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January 30, 2012


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I love that breakfast. You´re thoughful.


Bonus is being so good these days! Love the flowers, they look so spring-y.


Nice pics as always, the take out looks delicious! :-)


Nice pictures! Good breakfast for Wille... Some fruit, some carbs, some protein and something to drink... Perfect, actually! =). The take out looks yummy...! Love asian food; And love the wallpaper in the train! It looks real and makes it feel so cozy! =)



wow vad härligt med annonseringen i tunnelbanan!
mer sånt!

köpenhamns bussar är fantastiska på att ha snygg reklam medan här tycker jag oftast att det förfular mer än vad det drar till sig positiv uppmärksamhet.


We haven't had any snow yet - I feel deprived!


The breakfast for Willie seems really delicious! Homemade granola? I'm curious about that, can you share your recipe, please? :) And I loved how Stockholm subway is decorated. It really seems that we are inside a library, simply wonderful! Have a nice week, Benita!


Lots of nice pictures as always. Love the way they've dressed up the subway trains- cool!


You can find the recipe here: http://chezlarsson.com/myblog/2010/07/homemade-granola.html


Thank you, Benita. I'll try it! :)


I love Bonuss photo :-), so royal. And I also have some Ara foot wear.


Mother knows best - breakfast is the mot important meal of the day. Love the subway car! And that Bonus (Jan 28th photo) - he is a feline Johnny Depp :-).


You are such a good mom! I've been pouring my own cereal since I was 12, my mom was great just not a morning person I suppose. I also love the flowers and the subway car! I love that you are including bits of Stockholm, it really gives a feel of a day in the life. I look forward to reading your blog every morning!


Ahhh, I want spring so badly, too!


Bonus is lookin' fine. Thanks for sharing your cheery week.


lovely pics as always. that sushi looks absolutely divine!


Great photos!Here in Brazil we are on summer and I want it go away because it's so hot, I want autumn!!! And thanks God Bonus is at home.
Kisses from Brazil

Michelle of Montreal

Lovin' the 366 project. It brightens up my Monday morning...it's easier to face the week after a quick "trip" to Stockholm.


Mmm... Sushi!


Handsome Bonus! X

Lisa Flaherty

Your photography is so beautiful! Love the pix of your week. I enjoy making breakfast for my kids, too. My mom always greeted me in the morning with orange juice while I fussed and fussed with my hair as a teen. Such niceties are greatly appreciated. :)


yeah, the breakfast is great and sushi, hmmm, I love it!


Bonus is so handsome! Glad to hear he has been behaving.


So glad to see Bonus has finally settled in.

Susan M.

I love the picture of Bonus--cats are so cool! A human wouldn't sit on the "seam" between two rooms--too uncomfortable!--but with Bonus? I get the feeling he's staking his claim...to both rooms. He looks in charge!

Helene @ Homebound

wouldn't it be great to have little libraries in trains, buses etc.? in hamburg, germany they had something like that in some buses... you could take some books, read them while driving, give them back or take them with you and give them back on another bus ride. but the amount of books got smaller and smaller unfortunately... though i still love the concept. so lovely that bonus has decided to stay with you and the 'new' house now. my fingers are crossed for this to continue. have a nice week Benita.


I love the pictures - especially the train "library"! Oh how I wish that our train system would put up wallpaper like that - it would make train travel so much more enjoyable just pretending to be in a cozy library!
Oh and I LOVE those gray slip-ons - are they felt? May I ask where you got those from? :)


When you got on the train and saw that cool wallpaper did you think "Oh my blog friends will love this!" lol I would think it is very soothing on the way home from work, a place to relax. Breakfast prep is such a nice way to help and show love without hovering. Good for you!

Ros from Switzerland

Love, love, looove the subway "decoration". It's so cozy! There really is no end to Swedish coolness! Great post.


He is SO in charge :)


I think I saw one of those buses or bus stops in Berlin actually! Cool idea! I do a little library thing myself. If I finish a soft bound book on the subway or on the train I leave it there for someone else to enjoy.


It's all a huge add for the publishing house Piratförlaget but I don't mind :). Wille rode in the same car yesterday and texted me. He also thought is was really cool :)


I did :)


Sorry, I missed your question about the slippers. They're by Ara. They are felt. There were sparkling crystals on top when I got them put I picked them off...

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