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April 18, 2012


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I will pray with you. Let's hope Thor is in good mood.


Well the weather is being a torrential rainy b*tch here today - can't wait for the school run!


leaky windows are disturbing! skylights and roofs are best left to experts. i hope the weather recovers in time for this work, i'm writing to you live from inside a rain cloud, a proper english storm. x

Yazmak İyidir

Lucky you, I love skylights! Hope the weather gets better very soon and you have the backyard and these windows done!


Hopefully soon.

P.S. Regarding the eyelash extensions that were mentioned yesterday, I've found something during my walk las Saturday. Have a look here http://polonicahomeagain.blogspot.com/2012/04/long-lash-beauty-dugorzesa-pieknosc.html :-).


Correction: I mean eyelash discussion on Monday.


I love skylights and hope to someday have some.

Lisa Flaherty

What is the opposite of a rain dance? Well, that's what I'm doing for you! With all the amazing DIY that you do, having someone else come in for that job is well deserved!


Ooh, I'm seeing it from here! Great moves!!!


We have four skylights in our home and I'm always keeping my eye on them. They flood the rooms with light and it's so beautiful.. but I always worry about them leaking. Silly. I know you'll feel so much better once they're repaired to your liking. One less thing to think about. Can't wait to see the results. Fingers crossed for sunshine!


how much to replace and have the work done?

un arc-en-ciel dans le lavabo

we had some (larger) replacement velux windows added to our roof (even though it is not only an attic but later plans are a loft), they 're big : light is now flowing, and the triple glass layers (it is north facing) make a worthy difference in insulation.
i agree with Elisa about roof & window work, and with Lisa, too !
We are also waiting for the showers to stop here on the Atlantic coast so we can do some outdoors painting, so if anyone finds the right "dance", I'm up for it :)


Each window is 7500 SEK (about USD 1000) and then the work goes on top of that. Not sure of the final price for the work because they're replacing these windows with slightly bigger ones (they don't make these small ones anymore) and it depends on the amont of work involved.

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