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April 25, 2012


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Hi Benita,

In the first picture, the fourth square image looks like a clothes stand. I have a similar one with the rust problem. Do you have any suggestions on what can be done to improve the look? Will painting work?


I helped my mom assemeble her new one and this one went into the trash. I would definitely invest in a new one. Hers was only 149 SEK which is about USD 20. Rust isn't something you want to get on your laundry as it's a nightmare to get out.


Hmm... Mine is not too rusty. The patches are very small and at the joints where the clothes do not touch. I left it out in the rain and forgot about it :-D I'll try out something and will let you know if it works.


I love magnolias too. They just begin to bloom in Warsaw. Pity the flowers last only for a few days.


At least you didn't get bored on the weekend! Nice to hear you also got a break and wine.


What a lovely daughter you are x


there's nothing like a little work in the garden to give you a lift is there? i love that rosy cheeks, tired feeling you only seem to get from outside work!
we gave our garden a real work over a couple of weeks ago (although I'm never allowed near any plants or trees as i'm a bit too keen with the gardening scissors, i'm just usually given a broom and a scrubbing brush!)


Ett stenkast från Fyndet

Låter som en bra helg!

Nästan det enda jag saknar från mitt förra hus är nog magnolian - underbart träd!!




Hi Resmi!
I had similar problem like yours for my good-old foldable chairs: some spots of rust but not yet to be thrown away. So I used to reach white gouache paint as an opaque painting medium. After appliying the paint and let it dry well, I would use a clear nail polish to fix the white-covered spots. This method never failed over the years.


Fantastiskt men tydligen rätt så krävande enligt mamma...

Cara @ Live The Home Life

Love your photos. You make chores look so fun!



Magnolias AND lemons?! Looks like a busy but productive weekend.


Sounds like a win-win weekend and a lovely time was had by all!


you could use a Rostoleum type of spray paint, can go right over rust and protects the finish.


Lovely how you help out, that paint really makes the fence look much better. Each Spring we help my grandparents take out and clean their extensive amount of patio furniture. They live down the street, so we also roll down the street with our lawnmower and in winter with our snow blower to help them out.

Marjorie @ One Parade

The fence looks lovely. This makes me miss my family, but also has me excited for my own summer projects.


Love the lemon tree that you have....do you ever use pesticide for it?


It's my mom's and I'm afraid I have no idea how she cares for it.


Thought you may be interested in doing this in your garden:) A fun little project and you can have kids to join you with this project too. Let us know what you think, enjoy! and have an amazing weekend!

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