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February 17, 2012


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Oh! Never would have guessed!
Off to buy yellow peas...


Tändstickor utan svavel (finns på Panduro) och limpistol funkar i princip på samma sätt. Fick idén från barnverkstaden på Louisiana i somras.


That is so awesome! Happy Weekend!


Fast jag vet inte om jag tokgillar kombinationen smältlim och små barnhänder? Jag som är vuxen bränner mig ALLTID. Senast när jag byggde kattkojan. Aj! Fördelen med ärtorna är att de limmar sig själva runt tandpetaren :)


That's great,
I should try with my kids this weekend..~but he is just 4!!

Thanks for sharing!


Oh my goodness, I'm so excited to see this! I need to pick up a pack of peas today so I can give it a go. If only I'd known about this when I studied spatial design, then I would have used this method to create structures :) My mum is a teacher (in England) and I'll show her this as an activity for the children. Happy weekend!


Looks good and sounds like fun!

Jennifer in France

Great activity for my little boy, who usually thinks many crafts are girly! Problem here is to find those yellow peas in France. Friends have carried them in suitcases from Sweden to make a proper pea soup! I will search the healthfood stores here as ski for my stir-crazy boy on ski holdays!


Bloody genius!


I think you've started a pea trend. Looks cool and stylish. Trevlig helg!


So cool! That looks like a craft even my all-thumb hands could do. I wonder if my four month old granddaughter wants to help me :)


Fint, vi fick göra något liknande när jag gick i skolan, fast i form av stjärnor som vi hade i julgranen. Minns att jag tyckte dom var så fina :)


Oh, love this: will try it with my Maths-obsessed son (...yes I did say Maths-obsessed...someone has to be!!) x


Love the idea! I'll definitely give this a try with our girls! Thanks for sharing the tip!
This is my first comment, but I've been reading your blog for over a year, and really enjoy it! Thanks Benita!


I love it! I wonder if I can find dry yellow peas in the U.S.? I've only ever seen green split peas, but then I've never really looked.


It´s really nice, we did that with the children in school last year:)


Lysande! Detta pyssel skulle fängsla även resten av familjen i timmar. Undrar om det funkar med de gamla bönor vi har liggande och som ingen äter? Annars får vi väl köpa gula ärter. De som blir över kan man ha i ärtpåsar :-) (att äta gula ärter kommer inte på fråga i detta hus).


Inte här heller :).


Haha - vilken kul idé! :-)


Sorry I also meant to ask a question - is Gula Artor (the label on the packet) the same thing as Kikartor (chickpeas)? Thanks


Oops looks like my original comment didn't work! Loved the sculptures when I saw them in your office reveal so appreciate the post to explain how to make them!!


Gula Ärtor are yellow peas. They are the same size as green peas so quite a lot smaller than chickpeas. Also yellow peas are rounder than chickpeas. No harm in trying chickpeas though :)


Too cool :)
Have a great weekend.

PS - Remember to ejoy the bottle of wine you richly deserve after moving your bedroom to the basement (which is a fabulous idea)!


You could also use white beans used to make baked beans. (In Canada, these are called small navy beans). These would compliment your white decor Benita :)


that would be the only way I would like geometry!


I noticed your creations yesterday and wondered what was joining the toothpicks.
My 4 little men will have so much fun with this activity! :)


Det kräver lite teknik men vår sjuåring klarade det galant :) Ska testa ärtorna med småsyskonen.

Lisa Flaherty

Wonderful! I see a world wide shortage of yellow peas coming on! :)


Wow, who'd have thought? I've actually never seen yellow peas here but this is definitely interesting!


I was wondering what they were in the previous post. Can't wait to try it out with my kids. I am guessing any dried pea would work if we can't find the yellow ones.


Good timing, we're off to IKEA tomorrow (the only place I've seen yellow peas). Looks like fun--and so cute to display!


Ooooo they're wonderful!!! Will try this week end, but I don't have peas at home... I was wondering: and if I used jelly beans or small rounded candies instead of the peas?!:-) Thank you Benita for sharing with us these cool ideas!


Benita, this is pure awesomeness. You win the internets for the year. Seriously, I adore this project and thanks for sharing!


We've always done something similar with toothpicks and mini marshmallows, but they have the disadvantage that they are perishable (not to mention the fact that kids learn pretty quickly how much more fun it is to eat them than to build with them).






I was going to ask about them on your office reveal, but you beat me to it :)


amazing! :-))


I must show this to my 10 years old sons (twins), it's great for winter break ;-) in school.
I have alredy did your's "Father's Day Almond Biscotti". Twice ;-P. And a plum tart (delicious!).



Our preschool does a similar thing with marshmallows, but you can't keep them, obviously.


my 6 and 8 year olds might need to try this today - fun!


Herlig idé!
Jeg må straks i gang med de gule ærter - det ser meget stiligt ud:-))


What a great idea :)


Love this! And it reminded us a little of the Journal page we wrote about design inspired by science: http://blog.llustre.com/inspired-by-science/

- The LLUSTRE Team


I love this!! I can't wait to try it with my children!! Someone said you can get the yellow peas at Ikea?? I must look for them the next time I am there... it is around the corner from me and I think of you every time I go in there Benita!!!

Design Style

This is such an awesome idea, thanks for sharing! I've never seen dry yellow peas, but now I'm off to hunt for them.

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