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November 18, 2011


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Looks like I'm the first to congratulate you all the way from sunny Sydney Australia - thank you for all those inspiring words - have a wonderful weekend!


Thank you, Benita, for every post!! And congratulations - that's a biggie! Here's to next 1000 great posts!

Many happy greetings from Finland!



She would be bursting at the seems.. you English is better than mine ;o)
Huge congratulations..what a 3 and a half years it's been eh ?!
Have a wonderful weekend... I myself am putting the Christmas decorations up.
Don't worry I haven't suddenly gone consumer crazy.. I'm part of a Charity House Tour so next weekend I'll be playing host to 500 nosey strangers.. wish me luck.. I think I'll need it. ;o)
Jo xx


3rd congrats also from sunny Sydney, I just left your blog a few minutes ago and then you tweet this! That is a great achievement!! Have enjoyed every single one! Cheers Jane - enjoy the weekend!

PS Just come home from a day at Ikea - lots of furniture building here :)

Irene Waldeck

I've enjoyed every word.


Love the crown! You definitely deserve it! You are the queen. Of renovation! Thank you for all your efforts and posts! You are a most benevolently monarch and we love you! Have a restful weekend and try to stay off your feet.


That's rather amazing! Congratulations :)


Felicitations from France. I just did a translation from Swedish to English , which increased the word count from 2086 to 1626 words, lengthened by those composite words. Figuring out the ä and å on my keyboard slow me down. And thanks for your daily zen home improvements.


Well done, your blog is awesome. I love how productive you are.


Stort grattis! Jättefin bild också, härlig krona! :)


That sounds like fun :)


oh congratulations!! That's a lot of candles on the cake!

Fat Cat

Happy 1000th !!! How often does one get to say that ?

Thank you for all the inspiration. And I hope you're gonna do at least 1000 more post !

Weronica - En mammas dag

Thanks! And looking forward to the next 1000 :)


I read your blog every day, it's part of my morning routine. my favorite blog, definitely. and benita is a household name around here, i often would go like "oh, that's something benita did as well" or "i saw that on chezlarsson". isn't it crazy what the world of blogs is able to do? i just love it. so congratulations on your 1000! i really like what you are doing and sharing. and I agree: looking forward to the next 1000!
best wishes from austria, frieda


happy grand! such a fine resource xx


Thank you very much for your Blog. I love it :-)


Och fortsätt med minst 1000 till! Älskar dem!


Many congratulations! and thank you so much for blogging. I always look forward to your posts. You are so inspiring!


Congratulations from Switzerland! Your blog is the first thing I read in the morning with a nice cup of coffee. You are such an inspiration! klem, Daniela


A thousand congratulations on a thousand posts! Chez Larsson is my 'dessert' every weekday morning after breakfast and a great start to the day - feels like a nice little chat over coffee before diving into the mundane workday.

Have a great weekend. You ought to do something extra fun to celebrate your milestone :)


I read your blog everyday. Thank you for sharing your life! You really inspire me.


Congratulations! Here's to many many more of your fantastic posts!

PS I love that you chose a pic of yourself for this post, we don't get to see you enough!


Congrats Benita and thank you for inspiring me (us). I hope you'll keep on for a loooong time. Have a super duper weekend xox Yvonne


Happy half a millon words! Almost as many as I pour out on a regular coffee break... :)


you turn 1000 ? wow...you look so young.....:-)

brava !!!!


Congrats!!!!!!! :-D We enjoyed a lot the 1.000 posts, and hope that many, many more are still gone come :-)
Cheers, and have a nice weekend!

Helen Fröderberg

Is hoping to read a 1000 more posts like the ones you've already posted.

Your blog is brilliant!


Well, i follow your blog from Turkey last 2 years. I wish to say thank you inspiring us. Pleasee write many many more words in this blog :)
Have a nice weekend :) Canan

Petra from NL

WOW.... thanks for sharing all those half a million words with us. We thorougly enjoy them. COngrats on this milestone!

suzy hausfrau

Congratulations on the milestone! Your English teacher AND YOU should be very proud...you are still my first blog I read everyday...


Big congratulations and thanks for your inspiring blog!


Congratulations! Thanks for sharing those 1000 Ideas, moments, news with us!


Congrats! I've enjoyed all of the 1000 post, thank you for those.

judith b

Félicitations, Benita! You're the best! I'm thinking I should backtrack through those 3 1/2 years - I've only "known" you for two!

PS You deserve the Order of Merit for your amazing English!


Congratulations! And thank you for writing this blog, it´s a big part of my morning ritual and I can always find some new posts I hadn´t seen before!
You are an inspiration and thanks to you my cupboards and drawers are much more organised now:)


Love your tiara! :-)
I've discovered your blog via Apartment Therapy (or Design Sponge) when they showed your kitchen and have been coming here ever since. We've learned so much from you, Benita and we've been having fun along the way - the best way to learn. One of your most memorable posts for me was the Easter Egg crafts (the chicken sailor, car racer, etc), but I also loved the the Christmas buildings made of sugar cubes and actually every single post you write.
Congratulations! Looking forward to the next 1000 posts.


Mrs Malmborn? The schoolbook writer? How funny!

Grattis! Du är jättefin på bilden!


I keep hoping that some of your ability to finish a project (and to do so many!) will rub off as I read... Congratulations on keeping up your blog.


Congratulations! Your blog is very inspirational. Although my house will never be so neat, I love reading about your ideas and looking at the very soothing white pictures!

la marmotte

Happy 1000 !!! have a great week-end


Wow! Happy anniversiry!!


Congrats Benita!!!! You've had a week of milestones! :) I hope continue for many more years!!!


What? Must Google immediately!


Flera böcker t o m, och just i Engelska, vad kul! Det hade jag ingen aning om! För mig var hon bara bästa läraren någonsin. Hon var den där som skällde ut en inför klassen för att man inte ansträngde sig mer när man hade det lätt för sig i språk. Det tog och jag minns speciellt att jag fick låna en massa skönlitteratur på engelska av henne sen när jag skärpt till mig, To Kill a Mockingbird, Catcher in the Rye etc. Bästa läraren som sagt.


Like so many others I also read your blog every morning. Huge congratulations from England.


Congrats! You and a coffee are my morning routine. I can't imagine life without you!


Congratulations! I love reading your blog here in Switzerland - thanks!!!


For me, it's a cup of tea and Bonita every morning. You're my first internet visit. Blogging so faithfully and so well for so long - not everyone could do it, and I'm glad you can!
Congratulations from Pennsylvania, USA.


Love your crown! Congratulations and many many thanks for all of the hours of blog reading excellence!!!!!!!
Have a great weekend.

Kim Ballou

Congrats! Keep on blogging!


Happy 1000! Thank you for inspiring us every day.


Congratulations from Austria!!! And once again, thank you so much!
I hope there will be at least another million/billion/trillion words that you'll send around the globe!
All the best and have a great celebratory weekend!
(My English teacher always said, "Don't overuse exclamation marks", but what the heck ...)


Congratulations, Benita!

And, many thanks for all the inspiration you provide daily. :)

un arc-en-ciel dans le lavabo

1000 inspiring posts that we have SO enjoyed reading, thank you !
congratulations & cheers to many more !!!

ps : and thank you again for the advice you gave us when we visited Stockholm for the first time. I found it so cool you took the time to provide a couple of links for us.


Congrats dear Benita!!! I love the photo :-)))

Barbi D.

Congrats!!! Looking forward to 1000 more! : )


Congratulations, you deserve it. You inspire us to love our house every day. Thanks for everything and have a great weekend!
Kisses from Brazil


Congratulations! I have enjoyed every single one of them since the day I first discovered your fabulous blog. Thank you for all your inspiration.


I should have added - congratulations from The Netherlands - I really wanted you to see that you are followed and cherished all over the world!


Grattis! En halv miljon ord, det går inte av för hackor. Jag instämmer med flera andra och hoppas på många fler inlägg då du är den bästa inspirationskällan på inredning. Ge dig själv en klapp på axeln och fira med något gott i helgen. Det är du väl värd.


Grattis! En halv miljon ord, det går inte av för hackor. Jag instämmer med flera andra och hoppas på många fler inlägg då du är den bästa inspirationskällan för inredning. Ge dig nu en klapp på axeln och fira med något riktigt gott i helgen. Det är du väl värd.

Lisa Johnson

Congratulations Benita! Your blog is part of my morning routine and I am thankful for all your inspiring diligence and hard work. In many ways, we are so very different. I live in a country house in Oklahoma filled with color and tons of kids. But I am definitely a "nester" and I love your approach to organization and DIY. I especially admire your ability to accomplish so much! Please keep writing! And enjoy your crowning moment!


Congrats! Your English teacher should be proud. I am impressed by your written english.


Congratulations!! Thanks for sharing all your great ideas!


Congratulations! Glad we get to stop by every day. Nice to see a beautiful picture of yourself - is that a self portrait?


Congratulations on the 1000th post! Those pre-Benita-blogging days seem like so long ago.... asking when you'd start a blog. It's the only time I've ever seen that - someone who posts beautiful photos of their home online and have people asking "when will you start a blog?" and look how well-loved you are! :)

I too have to say that reading Chez Larsson is a daily treat in the morning and that you've set the bar high for home improvements and organizing. You make it all look so easy and natural! Well done!


Hey Benita, you look amazing!!!
I start the day with your blog,too!

Dana from CT

Congrats Benita! And like a previous poster you have snuck into conversations so that my husband now "knows" you too :-) I would say "Oh Benita did this wonderful project. . ." And at first my husband was like "Who is Benita?"

Anyway - here is to a 1,000 more wonderfully motivating posts from you!


Grattis Benita!!


Thank you for your posts, they've been really inspiring :)
Best wishes from Lisbon

Karen O

Congratulations and happy blogging from Minneapolis, Minnesota - can't start the day without you!


Congratulations on your 1000th post. Thank you for all of them!


I have enjoyed every post! Congrats from South Dakota- home to lots of immigrants.

Lisa Flaherty

Wow! An accomplishment, to be sure! Especially considering all the OTHER accomplishments that were blogged ABOUT!! Gifted and talented on so many levels! Thank you for 1000 bits of Benita, and looking forward to the next 1000!


Congratulations! And have a great weekend.


Congratulations from Washington, D.C.! Love your blog, your ingenuity, your style and your wonderful lessons in making life a little bit more simple....something we all need nowdays!


It is, I needed a portrait for a fun project that I'm involved in and this is one of the outtakes :).


Thank you for all your lovely posts and the inspiration you provide. I too start off my day with a visit to your blog. Congratulations from Denver, USA.


Congratulations! Here's to 1000 more. I look forward to your posts each day!


I read your blog every night after work. Many thanks for your inspiration!
Congratulations from Bangkok, Thailand.

Rachael K.


Congratulations on 1,000(!!!) posts. I just started reading your blog and had to go back and read all your archives too, that's how much I've been enjoying reading your blog; now I check in daily. I love seeing how much you've achieved. Thank you for all the inspiration!

Smiles & big hugs!


You are so cute Benita! I LOVE reading your blog. You are so inspiring and you have so much energy!


Yay! Congrats and I'm happy I found your blog on such a special day...all the best from here on forward:)


Congratulations! I love your blog and read it regularly, from my home in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.


Grattis och tack för alla underbara blogginlägg! Du är en del av min vardag och jag hoppas att du fortsätter att blogga framöver. kram Charlotta


Congratulations from Massachusetts, USA!
Your blog is both a joy to read and an inspiration to follow.


I love reading you posts. Congratulations for getting to this point & what a lovely pic at the top of the post...I love the sparkly crown effect!

maria videira

Congratulations, WELL DONE!
Have a nice weekend.Portugal


What an achievement, Benita!
You must be quite proud and righteously so. I really hope you´ll continue to have that energy and of course the lust to keep on blogging. It´s so much fun and inspirational to follow your creative work.


Yay! Congratulations! Love your blog.


Great smile!! I add my thanks for your inspiration and beautiful pictures.


And congratulations from Norway, as well - have a great weekend!


Grattis grattis grattis!!!!

Emma Holdcroft

Having found your blog a few months ago, I've been reading through the archives and have today completed reading all entries the same day as the 1000th entry!

Thank you for the ideas and how to's. One day I hope to have a home as organised as yours!


Congratulations of every single word!


Congratulations, thanks for sharing all your projects with us, look forward to receiving your daily blog in my inbox daily.


margo on vancouver island canada


You are impressive! I follow your blog every day, from Seattle. Love DYI, the color white, and your *amazing* productivity. Congratulations!


Congratulations!! I can only hope to meet 1000 posts one day...


Congratulations! And Thank you, sincerely!

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