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May 21, 2012


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Then you must've had lots of deck breaks this weekend - wasn't the weather great? Finally!!

Love that carafe. If I didn't already have too many I'd ask you where it came from. Oh, what the heck. Where did it come from?


Thank you sweetie for a much needed relaxed and so nice day! My arms had a suprisingly red colour the next morning...


I can't believe 1 year has gone past so fast.
And look at all that you have achieved! Well done YOU!
That's sounds like a great mission, I hope the sunshines a lot ;-D
Have a great week ahead


You are most welcome, it was a much needed break... See you soon again so I can relax some more!


It was gorgeous! The carafe came from a sample sale at work...


Oooh Princess Cake looks lovely!


So nice to see you taking time to enjoy your fab new decking. No sun for us this weekend :( sooo looking forward to getting out and spending some time playing in the garden with the little ones. rain rain rain for us at the moment!

here's my 366 project!


I can't believe it's week 20 already. Is that a Swedish recipe, Princess Cake? Sorry. Never seen one like that before. Cheers.


It is. You can find it here: http://scandinavianfood.about.com/od/cakerecipes/r/Princesscake.htm


Oh darn. Well, just a sign that I don't need any more carafes :)

Fröken Prickig

Sounds like a very good mission!


Great mission! We want to see pictures of you relaxing- is Wile a good photographer? :)


You can tell that Mr. Bonus knows what a stud he is!


He's ok but rarely at home. Always on the go :)




That IS a good mission to have don't forget it!


Hi, love reading your blog.

May I ask where you bought those square 'flowerpots'? They have just the look i want.

Cathy S

That photo of Bonus reminds me of Henri le Chat Noir: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0M7ibPk37_U Hope you get a chance to view it, and if you enjoy the first video, there is a sequel.


Härliga försommarbilder! Har du något trick för att få Bonus och Mini att hålla sig stilla och öppna ögonen när du fotograferar? Alla dina kattbilder är väldigt bra! Min katt är omöjlig att fota. Antingen springer den sin väg när jag kommer med kameran eller så vill den undersöka objektivet :-(
Grattis till att du blivet Igelkott mamma. Hoppas den stannar hela sommaren och att Bonus och Mini accepterar den.

Lisa Flaherty

Just popped over to watch Henri--very cute! Thank you for sharing here; I doubt I would have ever come across that on my own!

Lisa Flaherty

Such an amazing transformation you have made, turning this house into a home in one year's time! It's been a pleasure to follow you through this journey. Thank you for sharing it with us all, and I look forward to each day's faithful post as one of your daily faithful readers! :)

christine e-e

loved the reference to "teenage stubble" --- nice way to start the workweek --- with a giggle!
we had love-ly weather on the Central Coast of California. I believe I've captured some of your energy & had a very productive weekend de-cluttering & painting. Wish I had taken more time to enjoy the sunshine. But --- less clutter feels GREAT!


They are from IKEA!


Aww, Henri!


Haha, inga trick. Jag känner igen den där "gå fram och nosa"...Jag har kameran redo helt enkelt och 9 av 10 bilder blir inte bra så ta massor så blir kanske någon bra är mitt råd. Jag brukar också passa på när Mini och Bonus är lite trötta och sen knäpper jag med fingrarna åt det håll jag vill att de ska titta (mot ljuset). Det funkar sällan men nån enstaka gång så :)


Love yr deck :D Come to Singapore n get sun ANYTIME :>


Trevligt inlägg, som vanligt. Mycket bra uppdrag. Det ska jag härma, tror jag. Nu när vi också har ett fint däck i lärkträ! J har överträffat sig själv till min stora glädje.

Undrar om igelkotten flyttat till er alltså? Vi brukade ha en och den är inte kvar :-(. Nu har den tjocka grannplatsen lagt beslag på igelkottens vrå. Kotten trivs nog bättre hos dina katter.



Tjocka grannkatten ska det stå förstås. Jag är visst lite sömnig!


So much enjoy your blog; I have a black and white cat who could be brothers with Bonus; we call them tuxedo cats and mine is named Duke. I got him from a local shelter and he is the sweetest cat! I love your sense of style and I have a teenage son, (and daughter) too and am a single parent, but have 4 cats! Guess that makes me the "crazy cat lady". Oh well; I wouldn't trade them for anything..... thanks for sharing with us!

Anna Cassia Passarelli

Mini anda Bonus are soooooo cute. I REALY need a mission like yours... it's cold outiside downhere in Brazil for now... brrrrr


Hi Benita, Just popping by to tell you how much I love your blog. I like the glimpses of day-to-day Swedish life in your posts, and pick up lots of good ideas that translate well to my own house. I'm especially enjoying watching Spring (and your new garden) unfold half a world away.

I spotted two of your ideas in my new copy of Real Simple magazine this month. It looks like they shot their own version, but I thought, "Hey! That looks like a Chez Larsson idea!" before I spotted your name in the write-up.

Kristin Espinasse

Benita, Great idea to mark the occasion--with cake :-) Your photos are so neat and the perfect souvenirs to the sweet life. You have done a beautiful job making it that way. Your posts continue to inspire every since I found you thanks to Typepad's favorite blogs. Thanks and all best wishes from rainy Sainte Cécile-les-Vignes.


Åh, då måste jag gå parkvägen och spana in ert nya däck, kul! Har inte sett kotten sen sist, tror den tyckte det snickrades lite för intensivt där ett tag men jag hoppas den kommer tillbaka. Så söt!


I was thinking the same thing too! I think I should adopt that mission as well.


I like the square flower pots with daisies on your deck. Mini is looking lovely and did I ever mention I have a crash on Bonus? This guy takes a mean picture! You wold think he went to a modelling school :-).


Yup, he and Wille are the handsome men in my life!

I'm always pleased when I get a decent shot of him. Because he's so dark it's difficult, from behind it's just a big black blob, I need him full frontal :).


Thank you for your reply. Not many bloggers do. Much appreciated.

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