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May 23, 2012


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Looks nice, not as strict. Yay pillow cover to come! :)


What a beautyfull fabric! Josef Frank is a master, when it comes to fabric design...


Beautiful-but do the cats like it? :)


When you wrote expensive, I didn't think it was THAT expensive - OMG! I most certainly understand why you didn't cover the back :)


I really covet those Josef Frank textiles and always have my eyes open for fabrics that resemble his style. My husband and I were lucky enough to be in Stockholm when there was a JF exhibit (more than a couple of years ago - isn't time strange?) and the beauty was enough to make you faint! Love the idea of only covering the front of the cushion and now you have got my mind working...


When I have a small piece of something special too (like hand made paper), I try to find ways of using that will allow me reuse it again as well. Smart thinking!


It looks lovely Benita. Completley worth the splurdge! I got myself for my birthday some Josef Frank material here and made two cushions for my bed an a small one for a sofa in the room. It completely changed everything in there, so it is always nice to have some JF around! :)

Lisa Flaherty

Great idea to be able to use the fabric in another application at a later time. It is beautiful! Love that design, and looks great on the chair.


Mini does :)


I know! Crazy, right, for a piece of fabric!


Looks great x


Verkligen snyggt. Och smart, med tanke på kostnaden!

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