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November 30, 2011


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The ELLJUSSTAKE SILUETT is very you! Love it and love the idea of a calm Christmas.


This post actually made me want to decorate for Christmas. And I *never* want to decorate for Christmas. Nicely done!


Oh I so wish we could decorate this way, but 3 kiddies under 8 years means the tinsel and glitter win!


Most of us cover the house in Christmas decs to hide our dodgy decorating: no need in your house! It looks so calm and peaceful (and you definately deserved to treat yourself to the beautiful silhouette light) enjoy! x


Will you have a tree? Just wondering. I love your soft-glow Christmas touches. Beautiful.

Petit Filoux

So lovely! Wish I could go for the white look too, but I reckon it would look odd in our little cottage, it's just not spacious enough!


Great :-) Just great!


There will definitely be a tree:). We'll probably set it up around mid December.


But the white would maybe make it seem more spacious :). I love all white cottages!


SImple, white. PERFECT. I am pinning the kitchen photo.


So pretty!


Fasen vad jobbigt det är när grejer skriker på en så där i affären. Det händer mig hela tiden ;)

Det ser verkligen så fint ut Benita!


Just beautiful...!!!

judith b

Pure perfection and so serene! I believe I love your snowy white house even more in the winter twilight...

Hate to be nosy, but is that an electric kettle next to your Salam tea pot? I wonder if you would mind sharing the source?


The kettle is by Dualit http://www.dualit.com/products/kettles. I can't see it in white on their site though. I had the same question via e-mail this morning though and found a Swedish source that sells it in white as a Limited Edition item: http://www.bagarenochkocken.se/shop/?artnr=595603


Beautiful, I'm right there with you this year on having a simple yet beautiful christmas this year.
Your home always looks so pristine I love how everything is white.


This is stunning! Simple and serene and I love the touches of fresh green. I noticed you had your other 'houses' down at the entrance, will they be joining the new landscape you just got?


So lovely! You have made white my new favorite color! Have you seen the white star ornaments at Ikea...saw them and thought of you. I strung several together for a simple garland.


Love it! So beautiful and calming - just what the holiday season needs! :)


So festive, serene and calm - love it! It's like a holiday for the eyes (and soul) - so not noisy and no rush ...
Thanks for sharing the photos!


very gentle. we're going with very simple, but that's quite easy as we haven't got much! i'm going to make a few paper pieces to add to our collections,. i like to decorate for winter first and then slowly add christmas decorations, then take them away and leave winter for a while! i love christmas but i can't bear christmas decor once it's over - pack it away! xx

Love is in the art

Last 2 photos are so peaceful!

judith b

Thanks so much, Benita! I will go and have a look straight away. Too bad for work, I can't resist checking this out!!


I love the simplicity of the wreath against the white hood!! Often I find myself overwhelmed by the vivid colors and the excessive glitter on everything. When we lived near Philadelphia, we enjoyed going to the historic houses open for the Holidays and loved looking at the simple, homemade colonial decorations... dried lemon and orange slices, clove-studded oranges and real garlands and live trees.
I will have a small cut tree for our 2 year-old granddaughter to decorate with homemade ornaments and strings of stars at the windows of our condo.
Happy Holidays!


I'll probably keep it in the hall window. It's the perfect size for there and it looks really neat when lit there :).


I didn't see them at IKEA, very pretty!


Happy Holidays!


Your house is looking so warm, inviting and simple. Happy Holidays!


Simple and so chic! Love it.
Happy Holidays

blue china studio

You are such a constant source of inspiration. You are the only blog I religiously look at. Thank you for all your hard work that you share with us all.

And so, LOVE the "calm" Christmas decorations! Your house looks like a perfect oasis of Christmas peace and happiness.


Beautiful, Benita!

Can I ask where you found the pendant lamp in your bedroom? I have an opaque glass Danish pendant lamp that has got broken and that might be the perfect replacement!


Your blog is a calming breath of fresh air every day. This is why you are the first and last--bookends of my day. Thank you for your style and your willingness to include us in your quest for a calm home. I very much appreciate it.


It's the $9 Väte at IKEA: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/search/?query=V%C3%84TE+Pendant+lamp+shade


Very calming and beautiful pictures - please show some more?
PS! Where is the "ask me anything" page? I was looking for some links you published there...


Simple and nice! =) I love Christmas! =D


christine e-e

your simple decorating style is so calming. your post is just the boost i need to get the decorations out this evening. thanks for sharing your home with us. your style is such a breath of fresh air!

Erin Kleider

Several things on that page screamed "ERRRINNN, buy me." to me...can't do it though. I am trying to simplify. The problem is that I am ready to make some rather big changes in my holiday decor, but my wallet isn't...sigh...


Simple. Classic. I love it!!

Kara E.

I love the wreath on your kitchen hood. It's simple and let's the beauty of the wreath shine. Also, I just learned how to make paper stars with my mom and sister over the American Thanksgiving; they're fun to make!


I just love your style. You really got the eye for stuff. Never thinking of going professional?


I used to do it prfessionally sort of. I worked at IKEA as an interior designer and from that moved on to window display and visual merchandising. I've been doing that kind of thing since the mid 80's. I have no desire to work as a prop stylist or any kind of stylist though :).


Maybe you can start by paring down what you have, declutter and then just bring out a few of your favorite decorations and possibly revamping them slightly? Switching ribbons, painting a few? That way it'll feel new to you but won't cost an arm and a leg.


Here it is: http://chezlarsson.com/myblog/2010/01/ask-anything.html

And I will show more, promise :).

Erin Kleider

That is just what I am doing, paring down, repurposing, although I have always favored traditional red and green and this year I am absolutely craving to go with a simpler white and celadon green palette. I cannot justify buying new stuff and I don't have time to make right now...maybe next year I can start earlier. It is feeling good to pare things down though. I find that now that my kids are older, I want a more sophisticated, less toy driven style.


I really really love your bedroom nook! So...Serene. The window and the view out of it just lovely. I have been in need of new bedding for a long time and I just have not been able to decide on color. I am drawn to white but afraid it would be too "cold". You have inspired me to start looking for a white quilt. Any ideas on where I could find one that is well made but reasonably priced? P.S Whats new with Mini and Bonus?


I'm afraid I don't know where you'd find a white quilt today. I got mine through a mail order store years ago.
Mini and Bonus are doing well. Bonus went off again about a week and a half ago and I broght him home three days later. He's stayed home since so I'm keeping my fingers crossed...

Mz Sundbeck

What a great blog! SO glad to find it. I would love to know where your kitchen hood came from. I have not seen one so stylish! Swedes + white = true love forever.


I'm glad you're enjoying it here :). The hood and in fact the entire kitchen is from IKEA.

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