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December 28, 2011


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Petra from NL

And ofcourse you keep the cups close in a nice Muji container ;-).


I love your coffee machine. Do you have the model number for it - the ones I find online are not the same shape as yours. Thanks for any info.


Very nice design...

...but dont forget to recycle the "leftover"-aluminium.


It's gorgeous and so petite!!! :) I love the elephant print tray also, btw. Merry X'mas!

The Moonberry Blog


It says DeLonghi Nespresso Latissima+ F411.


Nice! Real nice. We have been wanting one for a few months now. The best coffee and the commercials aren't bad either. :)


Barista Benita!


Snygg färg och form!


Thinking about all the aluminium capsules: Not very sustainable. That's why I didn't buy a nespresso even though my husband had one on his whishlist. Production of aluminium is very energy-consuming. And you have each and every portion of coffee in one capsule.

I stay with fair trade coffee in my trusty old bodum french press: doesn't need even coffee filters. :-)


Very nice and compact. What is lungo? Is it like a latte? What is grand crus? Is it the way the coffee is ground (corse or fine)?


I know! George Clooney is dreamy!




Nespresso is always a sucess!
I used to request my parent's machine when I have dinners at home. It's easy to use and also to clean. We use to put the machine in the living room and each person can choose his coffee.
Beautiful in white :)



The capsules can be returned to be recycled.


Lungo is similar to regular brewed coffee, not as strong as espresso. Crand crus are the different coffee flavors available. Not sure about how the coffees ground as you can't see the coffee at all, it's in the capsules. The machine only pokes little holes in the capsule.

chiara & moi

It's a real pleasure to read your blog every day.
Today I see your picture of your coffee machine and Nespresso capsules.
If you are looking for an idea to recycle them, I would send you a link for recycling. For once, I hope to also bring you a little idea:) (http://www.chiaraetmoi.com/index.php/blog/130-nespresso-lumineux.html)
Looking forward to hearing from you tomorrow:)


What a beautiful machine! And it provides you with a service you appreciate (little amount of coffee, very customized). Thumbs up for matching the service with the customer!

On this side, I stick with my classic Bialetti, also gorgeous, for drinking coffees that could drill a hole on a surface if left too long on them. By the way, sometimes I wonder if "sticking with the classics" is a token of knowledge of sheer stupidity... because the crude oil that comes out of that thing is so strong that could wake the dead. Then again, I sometimes blend decaf with regular coffee and get a less dangerous concoction... being able to design (so to speak) your blend is a nice touch.


I got my husband one as well. He was so happy and my daughter (4) loves that we can make hot chocolate with it.
My only pet peeve with all these machines are the ugly cables - I wish someone would invent the wifi equivalent for electricity...I put my capsules in white IKEA storage container which look quite smart as well.


You don't have to buy the disposable k cups. Ekobrew, and several other manufacturers, make reusable ones. That way, you aren't constantly tossing the used k cups, and you can use whatever coffee you prefer, not just the brands that offer their coffee in k cups. You can order it from Amazon.com.


Nice! I've been eyeballing the Breville BKC700XL Gourmet Single-Serve. I like that you can make iced coffee or tea with it. I got mostly cash for Christmas since most of my family members hate to shop, especially around the holidays, so I am thinking about using it on one of those. I have yet to hear anything bad about them. You're the second person in a week I've heard that got one and loves it. Enjoy your caffeine high! ;)


I drink decaf :)

Helene @ Homebound

benita, this is sooooooo stylish! and in white, of course ;-) my friend has a similar nespresso machine {not as pretty as yours} and the coffee is devine. totally understand you wished for it and great to hear that you can return the capsules for recycling. please drink a macchiato for me...


We have the same Nespresso in gray and the taste of the coffee is incomparable to any other kind, brewed or instant. Yummm!! Enjoy it.


It's lovely!! I've got an old espresso machine of another brand, but I got an Nespresso Aeroccinno milk frother for Christmas and I love it! So stylish, easy to use and milk is gorgeous!
Another thing, I must ask you about a white marker pen that you mentioned in one of your posts and I think you got when travelling to the US, I think. I think that might sort me out as I managed to splash red wine on my white kitchen walls :( The previous owners of the house painted the kitchen so I don't know what paint they used so cannot just buy more paint. I thought that the pen might do the trick and I'll see if I can order it online if I cannot find it here in the UK. Or maybe you have some other advise how to get the stains out?


So cute your coffee machine :). Love it! Kisses from Portugal


*gasp! And you call yourself Swedish?!?! Just kidding, I actually drink more coffee than Peter does. I read somewhere that Sweden is in the top 5 nations for per capita coffee consumption. I need the kick in the pants as I am not a morning person!

Rebecca @ Beck's Chic Life

I love this coffee machine! It is adorable, and so much less clunky looking the the Kuerig....thanks for the little review :-)


Love the Nespresso. I have a Citiz and couldn't be without it. I start everyday with a Vivalto Lungo and steamed milk - divine!


I used to drink about five cups a day at work but stopped and now only have tea at work and coffee on weekends at home. Decaf because of IBS :)


Not sure where I got the pen, probably in a local store. I did see a neat little paint pen in a DIY store though. It had real white paint inside which will probably give better coverage since wine would probably bleed through the pen. I'd also consider trying to get a small artist brush out and any white paint you have on hand and paint over the stains if they're small.
When I used to work at IKEA back in the stone age the guys who styled the catalogs used a Tippex brush to cover scuff marks. That might work too if they're small stains.


I don't know how is in another countries but here, in Portugal, there is a lot of art and crafts did with Nespresso capsules. Charity associations receive the capsules and do several things. This year I knew a person who sells Xmas balls (for the Xmas tree) did with Nespresso capsules.


Glamorous Glutton

I have a Nespresso too, very like yours but stainless steel. It's saved me from daily Starbucks trips and the coffee is zoo much nicer. Like Trina, my favourite is Vivalto Lungo. GG


I love it since I have the same :-))only stainless steeel, no white option anges ago when I got mine. Nespresso has coffee of a great quality and there is something for every taste!
Only problem I now have is there it does't metter in how fancy coffee shop or restaurant I go, I still like much more my coffee at home.
Instant coffee should not even care a name "coffee" ;-))

The capsules can be returned to be recycle, for enviromental concern.

"You don't have to buy the disposable k cups. Ekobrew, and several other manufacturers, make reusable ones."

They don't fit in this machine, I tried many alternative versions. Even tried to refill by myself...

Love is in the art

The best coffee!!! I love it! Volluto, Cosi, Roma, Decaffeinato.


lovely machine indeed - although nothing for me... Just like my good old Bialetti Espresso ;-) I actually fell in love with this gorgeous elefant tray - would you be so kind and tell me where this one is from. Benita, it is always a pleasure to read your blog - so inspirational!! Look forward to 2012!!!


The tray is from Svenskt Tenn http://www.svenskttenn.se/en-us/product/0139/brickor/ga11107/tray-rectangular-elefant-blue.aspx


I bought a Dolce Gusto (Nescafe) before Christmas and I love it.The coffee is so much better then the coffee I made with my Philips Senseo. It has the advantage that the capsules can be bought at the supermarket.


Thanks a lot for advise! I might actually try the Tippex as the stains are not too big!

un arc-en-ciel dans le lavabo

Glad you were spoiled !
This one is very pretty.
i'm very much a tea person and enjoying a latte from time to time. That's why I'm very happy with my Dolce Gusto Circolo & its capsules. Now they even offer a Chai Latte which is quite addictive (but for diet reasons i'm being a good girl)
Anyway, just want to say once again how much I enjoy like so many others reading your blog, a happy healthy & creative year 2012 to you !


that is cute!


Been away and catching up on blogs -- I love my basic Nespresso Machine (Koenig) - have tried the red decaf capsule and thought it was very nice. Recycling at the Nespresso store is a synch, and it's always nice to try a new capsule (gratis) while there. Your machine is beautiful ... I have a friend considering buying one, here in Zurich. My favorite is the Roma.

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