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August 30, 2011


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It looks fabulous! What a change!


Love the door! Did you paint the inside green too? I never trust a closed flower bud. ;)


Loving the colour, I didn't notice that it was planks of wood on that door before, I thought it was one solid bit of wood. The green really show this up and it's better.

A painting question, do you cheat when painting or do you wait the recommended time between layers. I'm so impatient I can't wait to get onto the second/third layer !


Love it Benita! Job well done :)


I just can say 'Wow!" Great job! I really love this color combination!


Wow! Hur fint somhelst! Underbart att lite färg kan göra sån skillnad.

Was the door treared in any way before, maybe oiled or coated with something? We have the exact hideous door but it is said tho have been oil treated before... this is so simple yet such a difference. Do you have the code of the paint?


I try not to cheat, at least when it comes to painting wood and trim. I do cheat when painting walls. As soon as the wall's dry to the touch I give it a second coat regardless of what it says on the can. With doors and windows I'm more careful because if the paint's not properly cured it can all stick together if you'e not careful.


The door was oiled but when I washed the house with the algae and mold remover earlier in spring I did the door too and the oil came off in a yellow water fall so by the time I was sanding the wood was really dry. If your door is oily, make sure to remove the oil first. Ask what to use to remove it at your local paint store.

The color number can be found in this post: http://chezlarsson.com/myblog/2011/08/front-door-color-choice.html


No, the inside isn't green, it's now white :)


Wow, what an improvement! The green looks very good with your garden and white walls


It looks super fresh! Thanks for the info on the preparations :)

Ebru Gage

Again, a proof of sublime and graceful taste. And a very clean and neat paint job too. May this green door open to only good people and happy occasions !


It´s simply b e a u t i f u l !
I think it´s so cool that you chose to paint it green. Most people would have picked white, black, grey, maybe blue but not green. This is awesome! Congrats, Benita.

A question: You mentioned the mail box, have you replaced the old one? I´ve been looking but can´t seem to find it in any other post.


The green door has just added the perfect amount of interest. I like the metal pail too.


It looks fabulous - I'm sure the chrysanthemum can be re-housed at friends!


Så himla snyggt. Det kan aldrig bli fel med grönt (älskar grönt). En helt underbar nyans. Bra val :-)


Green is actually not uncommon over here but usually it's not as bright green as this one :).

As for the mail box, I had to move it closer to the street due to mail men rules. The old lady who lived here before was disabled and was therefor allowed to keep hers next to the door. I did change it to a new one though. I'll show you in a post one of these days!


Hi Benita,

The door looks lovely, but I am wondering will you be painting the exterior that is around the door(probably with white color) ? It looks that it has got some dirty marks here and there, if I am not wrong.


Love before and after photos! What a difference, not only the painted door, but everything that surrounds it. Looks great!


Oh, two more Q: Have you painted that wooden wall or is it just very well cleaned and will the rest of the house be painted the same way and colour as up in the balcony?


Thank you! :-)


So much nicer now! And it is a lovely bright colour without being "in your face". Good choice!


Snyggt! Gillar färger..trots att grönt inte är en favorit.. ;)


Sorry, green i no my favorite colour. I would have choosen another more subtil colour.

karen the californian

Love it!! A previous poster noted that the door didn't show off its planks well. I totally agree! The green really makes it stand out.

A question about front doors: is it common for doors in your country to open outward? I think every residence I've lived in, here in the States, had doors that open inward. It's a bit different to see the hinges on the outside of the residence.


I will paint the whole front of the house next summer, this year I just cleaned it. You should have seen the before...


I just cleaned it this year. Next year I will repaint it with the same color as on the back.


I've had that question before so check out the comments in this post: http://chezlarsson.com/myblog/2011/08/the-door-mats.html


That's beautiful ! Good choice !!! I love that green !


Great job!


About your Chrysanthemum. If it really bothers you, couldn´t you just remove those little flower buds and keep it all green? Or does that seem like a waste of.. ? ..flower buds. :-)
I wouldn´t mind doing that if it were my Chrysanthemum and I was miserable about the colour and couldn´t exchange it at the store.


I really like the end result. In general it looks much more "polished" than the before picture. As for the plant, I think something leafy or evergreen would look really good. Personally, right now I am in love with Aloe. It just makes me smile when I look at my small planter.


Love it! Did you have to take the door down first or could you just paint it in position?

Ana Bruyns

Lovely :)

Die Rabenfrau

That looks sooo good, and so much Benita!
Have a wonderful day!


Å så snyggt det blev med grönt! Jag är sugen på att måla vår förrådsdörr gult. Vi får se om jag vågar.


Stunning! It looks really great!


I could but there are miillions of them...I may just do that...


I'm going to build a planter and have a boxwood in there but I'm thinking that'll be a project for next spring. Aloes are so nice but it wouldn't like our harsh winter.


I taped the hinges and painted it hanging.


Klart du vågar! :)


Love it, looks really good! Just out of curiosity, since you have to move the mail box for the mail man how are the rules for the garbage?


Snyggsnyggt! Hoppas på att få stiga in genom den snart! Måste verkligen måla insidan på min.... kanske vit dock :)


Benita, this is looking really great! I love the gravel, the stone stoop, the green door...all of it looks so clean and amazing. I can't wait until our front yard looks so well organized as yours.


Jag målade min insida vit och vilken skillnad det blev. SÅ ljust och fräscht!


You need to put the bin as close to the road as possible and mine is already there and so far no complaints about the gravel :).


I love the end result! In my experience, greens can be tricky, some are too blue, some too yellow, some too black but your's looks terrific.

Keep the mum, I think purple and green look nice in the same setting.


I have been enjoying your posts so very much!!!

As for the mums....sometimes the white ones do have some streaks of purple in them that fades away as they open and mature...Maybe that is the case?

It looks sooooo nice!!! All of it!!


This is great, what fresh and happy colour!


Love the green! And purple and green look good together. At least the flowers aren't rust colored. :)


Ah, fingers crossed!


Looks like new- you really gave this door a new life.


The green is the perfect choice! And I LOVE how the black of the threshhold now punctuates the new color! It's as though the door is now underlined for emphasis, saying, 'Done!'.


Aw, it makes me want to paint my front door now. It's white, which I don't mind, but it's all peeling with tons of brushmarks.


Härlig färg, vilken skillnad det blev!


Looks beautiful. Q: How are those concrete blocks holding up? Looks like they could shift if you step on the edge. I'm thinking it would have been almost as easy and even cheaper to mix and pour a perfect solid concrete porch.


Looks amazing! What a complete transformation!


Wow! Doesn't even look like the same house! Love the color--green's been my favorite since I was a little girl. That's a LOOOOOONNNNGGG time! ;)


It looks great, as does everything you have done with the house so far (I LOVE the faux headboard!). I also have a green front door, but a much paler green, the vivid green of your door goes very well on the white. I think green for a front door is a very inviting colour, not to mention how great it looks at Christmas with a wreath on it!


Väldig fint! Vilken typ färg använder man när man skal måla dörren? Vad använde du för typ/märke?


Very nice!!


A: Really well actually, no wobbling or shifting so far.

As for pouring a concrete porch the thought crossed my mind but in my experience (and I have done both big and small concrete jobs including pouring a large area infront of the garage door at the old house) it's really difficult to get a nice surface finish, it tends to get glossy and pitted at the same time which I didn't want. Also a lot of old porches and stoops over here are poured concrete and they don't look all that great. The feeling isn't "oh, cool, concrete", it's more like "bummer, concrete, I'll have to do something about that". :)


Jag använde Alcro Bestå. Det är första gången som jag är nöjd med en vattenfast och inte lösningsmedelsbaserad fönsterfärg (som det ju är fast jag målade en dörr). Krämig med bra flyt och snabb torktid. Rekommenderas!




Wow - what a transformation!!!
Well done, Benita!

Best Imke


I love it. Green is also my favourite colour, just next to no-colour white.


Beautiful, Benita!
Your neighbors must love to watch your progress on the house.

I have some IKEA bedside tables I want to paint. They are plain wood but they have that oiled (?) finish to them that IKEA furniture has. How should I prepare them for painting?


Crisp and bright and happy and perfect!

Camille @ The Vintique Object

Now THAT is a great before and after!

christine e-e

this looks really sharp! does this color make your house easier to locate, or does the green blend in with the foliage around the house? the silver planter really adds a splash of simplicity to your entry. LOVE IT all....


I would sand everything first and then prime before painting.


It's much easier to locate. Before I almost passed the house myself because it looked so boring :).


Thanks! An autumn project for me.

Cynthia Wig

Impressive job, Benita! It all looks great! I'm curious about how you handled the edges of the door. Did you use green or your interior color?


On the edge toward the hinges I chose white but on the edge towards the lock I went for green.

Maddy Webster

Gorgeous fresh colour! and now I have an "ear worm" of the song "Green Door", I think by Shakin Stevens!

Maddy Webster

Love it, gorgeous colour! Now I have an "ear worm", the old song "Green Door", I think by Shakin Stevens.....

Account Deleted

The door looks really different and new. Fantastic work done.


London Builders

The door looks really different and new. Fantastic work done.


where did you get the house numbers? i thought i saw a posting about that somewhere in the past here, but can't seem to locate it. i love the modern+industrial look of them


Here's a post on them! http://chezlarsson.com/myblog/2011/06/door-27.html

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