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May 16, 2012


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You´ve done SO much in that year, wish I had your speed! Congrats and may many more years come! :-)


Really? It's already been a year?
Funny, how time flies!


No WAY has it been a year already!!! Time is just flying by for me lately and, wow, yes you have done a lot! I need to get motivated and tick off some of my to do list or another year will pass and my list will still be there. ha ha.


What a difference a year makes. You have done more in a year than we have done in five (ok, make that ten) years. And you have made excellent choices.


I too am surprised it's been a year already. To me it feels like you moved yesterday.
I'm happy you enjoy your hoem.



Petra from NL

Time does indeed fly! So good to hear you are both happy in the new home. And yes, just like others I'm in awe of what you've accomplished in a year. But for us avid readers of your blog it comes as no surprise ;-).


A year - I can't believe you have done so much and transformed the house so amazingly already - be proud of everything x


happy home anniversary to you! It is indeed incredible what you have done in just a year to make your place yours...you are such an inspiration, WTG


Happy Houseiversary!


I too am surprised it's been a year already! I which all four of you many happy years in that home!


Congrats! Home really is where the heart is. I am curious-do you have a fireplace in this house? If not, do you miss it? We took ours out during reno to make the living area larger. We do not get cold winters here, but I miss the atmosphere it gives, especially during the holidays. I am looking for a solution.

[room] by sofie

Wow, I year is going really fast! Keep up the good work!


It is unbelievable how much you have done in a year--and it DOES seem like you have been there forever. It is clear how happy you are in your new space--and we are happy you share it with us.

To many more years!

Fiona in Australia

happy aniversary, and wow do you have some kind of a power-time-of-year going on... i'm noticing your starting blog date and your house move date are only one calander day apart. Loving your grace through your life changes. Your a great inspiration Benita. xx


Wow, that was quick! A lot of hard work went into your house to change it into your home. Congratulations! A little celebratory party on the the new deck might be in order, no?


Well you feel like it's been forever and we all feel like it was yesterday! Happy first anniversary in the new digs. I can't get over how much you've gotten done there already.


I cannot believe it's already been a year since you are in your new home. And Mr Bonus has finally gotten acclimated. Btw, read your org ideas last night in the latest Real Simple (June) issue- congratulations!


Wow - just one year and you've accomplished so much! The house and garden - and deck, of course, are looking really amazing. All credit to you. Well done and enjoy your anniversary day.

christine e-e

CONGRATS Benita... on the blog anniversary & living in your new home anniversary!
I love that you are willing to share your decorating & organizing ideas - with all these bloggers you know only remotely!!! Kudos for being so brave & creating a space where we can come with our tea or coffee and spend a few moments with you each weekday!
Not having "changing weather" (ie seasons) in my area of California, I really enjoy seeing the beautiful pics of your yard & patio, the way you change your living space to reflect the changing weather, & your country's customs & culture. You are an ambassador of simple living!!!
May you, Willie, Mr Bonus & Mini enjoy a beautiful spring & summer working in your garden & yard in the coming months.


I don't have a fireplace and did consider installing one because I'm always cold. Turns out this house is so much warmer than the other one ( Iguess being sandwiched between two other houses does that) though so I don't need one. I love them but am not really sure I want to make that investment of installing one...


I know, and the 14th is my moms Birthday which is how I remember it all :)


Unfortunately the weather's a bit iffy but I did buy some cake for dessert :)


Finally, Bonus!

So glad everyone is happy and settled. It's a sign of a good home when you are pleased and relaxed a year later!


I was wondering if the nice weather would start up Bonus' wandering again. :)


Wow I remember reading about you moving in! Feels like a couple of months ago! How a year flies by, and you've transformed the house so much! x


Wow! That's amazing! Time sure flies when you're having fun! You ARE having fun, aren't you? I know that your READERS are! Thank you so much for sharing it all--good news and bad--with us. We so appreciate it! Happy Houseiversary*! *Credit to Celia for that very appropriate term :)

Debbie from Chicago

You have created a lovely home for you and Wille.

un arc en ciel dans le lavabo

you did such a great job in only one year ! wishing you more happiness to come x


Hey Benita - I was wondering if you used your lightscoop for these photos or if you used natural light/direct flash for them. I love how you've transformed your home and shared the process with us the readers. Thanks!


No, these are unedited photos pre light scoop.

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