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November 29, 2011


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Much better! Those little final touches not only look better but make you feel better too.

Congrats on the fave blog! You SO deserve that!


Looks very neat!
Benita, would you mind explaining how you prepare a radiator for painting? Ours are from the 70s and in sore need of a new coat of paint but I'm not sure I can do it and having them done professionally would probably be way too expensive...
Congratulations on being chosen as favourite blog - like Robyn wrote "You SO deserve that"!


I agree - "because your worth it". Congrats!
Benita, how do you mean when you say that it´s just to CLIP them on? I can´t figure it out by just looking at the picture. Oak rosettes would be perfect in our house, I didn´t even know they existed and all our pipes have that same unfinished look. Where have you found them? Have a happy tuesday!


Oh my, you just reminded me I still have to do that for my oak floor... And I have lived there for 2 years. It's the first thing I noticed on the first photo: oh look, those are the things I should add to my floor!
Congrats on the Hus & Hem thing!


Jag skulle behöva sådana - var har du hittat? Visste inte ens att sådana fanns...!


Simple but make all the difference.
Congratulations on the Hus&Hem. (House & Home?)


It's funny isn't it how the tiniest things can be really exciting because they make SUCH a huge difference to the overall quality of a finish.?
I'm just the same... I get the biggest kick out of that perfect little thing that finishes off a project just right.
I get very excited when I find one in a DIY store. ;o)
Jo xx


Congrats on the accolade btw.. hugely well deserved xx

Petra from NL

Great news about Hus&Hem!!




congratulations! oh, those final bits just make it. that's when i relax and think of 14 new things i'd like to make. xx


Congratulations!! Well deserved, to say the least.



Dana in Connecticut

There are about a MILLION finishing touches still needed in our house. I was whining talking about that to my husband the other day. sigh.

Congrats on the Hus&Hem shout out! You really do deserve that. In fact I laughed reading it (thank you Google translate) when you said you loved hearing that people start their day with you and a cup of coffee. That's what I am doing here in Connecticut. And when you think about that connection with you all the way in Sweden. Well it's just darn cool!


It is very cool!


Yup, House & Home :)


Jag köpte mina i Homestajl-butiken men de brukar finnas där de säljer trägolv och tillbehör som t ex golvlister till dessa.


I'm sorry, for some reason the link I posted didn't show. I've added it in the post now. Here it is too: http://byggkatalogen.byggtjanst.se/wiwood_ab/wiwood_rorrosetter/makethumbnail/w200h300/hamlet/110477/itempics/mini_rorrosett_enkel.jpg Basically the rosette comes in two parts and they're assembled via wood plugs in between.


I just cleaned the radiator with the type of cleaner you would use before prepping any area to be painted, one that deglosses and keys the surface. There are special radiator paints but I used a water based paint for wood and metal and the brand I'm using (Servalac) works for radiators too. You just need to shut the radiator off until you're done and everything's dry.


Thank you! There are some "chips" (if that's the word), so I'm worried they might show if I just go over them.I guess I'll just have to try it out on the one below my desk. You are so inspiring and motivating - before reading your blog I'd never ever thought about having a go myself!


Yep, I start my day with you and my coffee, too! Saturday and Sunday are hard without you..and Monday morning is a happy thing all because of you! Congrats on a well-deserved acknowledgement!!

oh and the Rosettes are great too! We added "silver" ones in our bathroom to the heat pipe, makes all the difference, and matches all the "silver" accents in the bathroom. xoxoxo


Me too in California! Congratulations!!X


Bra idé!

Tracy Castro

Congrats! Very cool.


Så snyggt och vilken skillnad. Du är så bra på att göra det där sista som jag gärna hoppar över!



un arc-en-ciel dans le lavabo

Hus & Hem knows the good places :) congrats !
I had never seen these rosettes and sure wish I would fin them here in France ! I can't count the number of ugly pipe holes in our house :( well done once again !

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