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December 29, 2011


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I love your post timing. Your ' first thing in the morning ' posts are my the last thing of my day. The trim on the map finishes is up so nicely. What are the white boxes on the side of the bed?

Lorna from Atlanta

Oh I see it's one box. Did you make it or buy it?


Very map inspired decor, I love it. I've been wanting a map too where to pin where I've been. But I haven't figured out yet where to have it.


I bought it at Designtorget. It's a fabric covered cardboard box which has a long fabric flap that goes under the top mattress which makes it stay put. Perfect for remotes, iPad etc.http://www.svd.se/nyheter/inrikes/bedbag-blev-arets-sak_4240469.svd


Happy 'real life' pinning!


Geographical Pinterest :-). Have fun!


Lovely - looks really nice. Imagine if you had pins in it for where your readers come from - it would be a riot of pins!


Maps are such a wonderful, ageless theme for a boys (or girls?) room. Thanks for the trimming tip, too, Benita: have been wondering how to hide the ugly metal edge on a white board x


So funny - just now we're brainstorming about the best way to frame a really old wall map of the area our property used to cover back in the olden days before it was divided and sold off. Benita to the rescue once again!


i'd love to find a map of our little village. i've made the mistake of painting a cork board on one side and watching it warp. i didn't realise it was like watercolour paper!! looks great, maps are such lovely things. x


It looks really good!


Well, it's a good thing that Miss Mini is there to supervise...


Mini is sooo cute!

Lisa Flaherty

Perfect solution to replace the old map wall. Great DIY tips as always! Thank you!

Marjorie @ One Parade

Brilliant idea... I hope we one day have the space for something like this. What a great piece of art, DIY adventure, and perfect way to show where you've traveled!

Glamorous Glutton

The Glam Teen has a great map, each country is coloured gold and when you've visited a place you scratch off the gold colour to revealnthe country underneath. There is a huge competition to see who can visit the most new places by 2014. Gg


I saw those somewhere. Very cool! Downside is you'd each need one and also for Wille the excitement is a new pin even if it's in a different part of a country. Which this you'd only scratch a country once I guess :)

Kac (from Prague)

Thanks for the great inspiration! I want to do the same at home, because we love travelling, so we can make a lot of pins. :) And yeah, it's important to me, that I've visited e.g. France three times and I can have three pins there.

Kac (from Prague)

PS: I hope you'll show us how to make these pins. :)

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