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October 25, 2011


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Lisa Johnson

i love the plan!


Sounds like a good plan. When do you think you'll start with all these activities? Which one are you planning to tackle first?


I'm doing the easiets one first which is to mont a ceiling track for the drapery and to sew the drapery :)


Love it! I am sure it will be nice to see that last bit of green before you head out the door into your soon to be winter wonderland.


Renoveringsdörrarna finns på Biltema - billiga och bra!


Ett litet tips för draperiet. Jag hade en extremt dragig dörr där jag bodde sist. Jag färgade in en bit bordsfilt i en nyans som passade mitt draperityg och fodrade draperiet med det. Bordsfilten gav draperiet en bra tyngd så det hängde snyggt av sig själv utan tyngder i botten och isolerade fantastiskt mot både kyla och ljud. Körde med vanlig textilfärg i tvättmaskinen.


Very exciting! Would you please share a tutorial for the radiator cover ? I wanted to build one forever, but don't know how to start. And where do you get the rattan? Best wishes, Daniela from Switzerland


The drapery idea is interesting. I can't wait to see what it looks like. I love the fabric.

Flying Blind

Love all those ideas - good luck with the furry intruders - isn't it time for Bonus to go an another mini-adventure!?


Will look gooood.


Concerning new Bonus-adventures. Auntie Anne says no.


I am a fun of radiator covers, looking forward to seeing the finished project. Regarding the kitties, I thought of one of those gates that you use to keep toddlers out of kitchens or stairs (perhaps you could borrow from someone instead of buying), but cats being cats, would probably climb over it.


Actually he did... He went missing on Thursday (I think he may have been cross with me for arriving home an hour later than normal due to a hair salon appointment) but luckily I was able to pick him up on Sunday after I got a call from Emma, the new owner of our old house.


They would deinitely just jump over it :)


Will do! I get the rattan in a specialty store here in Stockholm that sells it. It's called Korg och Rotting.


Sounds great!
And please, please, please, tell us how you build the radiator cover; like Daniela, I want to build one, too (in fact, there are 10 radiators in the house and i h a v e to build radiator-covers, because the radiators are dark brown :-o) I can't stand them much longer....


Tack för tips!


Tack! Efter att jag skrivit färdigt inlägget hittade jag en sån på Clas Ohlson!




I L O V E those fabrics and would have a wild mix of them everywhere if I could just afford it and I think a green elephant drapery in your hall is an excellent idea., adding textile is such a great way of creating cosiness and warmth to a home. Also, the way you mix straight lines and round shapes is really great. I wonder what it looks like on the "wc wall" opposite the window? Any art or is it too narrow?

Benita, I don´t know if it´s ok to ask this Q here, if not just leave it be.
I know you love NYC but have you also been to San Francisco and/or Los Angeles? If so, do you have any "Benita" tips of places to eat(maybe not ;-D)/shop/stroll?

Have a lovely tuesday!


Sounds like a great plan. I have drapery at our front door, and it not only looks good, but makes the hallway feel cosy. I LOVE the idea for the Hexagon floor pattern, I think it will look great!


Your hall will look fantastic! I love the idea of the green elephant fabric.


This is actually such a weird space. It's not four walls but several little nooks and several doors. Unfortunately the only "free" wall is the one where the mirror is hung so there's no good space for art.


Sorry, I missed the LA/SanFran question. I've been to LA but that was in 1984 so no current tips there I'm afraid.


This isn't about your hallway (which looks lovely) but this post on Apartment Therapy made me think of you and your quest for a perfect desk: http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/chicago/before-after/a-69-ikea-table-makeover-of-marvelous-proportions-matsutake-159127


Lovely, I pinned it :)


all very exciting. i third the radiator cover tutorial! x


I'm surprised you aren't using the wall paper you scored in the attic for the front door?


Did you go to the blog that had the DIY. And then see... THIS??


Bad kitty! Oh! Bad kitty!!! LOL!


This is going to be great! Are you putting the curtain on a straight track or a curved one like your floor mat? Will you gather the fabric next to the radiator cover?


Love the floor pattern!


I love your ideas for the space! I think you'll do a great job making it feel "warmer" without taking away from the crispness.

Question unrelated to this post: I've noticed that you've re-vamped some ikea pieces in the past and was wondering if you do anything special when screwing/drilling into the material so that it doesn't splinter, or at least splinters less?!

I'm about to take on some great updates over on my new blog! http://jawsiesbitoflife.blogspot.com/



A good idea when drilling large holes in general (which are the ones that tend to splinter) is to stop drilling when the pointy middle bit of the drill emerges on the other side of your material. Then you continue drilling from the other side by insterting the pointy end into the small hole so you basically only have two entries and no exits. When sawing it's good to use masking tape under your cut, that also prevents at least the worst splintering.


It's going to be a straight track and when it's not covering the door completely I'll push it towards the corner, yes.


Actually the thought did cross my mind but Jenny (my reader/neighbor) warned me that the wallpaper isn't good with water at all so since my door goes out and there's no roof outside it's a no go, I'm afraid.


I did go over there but didn't see that post. Haha, tooo funny!


We have had one for years....and believe it or not they respect it althoug they could EASILY jump over it!


I am so excited to see the results of your plans--especially the fabric door drape.

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