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September 23, 2011


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Vore det patetiskt att skriva "Benita Larsson är min hjälte" någonstans då man är 40 år gammal? ;) Lycka till med det här projektet. Det kommer att bli jättesnyggt då det är färdigt!


Oh I am guessing it stopped the old lady from slipping, but ugly! Looks like you have is sorted x Happy Weekend.


Wow, funny. I just decided that this weekend's project will be sanding and painting our stairway while somehow making it less slippery. Currently thinking about going with a grey paint with sand mixed in, which seems to have a lot of positive comments on the web forums I've found. Do you have any experience with that, or with some other non-slip (yet non-ugly) solution?


Good luck Benita, it looks like a tough job.


I've tried sand on painted concrete steps outside (stripes masked off with masking tape at the front of each step à la Martha) at the old house and that didn't really work all that well in winter because the layer of ice and snow was always thicker than the grainy surface... I've never tried it inside though but I think I've heard of something non-slip you can add to regular floor paint. Not sure if regular sand will make it too sandpapery?


ah, i slipped and fell over on some little steps like these last night! they're painted in very slippery stuff. this does not look fun! but no doubt will be satisfying xx


Yey for floor heating! Mini and Bonus will love it :-)

Have a nice weekend :-)


Aha, good point about the sand. I'll put myself at the paint store person's mercy and have them show me what I need.

Jennifer S.

I recently removed some carpet (yuck) from some steps in my house. Underneath was unfinished wood with paint spots on it. I'm interested in how you finish your steps and the varnish you use. Here in the US, most people use polyurethane, which is nasty stuff. I'd rather use varnish if I can find it.


Good luck Benita! I always admire your skills and patience and try to live up to it!


Can't wait to see it! The wood already looks better!


Oooh, we are removing old, super sticky and gross lino, too. We purchased a steamer that helps TREMENDOUSLY in getting it off. It also does a fine job cleaning windows. You might want to look into one for yourself!


I guess one can be grateful that there are only a couple of steps to strip, but oh, that's still one big job to take it back to the original wood. Is there a less toxic chemical stripper available that would take the glue off? At least you could still open the windows for a bit of ventilation at this time of year.

Regarding the adding of sand to paint to make it nonslippery, we did that at our old house on some exterior wooden steps. We used a sand that was sold specifically for this purpose and it was way too coarse for my liking. It was like stepping on the coarsest sandpaper available. Using a very, very fine grit may be aceptable, but I would try doing a sample on some cardboard first to see if it is what you want. If it isn't, at least you don't have to strip it before repainting.

Lisa Flaherty

My (bad) wrist hurts just looking at that project! But, the one step you have finished stripping looks beautiful! The completed job will be gorgeous! Don't let Martin know that you are stripping on the weekends! Haha! (Sorry, poor taste, but I couldn't resist...)




I removed a lino floor in our kitchen & laundry. No fun at all! One thing that helped me was to use a heat gun to soften the glue. It made it come up a bit easier.


Benita, that lino almost looks similar to the pink stones you removed from the front of your home? It will be worth it I'm sure.

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h I am guessing it stopped the old lady from slipping, but ugly! Looks like you have is sorted x Happy Weekend.It also does a fine job cleaning windows. You might want to look into one for yourself!


Great tip, thanks!


I know! How lucky am I? Outside AND in...

Jules Means

Amazing that anyone would put that crap down on what looks to be pretty nice wood...can't wait to see end result.


Hej Benita! En liten snabb fraga bara - skulle inte du kunna lista vilka afferer (som tex The Container Store) man "bara maste" besoka om man aker till NY. Vi ska dit snart,igen, och jag skulle vilja besoka lite andra affarer den har gangen och garna sadana som har med hem-organisering att gora da vi haller pa att fixa upp varat hur (bambu golv etc).

Hoppas du haft en trevlig helg!


Be careful. Some old lino and underlay have asbestos in them and should be removed by professionals.


This lino was installed in the mid 80's so it's safe.


Oj, vad svårt, det beror ju på vad man gillar, men jag har skrivit lite om var jag har varit i dessa inlägg: http://chezlarsson.com/myblog/2008/12/new-york-paper-pleasures.html

Butiker jag gillar och brukar besöka är bl a:
the Container Store
Crate and Barrell
Fishs Eddy
Kate Spade
Wiliams Sonoma
Tycker också det är kul med de billigare varuhusen som t ex Kmart. Personligen kan jag hoppa över de flotta varuhusen som t ex Bloomingdales eftersom jag är helt ointresserad av smink, smycken och kläder och deras hem- och inredningsavdelningar är rätt trista.


Tack!! hade nastan glomt bort KMart trots att jag var dar jamt nar jag bodde i USA. Saaaa billigt!


So good to see this post as I spent the whole weekend staring at our vacation cottage vinyl floors and wondering what was underneath them. This gives me hope! What a transformation!


Whatever it takes to pay that mortgage! :-)

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