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February 22, 2012


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That one I remember!! WOW!!!!! Amazing... you are our inspiration, Benita!!!!


"be bottom-heavy" heh, I love that.
This is magnificient both for you and Chrystelle and us readers


Well done the pair of you!
How many sewing machines!!?


that's wonderful! i like how she can ring the changes with different fabric & colours. supersmart. your next career? x


Nope :)


I know! Chryetelle's one serious crafter!

Petra from NL

I especially like how this preassembled unit fits so nicely into the closet.


a place for everything and everything in its place as my nanna used to say! some days my studio looks like this .. other days it looks like a bomb has gone off. it's definitely a work in progress. i need the benita treatment :)


How awesome! You're welcome to come and do my craft room next!


Och stort Grattis till dig Benita!! Du inspirerar till ordning och reda och det smittar av sig så fantastiskt bra!!


Congratulations to the both of you- well done and inspiring.

Lisa Flaherty

How cool! I do remember that post! Congrats to you and to Chrystelle!


Inspirational! Something that ALL of us should strive for. I don't care what people claim, NOBODY can function efficiently or with a clear head in such (Before) chaos! Thanks to both Benita and Chrystelle for creating such a great example of a transition from trashed to treasured.


That's so cool Benita. Good job on your drawing. It looks like it was easy to follow. I've been spending more time browsing blogs about organization in an attempt to get organized. There are so many great ideas out there.


Blogland makes our world sooo much smaller. And so friendly and so helpful! Love your blog and your wonderful ideas.

Chrystelle Kinsella

Oh Benita! Thank you so very much for your motivational direction, and your generous advice. I am so glad that everyone who has told me they've seen the article in Woman's Day was inspired to try some similar clearing out and organizing. I strive every day to keep it as tidy as it was when the crew came for the photo shoot, but I am, after-all, human and many days the closet is all that remains as it was. It's so gratifying, though to be able to get out a charity quilt to work on, or an Etsy inspiration kit to mail to a customer, and know just exactly what box to open and TA DA...There it is right on the top of my pretty labeled bin! You're the best, Benita, all the credit goes to you!

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