee taking the wording in their own hands :).

London Property

Nice bike. You've created good space for keeping thing safe....specially for the helmets.

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