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April 20, 2012


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Have a nice weekend Benita. Will we get a post next week of you be helping her out while there? I mean something like organizing her fridge or turning compost


Hej Benita

Looks like a great ornamental garden area.
Safe Journey


Have a lovely time x

Yazmak İyidir

What a coincidence, I'll be going out of town to see my mom and granny too :) Wine is a great idea, writing it down :P I hope I can help her out with her cats this time.
Have a nice weekend and hope your projects go well!

Gro R

Hei Benita,

Jeg vet om en dansk hageblogg som du og din mor sikkert vil like! Sjekk ut www.clausdalby.dk Det er litt pompøst, men han er flink med fargekombinasjoner, blader, kontraster etc.


Trevlig helg! Keeping fingers crossed for a good painting weather. Have a good time with your Mom.


Hope you have a good time with your Mom! Had it started snowing here yet when you left Stockholm? Apparently we're in for snow all weekend - ARRRRGH! Hopefully it won't be so white down in the south and you can get that painting done.

Account Deleted

Lovely garden! Have a nice weekend, you and your Mom :)


Hello Benita

I've been looking for some wallpaper for myself, I saw this and immediately thought of you! Don't know if you could use it anywhere but it has you written all over it. :) x


Benita ~ Chez Larsson

It depends on the to-do list :)

Benita ~ Chez Larsson

Det var någon som tipsade om den häromdagen! Verkar väldigt fin.

Benita ~ Chez Larsson

It started to snow as I stood waiting for the train... Sigh... Down here it's warmer though!

Benita ~ Chez Larsson

Very cool!


Have a good weekend! Hope you'll get some wine!

Debbie from Chicago

Hope you have a wonderful and productive weekend with your Mom.


Oh is it? Can I come too? :)


This garden looks beautiful. Hope you enjoy your time with your mom and outdoors.


Thank you for sharing a snippet of your Mum's garden. Hope your weekend is enjoyable as well as productive.


beautiful garden. i'm trying to get mine going here in the desert and all i think about these days is ornamental grasses. i'd love to have a cherub statue but the only thing that looks good out here is like a three ton olmec head.
perhaps you will snap details of her garden for us and record her comments?
enjoy your time with her and give her our regards.

Laura in Seattle

Might your Mom's greener thumb be helped by her living further south? Enjoy your Mom. It's nice to have a brief change!


Have a wonderful weekend!


18 year old at home alone with the cats...I hope you told Mini and Bonus they're not to have a party!

Benita ~ Chez Larsson

She's always been a keen gardener and even when she lived in Stockholm her garden was greener than everyone else's :).

Benita ~ Chez Larsson

I told Wille he could have a party but he didn't :).


Good boy ;) Did giving your blessing take some of the excitement out of it, do you think? He can wait until your garden is ready and have a nice party then!

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