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February 20, 2012


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Ahhh.. Panduro Hobby. I remember that store well from my time living in Denmark. Took me a while to learn Danish but I reckon it helped a lot that I visited that store so often! Craft language is universal is it not?! Love the bike in the snow too, it feels a long way from winter here in Australia!


"My poor bike waits for me every day after work to take me the last distance home." - bike is a woman's new best friend.
"Egg crafts. Yay!" Double yay!! - As I told you before, one of my favourite projects that you did were the egg guys (sailor, car racer, etc.)
Awww... Bonus is hugging Mini or at least it looks like that - heart warming.


Completely OT, but I was wondering which color are your roots... I thought you were a natural blonde!


Sorry to disappoint you...
Actually I AM blond but a much ashier, mousier blond:)


I also can't wait! Emptied out some eggs yesterday and am now brainstorming :)


Oooh... I have to ask about the elephant curtains from the 16th. Are they from somewhere online? We're having a baby this summer and doing the unisex nursery in elephants and it is perfect. (Baby is due on my great grandma's birthday and she was always my favorite grandma and her favorite thing in the world was elephants.)


The fabric is by Estrid Ericson for Svenskt Tenn: http://www.svenskttenn.se/en-us/product/0127/textile/fabric/ta10059/textile-elefant-cotton.aspx It's my favorite pattern but sadly it's very expensive. I have seen similar japanese elephant fabrics on etsy too though. I bought a grey one there a few years ago.


Another absolutely fabulous array of Benita/Swedish moments! And how spunky of you to include that salon photo!

amycapdet / May Zaragoza

I'm just loving this new 365 project. It makes everything else in the blog appear much more in context. Thank you for sharing, Benita :)


My cats are the same- two minutes together and they start fighting. Sometimes I feel like living in a car wrestling show...


Lovely pics as always. So fun getting a glimpse into your life. I love that sign on the local cinema, and LOVE the elephant fabric!


Wow, I have similar shoes. Those are the best shoes I've ever had. My sister bought them for me from some horse riding store. Easy to clean and it's even possible to step into puddles without getting feet wet. And easy to put on.


LOVE the last photo. Is this on your bike a registration number? Do you have to have in Sweden?


I love tem too and they are the only shoes I have right now that I can put my insoles inside so I wear them ALL the time.


No, it's only a gimmik that Kronan bikes do. Kronan are bikes based on the old Swedish military bikes, in fact they stared selling the vintage ones and then started to manufacture them again. I guess the military bikes had license plates so they continued.


warmer temperatures coming in england this week - will wish them over to you. we've had a bit of sun and i can feel the wintry fog lifting! energy!


That hobby shop looks so neat and clean and inviting. The ones I've been to here in the U.S. are always so crowded and usually messy.

I love that elephant fabric, too.


love the shoes! do you mind telling me which brand they are?


I can't help but have a Mini/Bonus conversation in my head:
Mini: "Get your paw off me."
Bonus: "Make me."
Mini: "Mommmmmm! He's touching me."
Bonus: *looks up* "Oh, hai Mom!"




They are Blundstones: http://www.blundstone.com/


Yeah! Me too! What everybody else said. Thank you for this week's installment of 366. I look forward to it every week. :)

un arc-en-ciel dans le lavabo

we have similar "fights" in our house, too :) having 5 cats. it is fun to see them interacting, whatever interaction this means !

everytime we traveled to scandinavia in winter, i was curious how you guys bike in the snow (we hardly get any snow in the part of France where i live) someone told me your bikes have snow tyres ? i wonder if it is true or if this person was kidding me ?!

Vicki K

I love the possessive paw position!! What sort of hair costs to you pay in Sweden? Say, for a haircut - or a color?


There are snow tires available but I dont have them. Today I really wish I did because it was soooo icy!


My do costs me 900 SEK every five weeks. That's for cut and color. Translates to about USD 125. You can get a cut only for around 300 SEK which is about USD 40. It all depends on the salon, how popular it is. Wille goes to a very cool and popular rockabilly salon where his cut's 600 SEK.

un arc-en-ciel dans le lavabo

thank you = one mystery (to me) solved ! be careful then !

ps: i'm going ot buy a pair of Blunstone while we're in Stockholm next summer !!


You won't regret that purchase! I'd check if they aren't available where you are first though. Sweden is quite expensive and I usually buy shoes and clothing abroad because prices are more reasonable. Here's the price chart from the store where I got mine: http://www.shoemed.se/varumarken/blundstone--c-384-1.aspx?gclid=CIXZvZqZra4CFQ1-mAody17RRg. I have the 500 model.

J. Hamman

May I ask what kind of point-and-shoot camera you are using in that salon photo ? The photo quality seems quite good (or maybe it's the skill of the photographer...!) Love your blog !

Marcia H

jag har den stovlar.

I have the same shoes :-) A friend brought them from Australia for me.

Strange, compared to Germany I think some things in Sweden are much cheaper than here.



you're not a natural blonde??!! BLOW ME DOWN.


I AM but it's a mousy ashy blond :)


It's an old Canon Powershot. It's been a great camera and the best part is that it take regular AAA batteries! I'm sure they make new versions of it. I love Canon cameras!


Blunnies (Blundstones) are originally Australian. My husband and I each have a pair and love them. I have seen them in the US in the Sundance catalog. Quite expensive, but really worth it...so comfortable! We had a friend who travelled all around Australia and needed his resoled, went in to a Blundstone store and the clerk was truly offended at the state of his shoes! Gave him a right telling off that they should last him forever, and that he "just didn't care " enough about his shoes! We all thought that was very amusing and touching in a silly way...

Marjorie @ One-Parade.com

I absolutely love your bike. I recently purchased one myself and started riding to and from work. I'm trying to invest in baskets to be able to stop and get groceries on the way home.

Funny how those who always get snow are already sick of it, but I'd love to see some myself. :)


Recognized the blunstones Benita. I have so many pairs here in Sydney but also take them with me when I travel to Patagonia to my parents house. They are good for the snow, my dad has a few pairs so does my mum. She does not want to use them when she gardens as she thinks "hey are too good and will be wrecked". I did not know they were so popular in Scandanavian countries also saw a pair on the website Fine little day. Your blog is cool btw and you are so creative and sweet!

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