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May 28, 2012


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I wish I had your motivation and energy! You have achieved so much since you moved into that house!



Does the push mower work ok? I've been thinking of getting one.

Yazmak İyidir

Lovely top! Great color and texture. And it looks good on you :) Sweet.


Hi Benita,

Love your weekly reviews and seeing all the things that you've been doing in and around your new home. I also really enjoy getting an occasional glimpse of yourself and of course the kitties. I've got a question though. Recently I haven't been able to find the search button - is it gone or am I just not looking closely enough?
Have a good day!


I tried it yesterday and for my tiny lawn it's perfect! It took me exactly 10 minutes to mow. I plan on moving twice a week so the short clippings can stay on the lawn and not need to be raked up. Mowing twice still saves me time because once a week going dowwnstairs, looking up the door, carrying the bulky electric mower upstairs, going down again to get and plug in the cord, mow and then put everything back + dumping the cuttings on the composts at least three times takes way longer. I love my little 7 kg push mover!


Sorry about that, the search button disappears from time to time I've noticed. It's out of my control I'm afraid. What I do when it's not there is too google, simply typing in "chezlarsson" + the word your looking for". Works perfectly.


Thanks a lot for the tip!


Your grass looks great already what type of seed did you use? Still not tired of pictures of the deck what a transformation.


* to


I will check when I get back home!


22 Maj - I can't believe how different it looks!
26 Maj - Those lilacs sit really well in that white vase.


Looking like another wonderful week x


You asked about blogs etc some time ago ... I don't really know how to do links, but I thought you might enjoy some of the interior photos from sfgirlbybay" on flickr - I was thinking of the "@home" 'collection' ;-)(http://www.flickr.com/photos/sfgirlbybay/sets/72157624172102165/)


Thank you for thinking of me. Victoria and I are old Flickr friends :).


I love that shirt on you! Very business-like color with an interesting texture/pattern.

The lawn looks so nice and lush.



I used this http://www.rolunda.se/index.php?page=graesfroe but unfortunately I can't find English translations for the grasses.


Thank you, I love its boxy shape. I got a white one too!


Oh vilken snygg top :-)
May I ask where you bought it?
Keep up the good work with a great blog!


Thanks. I'll find it, just in from the garden now, starting to get dark.
Hard work but if the lawn improves it will be worth it.


Toppen är från Åhléns. Finns även i vitt. Jag har förstås båda som alltid när jag hittar nåt bra :).


Well Bonus wants to stay incognito this week. Great lilacs, I adore them!


Åhlens here I come!

Måste även säga WOW - grymt snyggt du fått det med trädgård, däck, gräs, ny grundfärg etc.
Så inspirerande! Tack för du delar med dig.

// sara

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