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November 25, 2011


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Vinterns vackraste blomma!


Pretty flowers!
Where's your snow?


That's what I'm wondering too! I would welcome some now with Christmas approaching. Also it's sooo dark outside and with snow everything just brightens up a little bit at least.


I had no idea that there were beautiful plants like this blooming in our gardening zone at this time of the year. I just googled it and found out that they could even bloom all winter if the temperature does not drop below zero (rather unlikely, but here you go).
These are in your favourite colour palette: white with a touch of green :-).
Trevlig helg!


So cool! Ever since you said yours were blooming I've been checking mine. They're nice and green, but have produced nada in the flower department. It is nice to see most plants still green and upright instead of frozen and wilting, though.

Happy Friday! Hope you enjoy your weekend and the first Sunday in Advent. We're having some American friends and our kids over for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow so we'll put the Advent decorations up just *one* day early - that shouldn't irk the neighbors too terribly much :)


Mine have been up for a week already... I just couldn't wait...

Petra from NL

I quickly opened the curtain in the home office to check our Hellebores but nothing yet. I was pleased to see that they started spreading though, one extra left of fresher green...


Very beautiful flours. Here in Portugal, we're having the same problem, no winter yet!!


I just ordered one this morning from my flower shop to put on my terrace. What a beautiful and simple flower bouquet. How long do the blooms last once cut?


they are exquisite, i was awfully pleased to find some down the very, very bottom of our winding garden this spring. things are very warm in england too, really! i don't mind if it saves the snow for christmas. i need to stockpile some food first! x


I cut them last weekend and they're still going strong although they started shedding those little center bits fairly quickly. But the blooms themselves are still intact.


wow, they are beautiful. That is so neat that you have a blooming garden now. Living in another cold north, I know how nice it is to have some nice flowers at this time of year. I should look into these. I love your Advent calendar idea. I am sure Wille will love it. Have a great weekend, Benita.


Wow, amazing. I have helleborus too, but the last time I looked they were not blloming yet, they just had little buds, I hope they bloom before snow comes.


I've never heard of these flowers. Do they have a scent? Off to Google...

suzy hausfrau

They look gorgeous, ours obviously (with summer around the corner) have long since vanished. You can see why they are sometimes called winter's rose. Just be careful though peeps, these are poisonous - so gloves, wash hands and don't put them in a glass you would use later in the kitchen.


Lovely, you are so lucky to have these pop up in your garden! I long for pics of snow around your garden, it was 38C here last week...


Here on the East coast of the USA, near NYC, mine bloom only in the spring. I just love them. I also have some purple ones.

I agree, they are a great cut flower. Elegant and long lasting. I envy you having them at this time of year.

Glamorous Glutton

I have these in my garden too. Isn't it great to get such lovely flowers so late in the year. I haven't ever cut them but they look delightful in that vase. GG


this "christmas roses" will be always looking better if u remove the old flowers and leaves and it will also stimulate the new ones...


Mine don't have a scent but I'm not sure if all are unscented.


Good point!

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