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December 27, 2011


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Happy shopping! I will do the same in the late afternoon after work.


Lycka till med shoppingen. Butikerna är sprängfulla med riktigt bra reafynd. Det enda minuset är att man inte är själv i butiken. Det var så mycket folk på stan igår. Och inte är det väl bättre idag.


Precis en sådan hyacintvas har jag sökt överallt! Vad har du köpt den? Jag är så trött på hyacinterna som lutar och ramlar av!
Tack på förhand!


Den är köpt på loppis så tyvärr blir du inte så mycket klokare av det...


Dear Benita,

Thank you for writing Chez Larsson, this friendly and inspiring website I like so much. Reading your daily post is one of the highlights of my morning, and I owe it to you.

May 2012 be a great year for you and your loved ones. All the best from Uruguay,



Julia said just what I've been thinking this past year: Thank you, Benita, for your daily post, your generosity in sharing your life with us. You brighten my morning and I wish you the best for 2012!

L in South Georgia, USA


Sounds like you had a nice time! For us it was hectic but fun - this is our first Christmas as grandparents and it's weird realizing it's now my turn to make lifelong memories for my grandkids like my grandma did for us.

Hope you survive the after-Christmas sales!


I completley agree with Julia and L - so glad you kept your blogging break short! I seem to remember that you like Kate Spade ... I've spent too much of my holiday break surfing the net ... and came across an article and photos. I'll just add the link in case you'd like to take a look: www.matchbookmag.com (Issue 10).


Åh, hemma är det rea nu ja... Trängs med folk ändå eftersom Hong Kong är rätt fullt oavsett vilket :) Låter som om du haft en trevlig jul och på bilden ser det ut som om Mini och Bonus också fick julklappar!?

Sandy Shirley

Would your mom let you share a picture of her? Would love to see her. So glad you got to spend the holidays together. Happy New Year!


I bet you watched Sissi LOL
Over here the 27th is used to return unwanted gifts, it is very crowded!


It was oddly uncrowded, would you believe it?!


Great e-mag and great interview! Four of my style icons in one, Pablo P, Jane B AND the Spades!


Hong Kong är mysigt :). Har du varit i Page One bokhandeln? Om inte, rekommenderas!

Mini ochh bOnus fick varsin "Stinkie" och lite godis :)


I haven't watched Sissy. Yet... :)


I'll see what I can do :).


Glad you liked it!


Hope your shopping expedition was successful.


what a lovely peaceful christmas ... we were all a little knocked out by the norovirus but still managed to ice my cake and enjoy a few festive treats! hope your shopping trip was a good one. we're planning to hit the sales at the weekend. bedding and new towels - we're so rock and roll!!

have a quick look at my christmas blog post if you have a minute :) ... http://byebyebirdie.squarespace.com/sewlattedoughblog/2011/12/27/a-ho-hum-kinda-christmas.html


I was, mom got her coat, slippers, pepper mill, scarf and a couple of more things. I got a book :).

Glamorous Glutton

Did your Mum get her coat? I had my 84 year old mother with me and know that the slower pace they live at is really quite tiring! Have a happy rest of the Christmas week. GG


Tack för tipset! Verkar definitivt vara ngt för min mycket designintresserade bror.


She did, and a few more things too so she's pleased.
And yes, quite tiring... My house feels a bit like a retirement home with mom's paraphernalia spread out all over the place :).

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