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October 26, 2011


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It looks lovely, as your home always does, but I almost laughed out loud when you first posted about painting it and thought you might use a color. Because I knew it would end up white.


what a transformation, well done!


It tunrned out great. I love the tassel!


I love it!

In Canada we say "Two birds with one stone".


I did laugh out loud... looks great!


Ah, gorgeous, what a difference!
I would l o v e to have a looker like that(all painted and done ;-D).
W h a t a fun idea with a tazzel and in that specific colour but couldn´t you make it a bit bigger(both lengthwise and widthwise)? It´s such a cool, cool detail and therefore deserves more attention and I think the looker definitely is big enough. Let the tazzel make a statement ;-) ... "perhaps white and organized but a l l w a y s with a twist"

It´s soo much fun to follow your work, Benita!


Looks really great - 3 pairs? Not like you to be so extravagant!


it's totally gorgeous, what a great piece. i love the white. i hope you get some fresh air after all those fumes!! x


Not very extravagant at all actually. One pair is about 5 years old and only good for wearing in the garden and when doing DIY (soooo incredibly comfortable!), the second pair used to be Wille's and is half a size too big for me (but I still wear them)and quite worn and the third pair is new. I had to have a pair that I could actually wear in public too :). This last pair is probably the fifth or sixth pair altogether as there have been some caualities throughout the years.


I would have but didn't have enough material :).


It looks great Benita :-)


Love the white and as some else already said it would be even nicer if that tassel was HUGE.

I do agree with you the whiteness of the locker only makes the floor look worse:( So I am looking forward to see what you come up with.

Petra from NL

Those hanging organizers are great, aren't they? I have one in a very narrow cupboard in our hall to hold hats, scarves etc. Very happy with it too.


I love it too!
When the company I work for moved and they threw lots of stuff away, I tried to haul one of those lockers, I quess they kept them all, or someone was quicker than I.


Talking abut flies (two flies with one stone), we have a saying in Polish "Mucha nie siada", which roughly translates to "A fly won't sit on it" which means "a perfect job, beautiful, etc." and it's TOTALLY appropriate here.
As for Stan Smiths, you've been so faithful to them and are a testament to their quality, so the manufacturer should give you a free pair by now :-).

MacLeod House

So *that* is what those sneakers are called - I always wondered what the addidas sneakers with 'no stripes' (except for airholes) were called!


Indeed they should :)


Only the ones with the green "tab" on the heels are Stan Smiths though.


In Ireland we say two birds with one stone - expressions are funny how they vary.

The locker looks great Benita!


Oh, I'm glad you went with white instead of a bright color. Lockers look classiest in white, IMO.

A nice, new, neutral floor in there will look amazing. You're making such fantastic progress with your projects. :)


For the floor, did you see this post on AT :


I didn't but that reassures me that it's the right way to go. Love that they did the exact same hexagon I plan! It's always nice to see a finished resut before embarking on a project like this!


As usual... white is perfect!

Lisa Flaherty

Amazing transformation! Did you use a paint specifically for metal? And, I am a daily reader so I apologize if my memory is bad and you've already posted about it, but what is the story of how you came by these 2 lovely sets of lockers? Thanks!


I used the type of paint you would use for indoor trim. It's water based so it's not very smelly which is great.

I got this locker when I worked at IKEA in Älmhult (IKEA's birthplace) back in 1986. They were throwing it out from a workshop and I immediately grabbed it. The pale blue locker was a dumpster dive find from outside one of the inner city schools in Stockholm. Martin found it and was helped by some passers by to haul it home :)


jag ser fram emot att få se vad du ska göra med golvet!
trevlig kväll!

Vicki K

I really like the white lockers!! It probably helps the space feel a little bigger too. It is also encouraging to me that you have used "normal" paint supplies to which most of us have access. Do you take any rests along the way? Or can you not rest until it's more done??


Wow, I have that identical hideous linoleum flooring here in my very old house in New York! I have hidden it under a layer of carpet tiles, but it lurks there still. It's pink and marble-y, and looks like some kind of biology project, right? Ugh.

Love that you have three pairs of identical shoes. You are a girl who knows what she wants, for sure. :)

christine e-e

I love that you used a shoe hanger in the locker... I don't think I would have thought of that??? oh, maybe, but after procrastinating about painting the locker first!
Maybe I should post something about painting my Adirondack chairs? another item with hard to paint areas...


Benita, what does ordinary weekday nights and mornings before work look like at your place? You seem to get tons and tons of things done and I´m curious about how you manage it all. Honestly, between commuting, grocery shopping, cooking, eating, tidying up, laundry, paying bills, spending time with Wille, Mini & Bonus, reading magazines, DIY stuff, renovating, watching TV etcetera, etcetera - h o w d o y o u d o i t?
I think you wrote a post about your weekends ones and I would love to read one about your week days as well(so I can see what I´m doing wrong ;-D).

Sleep tight(or probably good morning!


Ah, by the way, I´m leaving for San Francisco tomorrow and want to ask you if there´s anything from the US that I can get for you. It would be my great pleasure to help you with something... honestly. If so, please email me.


Woo-hoo! She's a beaut. And it fits so perfectly in that alcove it's almost disturbing. You're a rockstar.


WHITE!! who would have ever guessed. When you were talking about maybe painting the lockers a color, I thought to myself that never in a million years would you choose a color other than white. They look great...of course!

Anna Cassia Passarelli

Benita... it's official! Oh, my God! What a perfect job! It's like a million box!
You NEEEEEEED to spent some time here in Brazil - in my home... you can do all you want around here, ok? All of it! I'll give a lot of sunlight in return...

Super great!

Anna Cassia Passarelli

y the way... I don't know why... but my house is going so white... (shame on you!...)


Will consider that!


When I start a project I just go, go, go until it's done but since there are drying times in between coats I do get a bit of rest too :).


Så fint det blev! Du är så himla duktig. Och dom där plåtskåpen är så coola. Passar ´perfekt i hallen.
You are so clever and I love your lockers!


A pop of color would have looked nice as well, but I had a feeling you'd go for white. :) Looks fantastic, regardless! The blue is such a nice touch.


The locker looks fantastic! I'm glad you went with white. I think it's actually unexpected because even though YOU typically go for white, a locker isn't something that is usually white ~ so well done! :)

Inspire Me Heather

That's a fabulous locker - perfect for your storage! I have this linked to my lockers post too today, for inspiration!

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