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September 27, 2011


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That looks like a brilliant resource - lucky you - I will have to add it to my Christmas list and do the making next year!


My kids will love the sno-globes. They can't resist picking them up at the stores (and making my heart stop until they put it down). We were planning on some a small token xmas gift this year as part of a theme for a near future vacation to spend time with elephants, and I can already imagine how this can be made to fit. Thanks a zillion!


Thanks again for the shop infos, I love so many of them! Today I will buy


So sweet...have a nice day Benita.


Lucky you!

Those knitted heart catnip toys are just too cute! This book is now on my Christmas wish list! Or maybe I just have to buy it myself... After all, there are great projects in it that I can have fun with througout fall. I love giving homemade gifts like that for family and friends.


Absolutely love it! I've seen some of these on her website, but the book looks really nice. Might have to make some snowglobes! Thank you for being such a creative and organized inspiration every day :)


I have just ordered mine thanks to the heads-up (it's coming out later in the UK)


Kurs i virk och stick hos Märtha? Eller varför inte beställning på hjärtan... :)


I love Martha Stewart's books & magazines - there are always lots of good ideas :)

Like you, I can't knit so I made some catnip toys using my sewing machine. I keep the catnip toys in a small plastic bag in the freezer so the catnip stays fresh. Our cats, Hershey and Henry, love them.


How great! The book looks great. I can't wait until it is out here and I can stop having to go online every single time I want to try one of her crafts. Love Martha Stewart. Thanks for sharing the book with us. Benita, I tried to send you an email, but I can't find your email address. Would you mind sharing it?


My daughter had a Christmas party and she and her friends made the snow globes and had great fun. She and her brother made Valentine hearts out of shaved bits of crayon and wax paper. I still put them up every February. What a fun book to have! Please do post what you make.


You can find an e-mail tab at the top just under the header where it says "E-mail me". Here it is: benita@chezlarsson.com

Dana from CT

The snow globes got me. Just ordered my copy! My kids are going to LOVE making snow globes this Christmas!!!!!

Melissa @ HOUSEography

That is so great. Might need to put that on my christmas list! I think I would make those catnip toys out of a moth-eaten sweater rather than learning to knit :)


I wonder how u subscribe to Marhta Stewart Living? I see no info on how to for International orders. I would love to get the paper copy.


Men så klart!!!!! Alltså beställning snarare än kurs. Eller kanske kurs, det vore ju faktiskt superkul! Får jag egen bänk då?


Great idea!


Will do!


In Sweden you can get a subscription through Press-stop: http://www.press-stop.se/webbshop/produkt/living-martha-stewart/201109/


I had an endless supply of catnip at the old house and am trying to grow it here too. A few little ones have emerged so far but hopefully next year I can stock up my freezer :)


Thanks Benita. Whenever I tried to click on email me on your tabs another window would pop up and I couldn't see your email address. Thanks again. Have a great night!


ooo i have to get that! i am a huge martha fan too! my whole cookbook shelf in my kitchen is full of her books. and i always make things out of her holiday craft issues for christmas gifts! The snowglobe craft is so wonderful!

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Very nice, thanks for sharing.


Hi Benita! Today is the beginning of the hebrew new year. I wish you and your family and readers, a happy new year full with joy!


Happy New Year to you too, Noga!


The knitted cat nip toys are very cute, but I know it wouldn't take too long for my kitty to have snagged her claws on the yarn and have the thing looking more like a rats nest than a beautiful handknit heart. It would be heartbreaking to spend all of that time learning how to knit only to have it pulled apart in short order by an excited, cat nip strung out cat! I would either use fabric or I like the idea mentioned earlier of recycling an old sweater, especially if you felt it in the washer first. You would have lots of material to make a whole bunch of them. Cat nip toys don't tend to last very long in our house as they get lost behind the furniture or the less durable ones get shredded in short order.


love the snow globes!

Petra from NL

The sock idea is great! Just yesterday I was thinking about a small cover for a USB stick so I can easily find it in the penholder I'm keeping it in...

Petra from NL

The sock idea is great! Just yesterday I was thinking about a small cover for a USB stick so I can easily find it in the penholder I'm keeping it in... Might go with baby socks for this.

Noga from Israel

Thank you!!!

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