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October 18, 2011


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Hur snyggt som helst. Skulle funka som en permanent lösning för mig.


Nice! What do you do with the power cables? I would constantly trip over them ;) but knowing you, you probably have a solution for that, and a pretty and organized one, too. Right? :)


Have you considered Philippe Starck's Ghost chairs (Louis/Victoria)? It was at a similar stage in my life when I needed clarity and transparency that I invested in first one and then a couple more: chic, light and surprisingly comfortable and moreover, no additional visual clutter, very quirky! I use mine as desk and dining chairs and they are nice to pull up for extra guests, too.

christine e-e

this looks like YOU! actually, I think it looks great pulled in front of the bookcase.


Super super stylish!!! Would absolutely work as a permanent solution for me, I think it´s plain genius, Benita - 10 points no doubt!! Even if you prefer another desk and chair don´t change their placement in front of the shelves. This must have changed your living room space quit a lot.
I´m curious about the lamp, is it new or have I just missed it from before? It´s really cool and works perfectly.
Wow, this was so much fun to see.


What are harlequin chairs? I Googled them and got some varied images.


I thought I might get that question so there's a post on it tomorrow!


Ha ha, veeeery nice cord hiding! Smart.


I have actually. I need to try one out though but Philippe Starck's designs are usually great. We have his Toy chairs on the patio. They look super square and uncomfortable but they are really nice to sit on.


It's new from Mio. I really like the look of it and that it's so big and it doubles as a reading light for the Galaxy chairs to the left of the desk. The one thing I don't like is that the shade gives off a yellow glow when lit so I may have to switch it out to a pure white one.


That's just it! It's a set of mismatched chairs around a table. My plan is to find some nice different but still somehow similar ones and paint them all the same color. Like white...




I can see how that might look funny when everything else is pure white. I wonder why it sends out a yellow light(I assume the bulb is just a normal one and has nothing to do with it)?

I agree with you, the fact that it´s over sized is so cool!


That's whhat I'm wondering too. The inside looks white, the outside too and it's a regular bulb...


I'm loving this, I could have this as a permanent solution too. Like the narrow legs and the wheels.

I'm seeing some solutions about the cables, but can't wait for your full tutorial tomorrow


It looked a little bit cramped before but oh, I can´t wait to see a picture of the room with this new arrangement happening. :-)


Me too! :-)
Love those "step by step" explanations.


Me too! :-)
Love those step by step explanations.


It looks nice! :-)


Superb solution and now mighty jealous that this will become a sewing table too!

Pune Indien

After skimming through your website I immediately bookmarked it. Keep up the good work!


Väldigt tjusigt - och kan stå där ett bra tag utan att skämmas. Fint med hyllan bakom.


Oh, nice! I love the set up too, in front of the bookcase.
Could I ask though: is building a permanent one yourself perhaps an option? I always love your custom-made stuff.


maybe some ideas there for you ? http://pinterest.com/search/?q=desk
but your solution look really fine for me. You can just customize it to make it more personal...


It looks nice.:-) I also like the second link you had in your text, that looks really great!
I have to hide at least 10 cables behind my desk :-((

Nini Tjäder

You might need another kind of bulb with a colder light temperature. Buying bulbs nowadays has become quite complicate.


I don't think the bulb is at fault, I think it's the shade.


Wow! The only thing that made me notice the cord hiding was Vanessa's comment about it - and then I had to search for it!! VERY good work, and I am so stealing that idea.

The desk + bookshelf area looks fantastic!

Nini Tjäder

It looks nice. But if you are still looking for alternatives, have you visited R.O.O.M? They have some nice ones. Pricey as always, but really nice.

By the way, did you know that Ikea now has white baskets for Expedit? And black too.


Martin got 80% of the power tools so I don't really have the right equipment any longer. Also I decided that I don't want to build much in this house as I prefer to be able to rearrange things more easily.


I haven't been to ROOM in a while. Will go there on my next trip into the city. I do know about the other baskets but I really like these even though they are not white :)


I like the look and the fact that the desk is on wheels. Easy to move when you need to get to the bookcase.


Du vet väl om att det finns ett skrivbord på Ikea som är ganska likt det på Rum 21...tror iofs att det är i svart men det finns ju alltid vit sprayfärg!! ;)


Jag känner att detta IKEA skrivbord är en tillfällig kompromiss men om jag ska byta vill jag nog hellre köpa nåt som inte är IKEA alternativt nåt gammalt :)


Did you consider having a loooong table that works as a kitchen table at one end and as a desk on the other end? I think it would look great! Though coming from the stairs you would have to walk around it to enter the living room, that's less practical. Oh well.


good luck with your chair-hunting. i'm very fond of a mix of chairs but somehow fell in love with a set! i can see your cord solution now that you mention it, i look forward to hearing more. we have a very temporary set up for one table and i trip on the cords everyday. makes me crazy. x


LOVE! The lamp is fantastic too! Can't wait to see it from different angles in your room, I bet it looks great next to the bedroom nook.


I've got a similar set up for my sewing table. It's perfect having a wide table for those long pieces of fabric! I've been looking at this desk although I am sure I can make it myself, or similar, for cheaper...


Hope the weather where you are is a lot better than what we have here today.

MacLeod House

I *LOVE* it!!

Now I'm all inspired to finally sort out my Expedit! In fact you've just inspired me to give my office a makeover. Tomorrow is the first day of 'half-term' here in the UK, so I might even get the kids to help me :) Yay for home projects!


That IS a nice one!

Adriane Duckworth

This looks SO perfect. I'm beyond inspired!!!

Vicki K

Oh! I really like that table. It seems like it's more surface area than the other desks that you linked. Well - a good table is a treasure and can be used A LOT of places.


I love this solution! It looks great in front of the bookcase.


Hi, Benita!
Even this is a temporary solution, I must say it's looking lovely and the way you have hided the cables is also great!


Snyggt skrivbord! Det ser ut som en kreativ plats men med precis den ordning och reda som jag vill ha. :)

Du har otroligt många intressanta "How-tos"! Jag är en pysslare och fixare själv och här kommer jag hitta massor med inspiration. Tack!

Lauren McF

Benita, have you seen IKEA's BESTÅ BURS Desk?
It comes in high gloss white and is $269.00 USD.
Looks like it matches your kitchen.
I just bought this desk and love it. So glossy and has 2 large drawers.
All the best.


Love it! Do you have to re-work the living space around the new desk setup now? Also, did you paint your Expedit? It looks whiter/better than the stock white, which seems more of an off-white. Sorry if you've answered that in another post!


I really like the look of the desk in front of the bookcase. Have you considered the Parsons Desk by West Elm (http://www.westelm.com/products/parsons-desk-with-drawers-f099/), and may I highly recommend the IKEA TOBIAS chair with any desk (http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/20115038/)? Astonishingly comfortable, looks sleek, and goes with anything! :)

Love your blog and home!


White? Gasp!!! :)


Grmph. Men and their power tools...
I'm planning to make a desk myself somewhere next year. I prefer one that I can move around easily too, but I can never find one that I really like, so in with the power tools (and, to be honest, in with the dad, to help!).


I have and it's the one I'd really like but sadly they don't ship furniture to Sweden.


I didn't move much actually. And no I haven't painted the Expedit. It's a few years old though so maybe they've changed the color?


I have but I already have so much IKEA in the house now that I don't want to bring any more in...


Jag följde dig på Flickr då jag var aktiv där tror jag minsann. Då bloggade du inte om jag inte minns fel. Då hoppar jag iväg och kikar in på bloggen nu då :)


Love the new desk. The table legs are great and it will be so easy to move around. The shape of that lamp is amazing. I have been looking for lamps for our bedroom and living room for a while. I saw that you bought at Mio, any idea if they ship international? Have a great day Benita!


It definitely looks much, much better. I bet you even feel more productive when working on your "new desk".


I don't know but I doubt they do. The whole site is in Swedish only http://www.mio.se/.


Hello there, a super late post considering this was posted almost a year ago. I must say yr lamp is lovely and white, but to me it looks too big for that table. Anyways, I need to say this: yr room looks like it came out of the IKEA catalogue..so super neat and gd! I realise u can achieve that neat repetitive look because u seem to have alot of the same thing i.e. same mags, folders, baskets..but unfortunately i have trouble replicating this look as i have a little of many different things so it seems i need alot of different storage solutions and hence i'm always undecided abt how i should store and beautify my space.I wonder if you have any tips on how to get this streamlined look for someone with a bit of everything, like me..? usually i go to IKEA and Muji for "organising solutions". PS: We dont have really have any choices here in Singapore that sells gd-looking solution..IMO best those r the 2 best places :)


The solution in my mind is to get streamlined storage. Sorry.


on 2nd look, the lamp is perfect...just don't put too many other things on the table...


O no worries, i had the same thought too. Just wanted to see if there's any better ideas from u :)

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