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February 23, 2012


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Whaaaaat? There was no plug closer by? That's, well, freaky.

So the only wires that come to the bell now are the ones from the ding dong thing you press outside?


A vast improvement! Laughed my head off at your red illustration of the mile-long cord :)


Thanks for making me laugh this early morning :OD
Great story of a dead ding dong witch!





Hahahaha, great story!


I enjoyed this post. One of the things I love about your blog, and by extension your life, is that you take care of all those little projects in your house. Those little projects that I seem to ignore, and put off to forever, you just plug away at, until all the small and big projects add up to your home being very pretty, organized, and calm. You're a constant inspiration, Benita!


I need to add changing out our door bell to my to do list. It has the most horrifying buzzing sound that makes me jump every time.
That cord is hilarious, all 10 meters of it.

Petra from NL

AAwww..... and the previous owners must have been so proud of their handywork, how well they hid the cord.
I really like the spraypainted new fanfare.


Hehe, some people actually manage to make their lives more difficult than needed! Complicated minds..

Jennifer in France

The manufacturers of that bell probably thought it could camoflauge best in the average household. You do wonders with spraycans and common sense, in general!


This is the kind of thing I love to get up to - frustrating, but highly satisfying at the end of the day.


Det är de små små detaljerna som gör det!


my goodness, that looks like the plumbing in our cottage! you can hear it trying to go uphill and downhill and uphill again. i am going to have to remember that spray-painting trick, many a horribly designed bit of technology i might have just sprayed with white! x


Very nice! And may I ask where one might find a mirror like yours. Found a lovely round one in Åhléns, but the quality was appalling. Now have my heart set on a round mirror for my hallway.


"tuttututututuuuu" for a great "DAAAH (re: battery vs 1000 km cord) post :-)


The mirrow is from IKEA http://www.ikea.com/se/sv/catalog/products/30133522/. As for the appallingly bad one from Åhléns... I got it too as you will see in tomorrow's post. I totally agree. I had to remove the black rubber and do my own little thing with it. Should have returned it but was too lazy.


This was a great post!
I too laughed at the long, red cord - oh my... :-)
And then I went and changed the dead battery to a new one in my doorbell.
At last!!


Du är fenomenalt rolig, Benita! Och effektiv. Vi har planerat att byta ut vår ringklocka - som givetvis inte heller fungerar eftersom någon har slitit bort sladden som, även den, säkerligen gick ner till källaren - i några år nu. Det ligger en ny, batteridriven, i en låda. I helgen, kanske!


I agree with the good morning laugh! And wow, it's amazing what some people think was a good idea at the time!


LOL our wireless doorbell has suddenly stopped working too. It was all-white but the doorbells I've found have either bright blue/grey accents. Never thought to paint it, thanks :)

Debbie from Chicago

I am not thrilled with the wireless versions. I have had to replace it 3 times in 12 years. It is frustrating. Hope you have better luck than I have had.


What an inspiration you are... Long live Miracle Girl!


I love that you chipped away at the wood to make the door bell fit in that space. You think outside the box - which is why I love reading your blog. It inspires me to finish up all the little details in my apartment! I have to get them done!!


Mine's not wireless though. There are still cords connecting the push bell at the door to the door bell inside. It's just that it runs on two batteries instead of electricity now.


This was a fun illustration. When the batteries are low will it make a different ringing sound or will you run to the door because you think someone's there but it's just messing with you? That's kind of what happens with our fire alarms ;)

Jules Means

I was just looking at an HGTV show called "If Walls Could Talk". The houses they feature are usually Victorian and very quaint and ornate. It makes me appreciate your clean fresh WHITE aesthetic even more. Really, Benita, your blog is a breath of fresh air every day...even when it's just about a doorbell! Thank you xxoo
Jules in Massachusetts USA


I don't know actually but I expect the batteries to last a while but after that I guess I'll find out :)

Lisa Flaherty

Hilarious illustrations, Benita! I love your innovative fixes, with spray paint, a little chipping of woodwork, etc. Brilliant!


Is that piece of wood a floor sample?


awesome. how did you realize the cord was connected to the doorbell? this is the kind of thing that escapes me completely.


After finding (and pulling out) ten meters of cord I'd want to find a wad of cash at the end of it. It must have been the previous owner's only option (no wireless then?) because, really, who would go through this much trouble if there was ANY other way?

Great idea to paint the new unit white. In a mostly white home, grey and beige accents aren't neutral at all and stick out like neon signs (although not as pretty or fun).

Benita, you look so tall and thin in that pic. Like a model, seriously.

Design Style

That was hilarious! You did a great job, enjoy your new doorbell.


I don't think wireless was an option then. By the looks of things they've been up since at least the 70's :)


I plan to paint the wood out and wanted to know where the weird cord lead to so I started at the bottom and worked myself to the top and ended up right by the back of the door bell :). I was so happy to get rid of it all.


Maybe :)


Oh I bet that felt nice! It sure looks nice!


Ha! That's the same line I used when my dad broke up with his girlfriend. :)
Much more appropriate here.


That looks so great. I don't think they did things the most efficient way in the 70s or maybe they didn't have an option. Love the spray paint.

Sandra Yeong

Benita, this is a great post. I am just wondering are you use special spray paint for plastic or normal spray paint?? Normally I don't have luck on this, it chipped after it dry up.


Hehehe. We're on to you!
This was a hilarious post. Thanks for the laugh.


Haha - that's really funny. I so want one!!! But don't think I'm handy enough. Might have to go to Ikea instead to get a mirror.


När jag först såg fotona i inlägget så tänkte jag: Oj, vad ovanligt att ha en RÖD KABEL....men sen insåg jag vad det var...ha,ha!! Och jag som tycker att din gamla ringklocks-dosa är så snygg!! Vi har en precis likadan hemma....med skillnaden att vi lyckades få vår vit igen! Men smaken är som baken!! :)


Jag hade tänkt låta den sitta men eftersom jag ville bli av med sladden så kunde jag inte behålla den eftersom den inte går att driva på batteri :)


I just used what I had at home so I didn't go for a special one for plastic although I know there are some for that purpose. No peeling on this one yet!

Jasmine Koh

This post really resonated with me, especially the part about painting it white. It is so nice to know there are people in the world out there who would care about it being totally white. It made me smile! I really love your blog.

Debbie from Chicago

That is very cool!


Dear God what a cord!


: )

Reading the comments are just as importing as reading your posts. Thanks so much for answering all our questions.

Marjorie @ One-Parade.com

Loved the red lines... That is a LONG cord! Amazing how useful white paint can be, right? What a vast improvement!


Benita, can I ask you how you feel about the wall paper here? I have that kind of wall paper(''strie'' in norwegian, don't know if it's the same in swedish) in my entire apartment, and I hate it with a passion but i can't really deside if I can be bothered to get rid of it.
I have just covered the walls in one room with filler to get them smooth, and it really took forever with the sanding and the several layers. Are you planning to do something about yours, and in that case what? I am really not up to doing the entire apartment with filler and sanding although it ended up looking great.


I also hate it and will do something about it eventually but it's not top priority. I will use "renoveringstapet" over it though as it's much easier than going down the spackle route.


Great, I'm looking forward to see your results as I have heard mixed opinions about that option. Sure you will make it work, though!


This reminds me of when Monica wanted to know what the 2 light switches went to and it drove her crazy to flip them on and off and nothing happened....

Except for Pheobe thinking she could turn the TV on and off with her mind. LOL!

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