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October 28, 2011


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those look perfect there! it's not only candle season in our old sussex cottage, but i just heard our first mouse. so i am envying not only your beautiful candle boxes, but that you probably won't wake up to find that mice have been chewing your candles in the night!

speaking of candles, i just learned to make floating candles out of regular tea lights! x


Oh, those mice! At Martin's mom's summer house they'd eat through a whole box and when we arrived there'd just be twelve wicks left on the bottom. Mice are so cute though :).


I have a candle drawer, one big, quite wide drawer, so at least one Finn has one. Previously I did not have a drawer, I just had a box, but I did organize space for them in one drawer after I had seen your post about it.
I don't burn the candles often enough though, I should.


I'd forgotten how amazing Muji was for storage boxes: thanks for the reminder, Benita. Have a lovely weekend! x


My French relatives are always amazed with our habit of lighting candles all the time. One cousine did on one visit ask if it was an old viking ceremonial thingie... :)


I think it looks nicer now than with the trays. Did you make the little shelves to fit inside the tray vertical space or did you get them from from IKEA?
I am painting the second coat of Robyn's Egg in my daughter's room and hope this will be enough. I found that the primer was seeping through after the first coat. Have a great weekend.


Hey Benita.. the basement floor looks great.. hard hard work, but great ;o)
The 'drawers' look super too.. inspired idea. Don't you just love Muji !!
I was just wondering though.. how did you attatch the shelves ??
Jo xx


I wish we could use so many candles - 3 small kids and fire just aren't a good combination for my stress levels!


It looks much much better! The former version of this space was not so tidy and clean and suprised me a bit at the first place...have a nice weekend :-)


That cabinet came with the shelves actually and I simply didn't use them when I had the trays there :)


The cabinet came with shelves but I din't use themm from the start.


I have two drawers in the dining room that are devoted to candles. Re-stocked my supply last weekend because it has suddenly gotten quite chilly here! I often work at night, but when I am at home in the evenings, a candle (or two) is burning. I love the evergreen scented ones at this time of year. In my windows, I also have the battery lit ones that automatically come on. I love seeing them at night, in a big city like NY it is nice to see candle light in an apartment window. I don't care if no one else notices, I love seeing them!


I guess I have to comment in english, but that´s ok! I just want to say that I think you are brilliant! I love your style! I follow you on Pinterest, and your taste is perfect. Thank you for blogging - you inspire me!


Tack! Det går så bra på svenska också :)


I see some scented candles as well. Whitch one are you using, what are your fave scents?


I'm not big on scents but I do have some Fresh Laundr ones from Yankee Candle which smell clean and I like that. I also bought a Feu de Bois by Diptyque because I love the smell of firewood burning, it's similar but so not like the real thing :).


Much more streamlined with the new kitchen too.


Could you comment or show us how you use the candles? What they sit on, and where you have them lit? Do you worry about fire danger?


If this is common in Sweden, it should be more common in Minnesota. The long dark days/nights are already getting to me! I am going to go buy some candles today, and find a special drawer or space for them. Thank you for the inspiration.


First of all I NEVER leave candles unattended so if I leave the room I blow them out and relight when I come back in! Also since Mini and Bonus arrived six years ago I don't do candlesticks much anymore except on the dining table when we're sitting at it. The candles we light in the evenings are in either glass votive holders or hurricanes where the flames are more protected. My favorite votive holders are Kivi by Iittala, I have ten of the clear uncolored ones and one clear aqua. http://www.iittala.com/web/Iittalaweb.nsf/en/products_decorating_kivi.

MacLeod House

I love candles too, but until my kids are older, I'm not going to indulge my enjoyment of them too much, except maybe some tealight candles.


I cannot get enough of your blog. You have amazing style, and I love watching you transform your house. I hadn't seen a candle drawer until right now, but after organizing my house and using more candles as the days get darker (here in California, ha!), it makes sense. Also, I think many people aren't as creative as folks like you, and love pictures of how other people organize their things. Perhaps that's just me?


Maybe this is silly, but I worry about the smoke or things "let go" in the air by the candle. Is this something you worry about? Do you buy special candles b/c of that? Thanks! :) (I love you!)


I don't worry about things like that but then I'm not the worrying kind :). I get all my candles at IKEA where they are cheap and ok quality.


I have had a candle drawer for years in a built-in buffet that backs onto an outside wall. Unfortunately in autumn mice come in behind and into the drawers and eat the candles. I've had to wrap all my candles in aluminum foil, so my candle drawer is not as nice looking as yours is! Your blog is a great source of inspiration -- too bad the urge to finish my projects often goes away!


I love your candle drawers! I have a couple drawers dedicated to candles and scented oils and everyone thinks I'm crazy (probably because I live in Texas where it's hot and bright all the time).


Here in the Pacific Northwest it is dark and dreary..... We haave a local glass blower who makes over 400 different colored votive holders, probably over twenty different whites to grays, alone. Plus a perfect apple green that you love. They are at glassybaby.com We swoon over them. Plus money is donated for cancer research too. They are addictive, beware.


I think I saw a Martha Episode years ago where she visisted Glassy Baby! Love their votive holders!


that sounds like a children's story! they are awfully cute, we catch and release them and the children always want to keep them. yet waking at 3 to the sound of them chewing on something i never thought they'd be interested in, terrifies me! x


'm not big on scents but I do have some Fresh Laundr ones from Yankee Candle"

My favourite candle. And the votive holder from iittala are in my home too!

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I love the look and feel of your space. Very fresh and clean. Like a new pallet and canvas. It gives off very light and positive energy, even through an image.

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