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February 27, 2012


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Good morning Benita ! :) Super nice shoes ...
I can't wait for the upcoming garden posts.
Love from Germany.


Oh, those shoes has been on Märthas wishing list forever! I just never seem to afford them though. Hm, better win the lottery soon.


I'm wearing them today and they are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO comforatble. It's like going barefoot (with insoles...).


Are those chicken eggs? We only seem to get brown ones these days! I know, I am stupid!


Yes they are. Over here we don't get a lot of brown eggs and they are usually packaged separately as "Brown Eggs". How odd that it's the opposite where you are, but I guess it depends on the type of hens that are most common in your area.


Did you even have snow? I'm just wondering where it all went so fast. We still have half a meter of snow (in south Finland).


Yes we did get a fair amount but the sun's been out this past week with temperature's above 0 during the day so it's melted extremely quickly. Now we have to be careful not to slip though because it's extremely icy in places in the morning because the temps are still below 0 at night.


Härliga bilder! Magiskt vad ett par nya skor kan göra. ;-)


You're right, spring is in the air, birds are singing again!


Nike Frees are also vegan! Not that you would want to eat them, but they are totally animal-friendly. Even the glue has no animal by-products. Just an interesting little tidbit for you :)


Very cool!


I love muscari. I know Easter preparations are here, but what are your plans for the eggs?


I've been searching for a good pair of training shoes but has been difficult to pick the right ones. I was thinking about purchase a pair of Adidas besides the fact that I'm a Nike fan. I don't know if that model exists in Portugal. Having some tips from someone else is alwasy good. I guess I will see if I can find that model and try them :). Kisses from Portugal

Lisa Flaherty

Wow! I need a pair of magic shoes! That is so cool that Wille ran so far in them; goes to show the impact of quality tools and equipment on the outcome!


Would love to have the recipe for your granola.

Maria på inredningsvis.se

Superfint:) Fina pics och fin blogg..jag önskar dig en skön vecka.
LOVE Maria på inredningsvis


You can find it here: http://chezlarsson.com/myblog/2010/07/homemade-granola.html


Today he called me at work (he has winter sports holiday) and he'd run 20 km! That's almost half a marathon!


Do try them, they are super comfortable, I've never experienced trainers like them!


I'll be making some more of these: http://chezlarsson.com/myblog/2010/03/egg-craft.html :)


Thank you for the beautiful photos from your week!
I will definitely have to try on some of those trainers.
Comfortable shoes are always a priority for me plus yours look so pretty!


Are those hyacinth on your windowsill? And if so, do Mini and Bonus leave them alone? I'd love to have some indoor plants and flowers, but every time I attempt it my two furry monsters chew them to pieces.


They're not hyacinths, they're muscari. Mini and Bonus aren't interested unless it's very grassy looking. Have you tried diverting your cats' attention to wheat grass that you can sow? I noticed Mini was getting interested in some grassy looking plant when there wasn't any grass to be found outside because of all the snow so I sowed some wheat grass and both she and Bonus started chewing on that instead. I think our cats usually stay away from indoor plants because they can go outside and chew on whatever they like...



They are voting for best Design Blogs on Apartment Therapy...you're on the list. I voted for you today, but have not seen you mention this before. Better spread the word if you're interested. (Sorry if you have and I missed it.)


I had no idea! Thank you for letting me know!

Robyn :)

I am hoping to get a pair of shoes like that. We have a store here in the States called Foot Locker and a distribution center in our town where my husband is a temp to hire. Once he gets hired on full time he will have a good discount :)

The flowers are very pretty :)


Benita, I can't wait to see this year's new egg characters. Bentley was awesome.

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