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May 25, 2012


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amycapdet / May Zaragoza

Lucky you! Loving the tray :) So cute!


My mum had a tray like that. Funny...


Very nice selection! i love the Union Jack tray! Have a wonderful day!


Way to go med handtagen! Man ska inte underskatta bakluckeloppisar :) Själv fick jag ta till all min självbehärskning för att inte gå, vi håller nämligen på att rensa ut i källaren... Hör och häpna - vi behöver INTE mer prylar!!! ;)




Great bits and bobs! Why is it that I now find I can't start the day before reading your blog? I have even attempted to read it upon wakening (whilst still in bed) on my iPhone. I'm a sad creature.
I have been inspired by your ideas though - keep them coming please.


Hej Benita
LOVE the UJ Tray
So far I have managed to find 5 of these in Sweden and I buy them every time I see them.
I found 3 altogether in Motala 2 summers ago...oh I just love loppis.
I use mine in our English Tea Room in the forest!
The door handles are great too, you can never have enough of them.
COOL sunshades, you defo need them now ;-)
Have a great weekend.
I'm in Sthlm tomorrow to see my daughter...and then fly that night to London.
Can I get you anything whilst I'm there?


Wille's wrong - the mouse is great! And I also love the egg cups. What a great haul :)


It was a good hunt. I like soft boiled eggs and have a SOFT spot for cute egg holders. Trevlig helg!


P.S. I love the Union Jack tray. I had a few of these (Union Jacks) on my blog this past week since I went to London for a few days.


I'm reading it on my iPhone in bed right now...it's 6:00am. Starting the morning with Chez Larsson is way better than an annoying alarm clock! :-) I think seeing all the things Benita is able to get done is inspiring and makes you feel like you can do it too. Plus her photos are beautiful and who dosent want to look at somthing pretty first thing! Not sad at all! :-)


Thanks Shelly, Good to know there are more iPhone- in- bed Chez Larsson people in the world.
Your right, it is an inspiring and happy way to start the day. Cheers!


How odd that there are so many around!?

Thank you so much for the offer but I had a friend getting me some stuff I needed from there quite recently so I'm good :)

Debbie from Chicago

Cool stuff!


I would've picked the mouse, tray, 3 of the dvds, egg cups and circuit board ruler.


While I don't read it in bed, it is the first site I check every morning. Chez Larsson is a wonderful way to start the day!


Wonderful haul! I can't believe you found those handles. Congratulations.

Lisa Flaherty

How fun! All good finds! Have a great weekend!


Brilliant spending x


Having been numerous times as a seller on a car boot sale, I know the system. Everyone tries to get something just a " bit " cheaper. It´s the name of the game. Since the prices are already as low as possible, it´s s o annoying to start wheeling and dealing with the price, so I always give in. My main mission is to get rid of the stuff!
I have done my share of " antique, etc. shopping " over the years. Never, ever again.
Anyways, it is amusing to see people wandering around seeking for treasures.


Benita! What happened! I came by to search for a post about you organizing your magazines. I can't find the list of posts by topic (Organizing) or the little orange search thingie either. Boo. I am sad now, :-( Is there another way we can look for and find favorite posts? You have many. :-)


ugh, i'm so jealous. door handles in the states are not that cool! and certainly not that cheap!


I hadn't updated the page in a very long time and it felt very incomplete so I removed it. The search button is only temporarily gone. It happens occasionally for reasons out of my control. You can ALWAYS search via Google. Just type in "chez larsson organizing magazines" and there you have it http://www.google.se/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&ved=0CFcQFjAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fchezlarsson.com%2Fmyblog%2F2008%2F06%2Forganizing-maga.html&ei=BIHAT4K2GpLP4QSP8vDFCQ&usg=AFQjCNENqL6QuM9sPc6Qyz-HxycqDkL-tw


För att inte tala om det bästa kapet: grapefruktknivarna!! ;)

Jag är fortfarande löjligt lycklig över min melittahållare och har inte haft hjärta att sätta in den i skåpet än...


Men herregud, dem glömde jag! Blev så ivrig så de åkte direkt in i diskmaskinen!


I forgot! Anne reminded me! I also scored some grapefruit knives!! Awesome!!!

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