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January 24, 2012


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Dana @ Bungalow'56

He will not disappoint Benita!


Welcome to the dark side!!!


I'm happy for you. I think you will really love it.


Congratulations! I have and iMac and it's fabulous (I upgraded from a G4 laptop a few months ago). What size did you end up getting? Mine is 24" and after the initial shock at how big it looked at my desk, I do love it now. dxx


There are two sizes available over here. I got the 21.5" one while Wille has the 27" one which is way too big for my needs :).

Diana from San Francisco

YAY!!!! You are going to love it - the Mac format is very intuitive. Have fun.


I am still one of those on the fence about switching to Apple. The only Apple product I have is an ipod but they realy annoyed me one time because they made the plug sockets on my new ipod different from my old ipod (first generation mini) so I had to buy all new cords. That made me really angry so I'm still gonna stick with PC's....for now.

Victoria - Elvira Spekulerar

Åhh, jag visste väl att det skulle bli en Mac. Är själv sugen på en sån och även en iPad förstås. Är helt såld på Apple produkter sen jag skaffade min iPhone. Ni kommer att bli ett bra team, du och Mr Mac.

Jag ska väl kanske presentera mig förresten, för jag vet inte om jag har kommenterat härinne förut. Victoria heter jag och jag driver en liten blogg som heter Elvira Spekulerar. Jag är in hos dig dagligen och läser och inspireras av din underbara blogg.

Ha det bra med nyinvesteringen nu, den passade alldeles utmärkt i ert fina hem också.

Delia Ní C

Grattis!!! :-)


Fantastic - best purchase EVER xxx


Wonderful decision! Currently I´m using both a MacBookPro and a PC, but soon I´m going to get me the iMac too.
I´ve had the MacBook for about 5 years before I switched to Pro and had no single Problem with it. But I need to setup my PC new every 6 month I guess....thats not fine...Have fun with playing around with it!!!

Marjorie @ One-Parade.com

Perfect choice! I made the switch recently as well, having installed Windows using Bootcamp for other programs. Runs great, looks great. You won't regret it. :)

Helene @ Homebound

hi benita, congrats that mr. mac made it into your home. in no time you two will be good friends, i think. and he is so goodlooking. YAY for macs! you won't regret your decision... have a nice day.

Helane N

Grattis!!! Party time!!! :-)


brilliant. you make an excellent team.

now, you might really enjoy an application called 'things'. task management, seriously well designed. works with ical. it's by cultured code on the app store, i use it for all my projects and lists - tick, tick, tick!



Great tip, will check it out!


Well done!! I never had anything else than Mac and aI am absolutely happy with it


Congratulation! You will love it! (But be careful: Macs come together with a virus in your house... once you have startet, you can't stop, and so soon there will be an ipad, an iphone, the time capsule, etc. etc.... ;-)


Clahands - it looks simply right on your desk. Enjoy!


ClaPhands I mean

Nini Tjäder



Very handsome. Congratulations.


Uau, congratulations for your choice!! It seems fantastic! :)


Yeepppiiii! My favourite blogger joined the Mac community! Welcome! I also have a iMac (actually I have 4 Macs @ home) and I really love them. If you need anything from the Portuguese Mac community, please, just say!. (Now I will be reading my favourite morning blog with even greater pleasure :).

Kim Ballou

Congrats! You won't regret it!


Ha, there are already now two iMacs, two iPhones and an iPad :)


Congratulations! You won't regret it!


Congrats! I also bought one a few months ago, and I havn't regret it what so ever! He's my new best friend :)

Dana from CT

Typing from my iMac - WELCOME!

You made an excellent choice :-) And you have a lot of tech support here if you need us, or there is an excellent Mac Forum:

Mira Crisp

Congrats! I know you will love it! I adore my iMac.


Last month I did exactly the same for the exact same reasons and I´ve been the happiest ever since. Enjoy!


Congrats! You won't be sorry!


You'll never regret it!!

I see her as a Miss Mac!

I have Live Writer running in my Mac too, and it works fine, I just installed Virtual Box and use Windows from there.


That's great because I really missed LW wring this weeks posts! It's so much better than Typepad's editor which really sucks!


I hope you will be very happy together! Mr Mac and I have been together for more than 15 years, and we are still going strong! (well...Mr Mac and a few of his buddies...they don't last forever, you know!)


Very happy for you!!

Melissa @ HOUSEography

You are going to LOVE it! Congrats on your new boyfriend :)

Jules Means

Congratulations, Benita! "Once you go Mac you'll never go back" as they say. I switched about 6 years ago and never looked back. My son, also a Mac person, was a great help. The Apple support is phenomenal and I recommend the Personal Project and One to One classes if they have them there. My friend uses PC and he is going through hell getting somethings figured out. If only I could have persuaded him to go Mac. It just makes life easier. Welcome aboard!- Jules


I can only agree to using a virtual machine instead of Boot Camp. You can run your windows programs right next to your Mac apps without restarting. You can even share all the files more easily. Via Boot Camp, Windows just can't access the files that are on the Mac OS part of the system. With a virtual machine like Virtual Box that's no problem at all. And best of all, it's free. (No, I'm not working for them :-) )

Lisa Flaherty

Yippee! As a fence rider in a similar situation, I really appreciated your lists of reasons, too. Thanks!


I'm just about to do the same. Go from pc to mac. Scary. But after using iphone and ipad I'm getting more and more convinced that mac is the thing


Congratulations. You'll love it!

Pine Tree Home

Yahoo. Sweet Baby. You'll love it.


I'm glad that you've settled on Mr. Mac. I hope that he serves you well and doesn't turn out to be a rotten Apple. :)

Meanwhile, I LOVE the poster of Twiggy that you have on the wall next to your desk. She's a lovely lady and a beautiful person--both intellectually an physically. Thank you for including her in your shot of your new Mac.


yay! welcome to the mac family!
i had problems getting used to a PC again for work after I had a mac for a few years, but since you are currently using the pc you will be fine. mr imac is so handsome!


My 24" iMac went to my grandson this Christmas and I went to the 27" one. Love love love it.

Glad you're on this side...


Congrats! I switched to an iMac two years ago. I did have some problems at the start, a lot of them were solved by reading "The missing manual - Switching to the Mac" which is great if you're used to a PC. Some things are just TOO simple and I used to approach them in a PC convoluted way...
Have fun!!!

blake @ salt teak & fog

Yay!!! Welcome :) Great choice!

Rebecca @ beautiful square feet

Once you've had Mac, you don't go back! Congratulations on your choice Benita, and welcome to the club!


Oh mergatroids - he looks SOOOOO perfect on that desk! I've been involved with a Mr. Mac for over 21 years. I can't imagine another for me. I occasionally have required work related chats with Mr. Windows and am always reminded why I chose never to settle down with him long term.

Congratulations Benita! I join the long list of folks before me who find this to be a great choice!

Ana Oliveira

You can check out MarsEdit for your blogging needs, that's what I use for Wordpress and it supports a lot of other platforms too.

Riza Jongeneelen

What's not to love?!? Husband got me a 21.5-inch: 2.7GHz model for Christmas to replace my 7-yr-old, still-in-top-shape, 17-inch iMac. (I gave it to my mother-in-law.)



Hahaha, congratulations with your purchase! I hope Mr. Mac will make you very happy. :-)


you already look like a smug happy couple! ;)


Congratulations! Welcome to Mac world, it's so pretty here:):):)


Oh, great! Will check it out!


HURRA, HURRA, HURRA! Välkommen till Mac-klanen. :)


Congrats Benita! I made the switch 2 years ago with a MacBook Pro. which I dropped and broke :-( replaced with a MacBook Air for travelling, right now I am in Paris with my Mr Mac, great travel companion.

You are so right Barbara: I now have a iPhone and use iCloud, Time Machine etc.

My bf who got me Macced has iMac, MiniMac, iPhone, iPad.....

RIP Steve Jobs....


YAY for Mr.Mac he is so very handsome indeed and clever. In my opinion best choice you could have made. I moved over to a mac in 2008 and best thing I ever did. I have a Macbook pro but will be adding a iMac to the collection in a few weeks. 21.5" for me too. YAY!
Enjoy your new friend.


Yeah! Nice, nice, nice! Good for you! I'm envious! =P =)



Yay glad you went the Mac route. It totally looks like it belongs in your house. :)

Account Deleted

I am happy for you! No more viruses!


and if you need a time machine on external hard disk and more...
you inspired me for organizing my desk so I created my own iMac disk shelf in few minutes, look at the link


And of course welcome in a new world!


That is soooo smart!!!


Just got home from the Apple store with our very own iMac. This is the first thing I have written on it. Looking forward to a long and happy relationship! Good luck to you too Benita! Ha det bra!


Once you go Mac, you'll never go back. :) I just made that up but it's TRUE. I work in IT where everyone shuns the Mac. They are just designed so beautifully and they do what you want. It finds the wireless, no need to go looking for it which I find happens on my PC. Anyway, hands down, GREAT move.

Elisabeth Andrée

Congratulations with your iMac! I have one too, and I am in love with him every single day. Good choice! :)



Plus a can of spray paint can turn him ANY color you like.

Now. Now you will see. No more Mr High Maintenance, constantly getting sick with viruses, whining, doesn't want to work, oh no you need a driver, refuses to do what you want.

Now you will have a boyfriend who is like, "Baby what can I do for YOU today??" and "Let me get that for you" and "Let me take care of that for you, no problem, you just put your feet up and enjoy the ride."*

Um hummm... :-)

*I didn't mean that dirty, like it sounds.

*hmmm maybe I did...


PS. Consider PhotoShop Elements for your photo editing needs. Much much cheaper than full PhotoShop, and if you don't use Actions and Filters, you won't notice the difference. Here in the US it's maybe $90? And you can download and use it for free for 30 days.


im seriously tempted by this post of yours to switch! i've been thinking about the Great Switch for forever but have been putting it off (money issues). Anyway, was wondering if those white file binders behind are from Kikki K? or somewhere else? the Kikki K ones are so nice but really too expensive for me...


They are from Bigsobox http://bigso.se/ but IKEA have similar ones http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/90214426/#/50214428 at very affordable prices.

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