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February 28, 2012


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hollywood housewife

I can't believe what a difference that wallpaper makes! Looks great.


Super nice!


It looks nice. I have the same little clock in my kitchen here in Tokyo. I hot glued a magnet to the back and it hangs in my kitchen. I have another one in the bathroom so we are always on time.


Oh that looks good - I think the smallest room in the house should be used for something a little different.


What a difference!
I didn´t know the IKEA toilet roll holder could look so nice :o)
And I love the wallpaper and the trashcan by Authentics.
I think I have to order one myself... Did you order yours from the webshop or is there any retailer in Sweden?


Jag kommenterar väldigt sällan även om jag följer dig via Bloglovin. Men nu bara måste jag ju säga att du är ju alldeles enastående duktig!
Bara så att du vet.


Tack, vad söt du är!


I got mine from Inreda.com http://www.rum21.se/sv/artiklar/papperskorg-vit.html


Jag kan bara bifalla den andra Sarah! ;)


It looks really good - I love the Missprint wallpaper it looks perfect for that space. Everything neat and tidy and looking much more your style.


Whoa, what a difference! I'm pretty anti-wallpaper too - I always think it'll make a space look more closed in - but it opened up your WC like crazy! Sad about the mirror being bad quality, I was actually trying to think of somewhere in our house it might look good.


Looks really nice! Did you consider painting the floor? Just because I recently saw a nice tile floor on a website that had been painted: http://blog.tagesanzeiger.ch/sweethome/index.php/22214/sweet-home-bei-der-familie-reichelt-die-eine-normale-40er-jahre-wohnung-in-ein-modernes-zuhause-mit-viel-glamour-umbaute/

Nini Tjäder

Something entirely different: You know you are nominated here, right?


I haven't considered painting it. I kind of like that it's original to the house and typical of 1954 :)


Someone else told me yesterday! I'm kind of surprised that I'm nominated in the Home Design Blog category though and not in the new DIY Blog category. I feel much more DIY-y than Design-y but I'm flattered all the same :)


Ha! Turns out I AM nominated in the DIY Category too, just didn't find me right away.


oh, that's exciting, nominations! i love a small papered powder room, it turned out very well! x


Benita, I've been reading back on your blog (new follower) and this must be the first time I've read on your blog NOT to buy something. Lol. I do like the WC makeover, very welcoming for a guest.


Haha, yes, I'm usally happy with my purchases :)

Petra from NL

The little touch that is my favourite about it all: the little plant on top the rollholder.


I love the wallpaper. I think it looks like a musical score; it is only when you look closely that you see that it is not notes on a scale. I, too, love the flowers on the toilet paper holder.


So cute! I love the double toilet paper holder, since it can hold a small candle or element from nature. What a satisfying project!


I like the subtle pattern, very nicely done. Was it tricky to paper that small room? Also, are those the IKEA floating shelves, if yes, did you have to cut them so size or did they fit?
I voted for you in both categories and found that I'm nominated too in food photography and home design ;) nice little surprises on a cold day.


Again, love this wallpaper pattern. Nice to see what you can make of such a small space!

Congrats on the nomination, too. :)


Here in the US you can buy replacement faucet knobs at the hardware store fairly cheaply....might be a more durable option that painting them


Oh it is? I think it might be nicer in person. On the pictures it just looks like very boring ordinary tiles.

Kitty Andersson

I love the neutral look of the wall paper! I am thinking about creating a stencil or maybe free handing a similar pattern. I love color, but I am so drawn to your minimal color palette.


You can't get them over here I'm afraid. I looked in to it for the other house. You had to basically switch out not only the knobs but the mechanism too and it turned out almost as expensive as buuing a new faucet.


Thank you! And congrats to you too!!

Account Deleted

Hey :) i loved the wallpaper and the mirror seems very cute, at least from a distance lol.Like someone else said before, i think it's the first time i see you told ppl not to buy something.
And congratulations for the nomination.


Super cute!

christine e-e

amazing transformation... love the wallpaper... & like many of your followers, I don't care for wallpaper but this MAKES this space! congrats on your Homies nominations.


This trashcan is so adorable! Only bad thing for us would be that it is made from plastic and my cats would damage it in their daily runs and catch me if you can through the apartment.
The toilet roll holder also rocks! If there is a version for only one roll I am buying it right now.

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