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March 29, 2012


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So that's where the guitar Got to go!


Before and afters are so fun. What an improvement!!

amycapdet / May Zaragoza

Hey, that's MY desk!!! Well, in our case we bought the longest Vika top. Best thing we've ever done :)!


It looks fantastic now! And love the floor you chose (it's the same oak floor I have in my home :), I'm curious about how do you clean it).


I use this: http://bjoorn.se/shop/product.lasso?cat=Care&id=CA201010001&t=Bona Spray Mop&s=


Ooh! Desk twins!


Really great corner for Willy! And so true, unique flooring all around the place ist great thing!
This wood unter lino was also not bad.


Just wondering if you screwed the desk top on or if it's just sitting there. Very inspired for my new office!


The Alex drawer units came with rubber stick-ons which you rest the top on so it doesn't glide. This counter top is super heavy so it won't shift. Not sure if a lighter say Vika would though.


I like a big working surface in the office as well.
I see you have ceiling tiles in Wille's room. Will you be changing the ceiling at some point?


I don't think so. In the beginning they really bothered me but I'm ok with them now.


I love the clean look of it! My boyfriend and I were thinking of using white IKEA countertops as desks, too. We wanted to mount them on the wall, though. I only agreed with his solution (two Vika Furuskog tabletops with those silvery quadrangular legs) because that meant I could have a separate crafting table in our office.

Hope you're having a nice spring day,

Claudia Martins Dietrich

You are such a super mama! Its amazing all you can do in your home by yourself. Wille is sooo lucky!


I love his desk space. Where did you get those boxes/shelves above the desk? Or did you make them? I'm after something like that to display some of my girls girly pretty things.
Tjingeling ! Anette :-)

Kim Ballou

Hi-love the desk. I have a question: does the rolling chair mar the floor at all? We have wood floors throughout our house and I'd love a rolling chair in the office, but I'm afraid they will leave gouges. Love that chair, by the way!


Lucky guy- wish my workspace looked so good.


I love your house ... it's so clean and organized. I'm absolutely drooling over your floors. My landlord won't change out my **20 year old carpet** ... nasty!!

Where did you get the chair that's in front of the desk?? I need something that's not so attractive to my cats.

Thanks for sharing.


Lisa Flaherty

Another great space, Benita! Love your before-and-afters!


You're such a handy-Mum and Wille is so lucky! Um, he's quite tall there if that was more than a year ago? Love your photos too.

Marjorie | one-parade.com

Inspiring! I wasn't sure about the ceiling in the before photos, but it looks very nice in the after.


I did make them. Here's a post about it http://chezlarsson.com/myblog/2008/07/cube-shelf-how.html but I've since seen similar ones at different stores.


For this chair (and most office chairs of better quality) there's the option to choose casters for hard floors or soft floors. We chose for hard floors (the caster is softer) and the floor's ok!


The chair is an Eames splurge. I wrote about it here: http://chezlarsson.com/myblog/2008/07/charles-ray-and.html Since that purchase and post Wille has actually become more interested in design as I'd hoped and now takes design classes at school :)


He'll be 18 in a week's time and is definitely taller than I am :)


what a beautiful space to work in. oh, i am having severe desk envy. i think it's almost time i got something. of course, i want an antique writing desk, the secretary kind that unfolds. wishful thinking!!


amycapdet / May Zaragoza

Hahaha! Check: http://www.flickr.com/photos/amycapdet/5773055238/in/photostream :-)

Bernadette @b3hd

love the size of the desk...and the monitor even more. Even with two on my end I swear I am going blind by the day.


amycapdet / May Zaragoza

Yes, I've got to be careful when I need to move it, but again it doesn't really happen very often :)

the spectator

Lucky boy!


Wow. Willie is, like, a MAN.


love your clean white style! ^^
a question: i like the desk but am afraid that the middle will sag after some time. is that why you used a kitchencounter top?


Yes it is. It's been in his room since we moved in and there's no sagging at all.


That´s my (craft)desk too....so desk triplets then! ;)


clever. maybe i should try this instead of trying to search hi n low for a study desk...

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