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November 10, 2011


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that looks like wonderful material, i've never used it. i keep seeing gorgeous decals for windows and walls, i'm fascinated. you've cut a layer off to make the pattern? x


I printed the pattern out on a sheet of paper and cut out two templates that make the pattern, then I traced around the template on the paper side of the contact paper and cut out all the indiviudual shapes. After that it's just a matter of peeling the paper backing off and sticking them to the window. IKEA provides a little squeege tool with the roll which is good for larger designs and then you also need to spray the window with water and a drop of dish washing detergent so the decal can slide into place and you can press all the air bubbles out.


I've been thinking of doing something similar, I've thought about it for sometime but I'm not sure where I originally got the idea, most likely from your pinterest boards :)

I didn't get it first but you've changed the order of the pieces, I had to scroll up and down to get what was the difference. The window looks excellent.


And I love using Pinterest as a scrap book x


thanks benita! i can see better now (i was looking on my phone! oops!) as it looked very much like the edges were a reflective, metallic kind of tape! but that's just the glass. ohh! it is gorgeous. the quatrefoil is delightful. x


Pinterest is such at nica place for inspiration. And your project looks very nice and stylish.


Great idea! I'm going to try it on my front door.


Hi Benita,
I don't comment often but I read always. I have a little tip for you about the contact film without adhesive. I have learned that if you mist the window with water, and then stick on the film you can adjust it and it will stick. Water bubbles can be removed with a credit card. This works great for bigger surfaces (when readjusting is often needed) and I bet it works for small pieces too.

MacLeod House

Woe is me. They don't seem to have it at ikea.co.uk :(


Like I said, the regular adhesive kind is better so you may be able to get that in a DIY store?


I use that technique for larger surfaces (see my first comment further up)but these "stickers" are so small and I know from experience that they'll slide around too much.


Beautiful wood stairs.


I have never seen anyone use a quatrefoil design rotated 45 degrees as you put them up. Usually the rounded ends line up on the vertical and horizontal axis. What you did is very interesting! It almost looks floral.


I used the regular adhesive kind and made bubbles - however, I really like your pattern. http://www.fishlynews.com/2011/07/frosted-bubbles.html


Cute bubbles :)


Haha, that was actually a bit of a mistake which I noticed after a while but then decided not to start over :)


If that is the way Bonus and Mini get out you could also put their names in frosted cling like oyu did Wille's door. :-)


I have a general comment for readers about frosted windows! I can't speak to the availability of this in every city, but here in Montreal I live right down the street from a window and glass shop. I recently broke a window in my bathroom and got a replacement from there, and they were able to give me a replacement pane sandblasted with a beautiful pattern, for a very reasonable price (sandblasting plus glass cost $60).

Remember, these decals imitate the original, which is sandblasting - not an option to be forgotten! It's not always expensive and can provide a lot more flexibility if you want a complex pattern. A little bit more involved and permanent, but sometimes it makes more sense!


I too have pinned this idea on Pinterest and was wondering (especially since you used the "water-adhesive" method and not regular contact paper), how do you keep the window clean? I asked Ashley but I think she thought I was wondering how to clean it when I want to remove it. I need to know how to clean the window while the film is on it. I want to do this to the window I have in my kitchen but my landlord/mother is having "issues". LOL Do you think it would be easier using regular contact paper?

Thanks!!! :)

Lauren McF

Benita, I love this window. So sweet. Have you seen the window films from the Dutch company, Studio Haijke? Really terrific and lots of frosted white. Go to http://www.haikje.nl/raamstickers.php and have fun. All the best, Lauren

Glamorous Glutton

I love this stuff but haven't been brave enough to try using it in shapes. I used whole sheets to frost our downstairs loo window. It does look very modern a much nicer than using obscure glass. GG


Very nice!!!


I would use regular contact paper any day. The thing with the regular contact paper (at least the type I've used in the past) is that it's a little "fragile" in the beginning but after a while it "bonds" with the glass and sticks really well. As for cleaning I use a rag, not a squeegie because it doesn't tear at the edges as much. If you have two pane windows that open (like mine) you have the option to put the contact paper on the inside between the panes which might be a good thing in a kitchen where you may need to clean the kitchen side more often.


have you seen emma jeff's window adhisive films? they are so pretty.



Very pretty!

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