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February 16, 2012


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suzy hausfrau

Insert 'seriously jealous' face here! It looks fantastic and absolutely inspiring.


Oh, it looks so peaceful and neat! I could definitely work in that office. And I love the sage words of advice on the wall in your clutter corner :)


That is your clutter corner? - too funny, I don't have a spot in the whole house as uncluttered as that!
It all looks fantastic and fresh though, and the perfect home for the Mac x


Wonderful! Where did those models made from sticks come from?


Haha, yes, that's my new poster by Ylva Skarp. Couldn't resist getting it.


I'll show you tomorrow!


Your office is amazing. So pure and uncluttered. I am jealous.


it's perfect, i like it. very spare, very fresh. x

Petra from NL

LOVELY space!


Like it. Like it a lot. Can't quite make out the words on the poster?......


Thou shall not take shit :)




I love how neat and clean this space looks. It would be an inviting place to get some work done.

All that bright white in the photos is a bit hard on my eyes - is it softer in real life?

I found myself looking for Mini in the pics. :)


Yes, Mini is usually to be found somewhere close by. Nowadays her favorite spot is behind me on the desk chair where I've laid a sheep skin.

No, it's not harsh on the eyes IRL, on the contrary :)


This is exactly, in my opinion, what a home office should do- inspire you. Well done (again)Benita!


Sublime! White, pure, essential, I'm really a fan! But where did you get these very pretty ultra thin and light sculptures that are placed on the wall cubes?


It's definitely Benita-style and much more spacious for your new Mac.


ahh...its refreshing to see such a white space, I wish I was so un-cluttery!


I'll show you tomorrow!


What a great office - I like how you still have your desk floating in the room rather than up against the wall. You must be getting some good light from the window.


Just a quick comment that I too *love* your Ylva Skarp poster! Going to see where I can procure one of my own. Love your office space Benita! Looks amazing.


I love how your "paper clutter" is the neatness many people long for in their homes.

happy for you to have a home office again!


Looks so peaceful and a very productive place to get your "creative" on! Especially LOVE the "Thou shalt not..." print...perfection! ;)


It's perfect and the iMac looks right at home!

Karen O

Your idea of paper clutter sent me into gales of laughter.
If you only knew . . . .


Restful and inspiring. Cleansing and serene. You are SO the bar to reach for! This is why we follow you. Thank you for blazing such a travel-worthy trail!


Your definition of paper clutter corner makes me want to cry.


Priceless! I could use this, especially today :-D


Nice place. Love it!! :)


Your office has inspired me to do more with mine... I especially love the paperwork nook! I need something like that to get the papers off of my desk. Thanks again for the inspiration. :)


Ι LOOOOOVE your new office corner Benita. What a brilliant switch!
Everything looks in place now.
Is there maybe a plan for some type of curtains to separate this space from the rest of the living?


No plans right now but I do still have the curtain track up so I can hang some later if I decide I do want some.


It's lovely! I'm so glad you have this space to work in. :)


I've been checking out a new table for sewing and was thinking of one with wheels, so I could move it about and get easy access for fabric cutting. I found this same table from Ikea. But I just wanted to ask that has the table felt sturdy, I mean if you lean on it when the wheels are locked, it won't move?


It pretty much stays put but if you push it hard with the wheels locked it will move if you have hardwood floors.


Thanks for the answer, I guess I must go to Ikea and test it and see if the movement disturbs me.


Oh benita! I need to tidy my space lol. Where is your little pp wall pocket from?

Claire xo.


It's from here: http://granit.com/?id=207&item=10


Thanks Benita!

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