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November 04, 2011


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Beautifully neat. It immediately makes me feel calm.


I am considering putting a label marker on my Christmas wish-list, but was confused when I visited my local Clas Ohlson - there were so many models to choose from. Any advice?


I like how clean looking this is. I hate that my favourite ice cream comes in an oval container.


I have one that's quite a few years old but it's similar to this one http://www.clasohlson.se/Product/Product.aspx?id=165233192. I love my label maker :).


I don't see ice cream tubs like this in any of the stores I shop in here in the US!!......if I did I would eat more ice cream!!.....


Looks so neat! What kind off ice cream is it - would like those containers too!


I like your logic!
Happy Weekend x


I also buy this ice cream to have the boxes for storage!


I see one obscenely big ice cream box though! LOL
I almost wish I ate ice cream. There are small ones here that are nice to freeze leftovers, just the right size for one.


Send please some ice cream here. We don't have such an nice boxes, more those one

I will for sure dream about this perfect order.


The containers are perfect and having to eat ice cream to get them makes them more so.
Have a great weekend!


Benita, if I send you a plane ticket, could you please come and organise my house so that you can find the passports? Thanks!


Oh, sorry. It's to Australia


It's GB BigPack http://gb.se/produkter/big-pack-vanilj/ :)


Haha, that's a wallpaper paste container. Also nice looking when the label is peeled off :).


the uniformity is so pleasing. so is the semi-transparency, i love that. just a screen. x

La Madrileña

Porr för pedanter och städmaniker...ha, ha :-)


Wow, those are big ice cream tubs! They make really great looking organizing containers....never would have thought they were from ice cream. :)


Love the uniform white containers. Wish our ice cream came in such pretty and useful containers. And hay, if you have to eat more ice cream in the name of stylish organization, so be it - a girl has to do what a girl has to do :-).
P.S. Not related question: Could you tell me what does "Trevlig Helg" mean? I see this phrase a lot on Scandinavian blogs.
Have a great weekend with some ice cream!


Trevlig Helg = Have a nice weekend :)


Oooh, so calm & beautiful.

Just to echo what other have said: I wish we had ice cream here in the northeastern US that came in containers like that! Our containers are useless for anything other than holding ice cream. Believe me, I eat plenty. I'd feel a lot less guilty about it if I could reuse the containers!


I wish my ice cream here in Canada came in such pretty containers like that! All ours come in black circle containers.

Except for "Sundae's" (they're kind of pretty) ... but I don't like those.


My thought exactly!


Sigh...If only organizing were as easy as eating more ice creamm


Trevlig Helg!


Actually, I'm glad that our ice cream containers aren't this appealing or I'd consider eating ice cream again (I've recently ditched dairy). Or, I'd have to gift it to people and request the container back...which would be tacky.

This looks so great, Benita. :)


These are great. But, Benita...that's a lot of ice cream! lol


Haha, don't worry, it's not like we ate it all since we moved in. We've collected them for years :).


I just kept thinking while looking at the picture, "Ice cream comes in really big tubs in Sweden. And they are so much skinnier than we are!" :)


Me three!


Thank you. How appropriate :-).


Ah, looks like the link doesn't work. Could you post another? Tack!


I think an extra dot appeared at the end. Try this one http://www.clasohlson.se/Product/Product.aspx?id=165233192


Love this Benita!! I'm sure I missed a very important/obvious post that explains this, but does the new house not have a garage? This seems like classic Benita garage stuff! I'm guessing so since also your bikes are now out front. Fabulous inspiration as always!!!


I do have a garage but it's not very close to the house. In fact I haven't been there since August. I need to go get the wheelbarrel this weekened though. At the moment I keep some yard stuff there and we'll keep the bikes there once it starts to snow but it's not an everyday space for us since we don't have a car.


Synd bara att glassen i snygga paket inte är lika god som den i fula paket...


Fast jag tycker att just BigPack vanilj är godast. Är inte så förtjust i de där gräddigare varianterna. Magnum-smakande går helt bort i min glassvärld :)


These icecream tubs are slightly transparent, even with the lovely labels one can still see a few inside. I don't know any icecream in Australia that come in tubs like these, for some reason they are mostly opaque.


So neat...and I love icecream. Time to reuse my bins.
And buy myself a proper marker.

MacLeod House

The next time my hubby moans about me "keeping containers that should be recycled" I'm going to show him this photo - about *much* better uses of recycling in action!


Okay, I have a semi-random question. Have you always been a huge fan of white? My husband and I are looking at getting the ektorp sofa in white however, we are expecting a baby and I'm wondering if white is a smart choice. The cover is machine washable rather than some of the others which are dry clean only which is nice but I'm still worried. Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

PS. I love your blog.

Christine D

If you look at the nutritional breakdown of the ingredients of this ice cream it has less fat than most brands in the US. Also if I am translating correctly, skim milk is the first ingredient whereas a brand like Ben and Jerry cream is the first ingredient.


I can't eat that Ben Jerry's stuff anyway, too rich!


When I was a young girl I went through a pink phase that lasted for quite a few years and when I moved out on my own in the mid 80's my colors of choice were grey and yellow. When Martin and I met we had quite an eclectic mixture of furniture and mostly in earthier tones. I think my style changed to more white when we moved into a 1930' functionalist apartment when Wille was about a year old. Our old things just looked very out of place there (having moved from an older style apartment) and I when I painted the whole place white things just fell into place and I've never looked back :).

As for Ektorp in white the covers are easy to remove and wash and if you get an extra set you can switch straight away and not have a naked sofa while you're waiting for your cover to dry. When Wille was a baby I kept a quilt type blanket on the side of the sofa (which wasn't white at the time but didn't have a slip cover) where I sat with him in case he'd throw up or something. That way I'd just wash the blanket (and get a clean one out to replace the dirty one with)instead of dealing with a messy sofa. If you want the white Ektorp I would go for it!


The problem I have is, I don't have "groups" of things. I have individual, random things. I even bought some Kassett boxes, I was so inspired. But they are too big for the little bit to go in them, and if I mix together lots of random items, then it's just a mess inside, and just as disorganized, to me. Any advice?


How about adding dividers in the Kassett boxes? Either the type for cutlery (maybe you could stack several on top of each other?) Or just add smaller containers/boxes inside.


oooh great!

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