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October 20, 2011


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I think she looks great there! I was always taught that art should be at the eye level of a person of average height and Miss Twiggy looks to be at eye level, at least from the photo you've posted.

However, I can also imagine the nice little alcove you've described, perhaps lined with with some of that fantastic wallpaper you found in your attic.

Has Bonus ventured outside since he returned home?


Hey , what do you think, little white table for living room http://www.nytimes.com/slideshow/2011/10/20/garden/20111020-LOCATION-5.html


I think it looks fine since the actual portrait catches the attention which is placed lower than the frame.


It looks smashing!
Great idea to hang a big picture there! I think it looks really good. Just give it a little time and you will (hopefully) be fine with it!
I have the same frame only with David Bowie in it, and that too is a little high up. But it is a big picture and everybody needs to see the whole it! ;)


He's allowed outside during the day but at around 7 pm we close the kitty door. He likes to go outside in the morning and in the evening when it's dark outside but stays insine mostly during the day. Silly kitty.


Very nice!

karen the californian

If you were into Asian art, you could always hang a scroll, but something tells me that is not your style. ;-)

So what does this hole look like from *inside* your bedroom nook?


I think it looks fine since there is a lot of white matt above and below the print. Also the top of the frame is almost in line with the timber alcove which works well. You couldn't really lower it very much anyway?

karen the californian

If you were into Asian art, you could always hang a scroll, but something tells me that is not your style. ;-)

So what does this hole look like from *inside* your bedroom nook?


The drapes are parked behind so you don't see the hole or the frame from the back.


I would lower it about 4 or 5 inches so there's a connection to the chair.


I think it looks cool - at least it is not higher than the door frame.
Could you not put some ' fancy' frosting on the glass, like Willie's old doors?


I don't think it's too high, considering the size of the frame, but I'm afraid you'll get tired of that picture pretty soon. Somehow, it seems to me it doesn't go well with you and the rest of the house.

How I envy you that lovely cat bed>! My two princesses, Agripina and Diva Drusilla would love it! I hope Bonus will stay inside now that Fall has come. You need to rest! :)


I too think it looks great.. but then I'm biased ;o)
Before I read the comments I was going to say the exact same thing that Annapolitan said... but I also understand [being a fellow control freak] that if you are bugged by the height then it will just annoy you and you won't get any pleasure from the photo.. and that will never do.
Since I am a huge fan of Twiggs, and love that image [it's by Barry Lategan isn't it ?] I'm glad it's still going to hang somewhere.
But she goes so beautifully with the room that I'm secretly hoping you'll reconsider and leave her where she is.
Jo xx


It is by Barry Lategan!


I love this framed Twiggy photo! It looks so great in the big white frame! I know what you mean,when it feels like it's hung too high...try lowering it a bit and see how you like it. Better too low than too high as long as the hole is covered. I know you will find all the right design answers.
I must tell you,Benita, that I have reorganized my apartment and de cluttered it very well by following your blog.
You are an Inspiration!


Exakt samma som vår katthane....morgon och kväll ska han ut, men så sover han snällt i sin säng heeeela dagen! Kattflickan gör precis tvärtom, vaken på dagen men däckar vid 21.30!! :)


I can't lower it, that's the problem, or the hole will be visible above the frame.


Det låter exakt som Mini!

Yvonne  Stehle

What a great photo! And no surprise she is wearing a Scandinavian sweater... I love your new place! You did a wonderful job!


Great poster. How about a longer picture / frame / a piece of your newly found treasure framed? Perhaps a longer frame, going down behind the chair would look better visually, more balance on the wall?


That would be an option if there were standard frames which there don't seem to be.I don't want to buy a custom made one until I'm 100% sure this is the soluition I'm going for. I may still do something else on that wall.

Fröken Prickig

I love Twiggys cardigan.


it's a good solution for now, i agree it is too high, but a long, narrow piece wouldn't look too high as long as it went low enough at the base. i have a spot like this where i'm planning to hang a whole-cloth quilt - just white on white, drawer-ly texture. x


"I think it looks fine since the actual portrait catches the attention which is placed lower than the frame."

I agree. And I like it :-)


I agree with you on the art height and hang mine so that the center of the piece is at approx. 57"H off the floor. I love the poster, but I think it would look better on a bigger wall.
Nice to read that Bonus is sticking around.


I agree that it's too high as well, but it does look very cool there and it's a great photograph! If you moved the chair you could put another framed photo under it, it would give it that "gallery" look and help with the balance. I do like your idea to put something behind the hole and using it as a shelf as well. Twiggy does look sheek though...Ohhh and do you have something new hanging in your bedroom??? :) Looks awesome!


Must be me as it doesn't seem too high.

It's maybe just looks that way because the ceilings are fairly low and it is also almost level with the arch way to you bedroom which gives it an odd perspective.

Whatever: as usual you have come up with a solution (even if it is temporary) that is easy to do and affordable and that’s probably why I love coming to “chez toi”


Yup, new roller blind and new ceiling light. It's a cheapo IKEA one but I had to get something else than the Toord Boontje Garland as it casts a lot of shadows and is not great for finding stuff in the closet at 6 am.


Oh, as for hanging something underneath, I can't move the chair. It's one of Mini's favorite hangouts. They're so cute there with Mini on the top bunk and Bonus on the bottom.

lee ann

This is my first time posting. Perhaps you make your own big frame by using a big styrofoam and cover it with the wallpaper you have just found in the wall attic.


I love the portrait but my second thought was "it's a shame it's hung so high." That's one of my pet peeves too!


I can't tell how high it is, but rather than fill the hole with backing and a shelf, why not line the hole with the print? Or a copy of the print?


Great idea. Need to do some measuring...


How about a long wall rug (rya mattan)? There are very nice modern ones too. I've seen some cool ones made of paper yarn. Like this(in finnish) http://www.sitruunapuu.net/blog/2007/12/valoryijy/
but maybe wider, she's even put lights in it.


I love Annapolitan's suggestion of lining the nook/future shelf with the attic's vintage wallpaper - a homage to the past homeowners and their 'what were they thinking' moment!


Well, I would never condone messing with their bunk! :) They are two very cute kitties, also I'm so glad Bonus seems to be home for good hopefully.


Wow that is usually my pet peeve too but Twiggy looks just right to my eye. Not too high at all! I think you found a great solution!

Your place is to die for! So inspiring!


The reason for a chair is for someone to sit in it. I think you will find the height is correct when a person sits in the chair. I think the photo and the placement of it on the wall is "fab" (60's slang).


Hanging pictures too high is one of my pet peeves, too. I think the problem is not so much the height of this picture, but that that the image is a little too square for the long narrow space.

How about some kind of hanging - a tapestry or a piece of fabric. Something in the long narrow shape of an Asian scroll, so it would be more linear than the rectangle of the frame and connect more to the chair. Or you could put some of your fantastic treasure wallpaper on a long, narrow board of exactly the right size and shape, and hang it over the hole.


Would you want to lower it much more? If it was much lower, the frame would disappear behind the chair and the chair would bump up against it. I suppose the poster could be put in a smaller frame...


It looks like the frame is even with the top of the doorway, and the white frame and mat makes it fade so the photo, which is lower, pops out. Still maybe I am not seeing the problem - I think looking at things in person is so different from photos, sometimes.


I don't think the picture is hung too high at all...looks just right to me. Having Twiggy staring at me would creep me out, though. I'd have to stop myself from telling her to eat a sandwich or something.

Bonus looks so comfy. :)


The size of the print would bother me... I would nail drywall over the hole and repaint the area.
Great idea to keep the kitty door closed at night!

Lisa Flaherty

I'm with you on art being hung too high. Ick. But the print is super cool, and I'm glad it will live somewhere in your home. I'm still a fan of adding a back and a couple shelves. I think it is inspiring that you come up with temporary solutions that are so very livable and not temporary-looking. The queen of detail!


Hi, I really like the Bonus's cat bed, he is really lucky to have a mom like you. I've never seen any stylish cat bed like yours. I would like to have same cat bed for my cat boy too, where can I find it?


It's not for sale any longer. I found mine on Ebay. Try doing a "whiskas cat bed" search there and maybe you'll get lucky too!

Mary Anne

can you hang a smaller frame within the window and have the window frame the frame?


I think it looks great! I don't think it's too high at all with the chair there. Wonderful!


I agree - art hung high just looks wrong, however that said with the top of the frame being level with the door way and the bottom being above the chair, this looks ok to me - however in real life and not just a photo it may look different. After all you're the one who can judge best :) Maybe live with it for a little and it may grow on you.


I think it looks just perfect!

Jules Means

Twiggy. Oh Twiggy. She was my hero when I was about 12 or 13 (I'm now 56). Slicker lipstick by Yardley...everything MOD and sooooo skinny. I had pix of her all over my room. This picture sure takes me back to another time. xxoo -Jules


Thanks a lot!


I actually think it's in perfect alignment with the door, and it doesn't look too high at all.


"I think it looks fine since the actual portrait catches the attention which is placed lower than the frame."

I also agree with this. It looks fabulous. :)



Jag tycker det ser bra ut, då du har en hög stol där. Men hur det ser it IRL är ju en annan sak som bara du ser.

Jag vill passa på att tacka för alla de tips och all inspiration du ger!

Ha en trevlig helg!

MacLeod House

Is there glass in the hole? You could place decorate wall paper in there (and switch it out when you get bored) or you could place a piece of artwork in there so that the hole *becomes* the display area?


There isn't but I plan to add a board to the back and do something along those lines if Twiggy doesn't stay up.


I think it looks the right height but obviously it is hard to get that perspective from a photo. If it bugs you now, it is just going to keep bugging you so you may as well change it out. Great photo though! I know you will find the perfect space for it. I think turning the window alcove into a little shelf with some wallpaper backing would be lovely too. We are all so opinionated about your house aren't we?? :-)

Dana D@BoysMyJoys

Keep Twiggy there!!!
It looks great!


Here's a crazy but intriguing alternative that doesn't disturb the cats or evict Twiggy. Saw the legs off the chair. Paint it white and mount it on the wall high enough to allow the Whiskas cat bed to sit directly underneath. Can Mini jump up another centimeter or two? Or am I suggesting you butcher your great-grandmother's heirloom chair?

Anna Cassia Passarelli

hum... eh...

I think I like that "window"... maybe some light and a kind of shadow box... I don't know...

But I like the frame as well... It's great (as allways)


First: Awwwwww - Bonus is in his wittle bed. What a little cutie. And he's at home and not roaming about. I only know him from your posts and to see him snug in his bed is a relief to me, so it must be absolutely heartwarming for his family to see him finally enjoying his new home. Fingers crossed that he's put his roaming days beind him - touch wood!

For what it's worth, I like the poster at that height. It's such a large picture that the bottom reaches quite low, so that might be a factor in why I think that. I only thought that after you stated your preference for lower hung art, and I then went back and took another look at the picture and how it was hung. At first all I thought was what a perfect fit it was for your the hole in the wall.


I think so too, it's just right!!! Beautiful print:-)


Dear Benita,

The cat bed...where did you get it ?




I have been reading your site for two years now, and I love it! I always find inspiration here! Thank you!


I got it on Ebay. Try doing a "Whiskas cat bed" search there!


You're suggesting I butcher Wille's great-grandfather's office chair :)


I'm certainly no expert, but the picture doesn't look too high to me, looks awesome. I had no idea that art being hung too high was such huge pet peeve! I'll have to remember that for the future :)

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