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February 24, 2012


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Oh that paper is fantastic - it will be worth the wait!


Oh what a pain! I'm in no way happy that this happened to you, but it does feel a little good to know I'm not the only one who makes these kinds of mistakes. Great wallpaper though, and I LOVE that mirror.


Jag älskar det!


Very pretty wallpaper. Have a great weekend!


Älskar den där tapeten! Har tittat på den så många gånger. Bra val! Och du, även solen har sina fläckar ;)

Kram på dig!


the wallpaper is just lovely, so serene. i'm of the measure-three-times-cut-twice-and-go-buy-another-piece sort too, sadly. i just have to buy extra and try it out. x


Jättesnygg tapet.

Tina Slocum

I hope the wait for more isn't too long for you. the wallpaper pattern and color is lovely.


The wallpaper looks like it could have been original to the house. Perfect!

Lisa Flaherty

Such a pain! But hope the job goes fast since most of the paper is already hung! Happy Friday!

Vicki K

Great wallpaper!! It's nice to know you are human, Benita, amongst all your Super Feats of Organizing and DIY!


That wallpaper is so cute. I think it will worth waiting a little longer ;)


Oh that is fantastic wallpaper! :)


My thoughts exactly! Benita always seems to do everything perfectly, whereas I am a knucklehead!


Benita I saw these videos and thought of you. I wondered if you took the train and got to use the piano stairs?


Maria på inredningsvis.se

I really like your blog:) Great pics and so much inspiration...I wish you a lovely weekend.
LOVE Maria at inredningsvis.se

Marjorie @ One-Parade.com

I used to hate wallpaper until I stumbled across your blog... This is gorgeous!


This is the perfect wallpaper pattern for your house and for you and Willie! Graphic and soft. Makes a statement and retreats into the background.

I know that you won't waste your weekend. You'll find some other niggle-y thing that you've been meaning to do and slip it into the time you'd have been papering! Clever you and your to-do list!

Have a great weekend whatever you do! Spring is a comin', I hope!


That was so cool. Thanks for putting that link here. I have no idea why it was done - to get people to take the steps maybe?- but it was such a happy thing to see.


Well, my older kid's maths skills are improving and it's in part thanks to you! I just wanted to say that I shared your other post with his teacher and she decided to do the same craft with the kids (2nd grade). Take a look (http://vozdoprimeiroa.blogspot.com/2012/02/com-simples-graos-de-bico-e-palitos_24.html).

I love hoe something you're doing in Sweden in now being done in a school in Portugal thanks to a simple internet blog.


Vilken söt tapet! Jag förstår att du är nöjd... :)

Debbie from Chicago

I really like the wallpaper you chose. My husband cringes when he hears the word wallpaper. Two years ago we removed wallpaper from way too many rooms in our home. It was not a pleasant experience!

Have a great weekend!


How fun!


I would have for sure if I saw them!

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