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November 28, 2011


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etched glass is so entrancing. i'd love to try it. funny, my mother is scandinavian, and we keep lots of traditions, but advent isn't one. it's very beautiful. x

Fröken Fräken

Jag har testat Clas Ohlsons frostningsspray med lyckat resultat. Fast minusgrader är ju inte bra sprayarväder om man så säger...


Vad bra! Jag testade nån sån spray för många år sen och det blev inte bra resultat. Ska spana in den nästa gång jag är på Claba!

Petra from NL

And my favourite part of it all is that you put them together on a nice white tray.


Wow, so amazing beatiful! By the way I adore your pictures and writing! It´s such a great place for inspiration for me! Thanks you so much for sharing all your skills and projects!


Very nice - works really well!
I have decided to avoid the greenery this year for Advent, as it always seems to dry out... Since my interior isn't all white, I have used an arrangement of two different types of red candle and red and white pearl baubles and silver bells in thick Hergiswil glass (a bit like clear Boda glass!)... I'm pleased!! ;)


LOVE them! And yay for the snow :)


Really nice. It feels modern and simple.


Lovely twist on the traditional Benita..
Do you expect the first candle to last the whole 4 weeks though ??
I confess I lit candles of a similar size for the table setting on the Christmas House Tour we were part of over the weekend and they barely lasted the 2 days ;o(
Jo xx


Only you would use pretty contact paper for a project like this ;)

Anyhow, like the result. Oh, and send some snow over, please! After two years of unusually heavy snowfall pre Christmas, it seems we have returned to the usual drab German winter. Oh well.


We only light them at dinner time on Sundays so it'll probably last all season long.


Love the simplicity. I also posted about advent candle holder today. I never made one before and this one was insomnia induced :-).
No snow in Warsaw so far. Actually we had very strong winds last night and it's +8 today.


Snow? Har far apart do we live? Only rain in the city center...


Såg att du blev veckans bloggare hos Hus och hem, tjoho! Grattis!


Tack och bock :)


I know! Wille and I went out onto the balcony to make sure it was actually real snow. It was!


Advent AND snow? Heaven.


They look awesome! Think I will try that "paste" one day to do something, not sure what though :-)

Dana in Connecticut

Benita - what flowers do you force? Is that a hyacinth in the background? I have bulb shopping on my list today! Will get the paperwites of course even though they are stinky!
Love your advent candles!!


I get white hyacinths (preferably the ones that are almost scentless) and white amaryllises. This year I didn't get paper whites because last year they didn't turn out well, they just seemed to shrivel up. And like you I think they're pretty but so stinky!

theresa shingler

I love the juxtaposition of the flowers with the candles. The white is so calming, lovely and simple.




Åhå!! Tittade genast efter och såg till min malliga förtjusning att du där säger att du läser min blogg! Offentligt liksom! Gulliga du! Vet många som skulle tiga om den saken... ;)

Och jag som knappt skriver för tillfället. Äh, jag är lika uppblåst stolt för det!


Love those votives.
Benita, I thought of you and Wille yesterday when I was getting out the Christmas decorations. I have a bunch of old Advent calendars and I asked my 18 year old son if he wanted one for his room. He said, "I dunno," which I interpreted to mean that maybe he'd like to have one. So I put one in his room and will have to check to see if he opens up the little windows once December starts.


This is lovely! I opted out of the advent candles this year - we always forget to lite them. We never lit them while the kids were up as they only want to blow them out thinking it's the same as a birthday and by the time they are in bed we forget.I'll bookmark (pin) this idea for next year.


That looks great. I tried a little etching project, but mine failed. I left it ofor quite a while, but you could barely see the difference.


Lovely! You really do think of everything!


Super gorgeous!! Congrats! You allways do such lovely things!! Thanks for sharing!!


I think this is a beautiful idea for an advent calendar! Love how it came out. your blog is so inspiring, makes me motivated to get organized!~


Snyggt, snyggt, snyggt. Som vanligt!


Arh... that explains it ;o) xx

christine e-e

simple & love-ly! sigh! sigh! snow.... how enchanting & for the First Day of Advent.


Very nice

Glamorous Glutton

These are lovely, so simple but make a great statement. GG

Jennifer Dodd

A lovely idea, that is much appreciated after wading through 8 other blogs' posts about shopping, buying, acquiring. Thank you for remembering--and helping us remember--the Advent.

MacLeod House

Oh you got snow! Lucky you! I keep eyeballing the weather widget on my dashboard, but none forecast for us yet. I love your etching idea. I had no idea something like etching cream actually existed. I have all kinds of ideas for projects now!


Simply gorgeous in all their simplicity.

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