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May 18, 2012


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car boot sale?????


OHHH! Too cute! I want neighbor like that!
Happy hunting at the boot sale.


Too cute! We had a hedgehog in our garden last year, but I think he was only visiting since I saw him only once.


It's like a flea market/yard sale where people sell their goods out of their car trunks (boots in the UK).


Hedgehogs seem very sweet. I don't know much about them, but I'm sure I've read before that it's usually a warning sign if you see them in daylight. It can mean that they're sick, or underfed. I know they can eat cat food (wet or dry, I believe). If you think you can keep Mini and Bonus out of it, maybe you could put down some food for your little neighbor - he might have a very grumbly tummy!


I love hedgehogs! and I think I read they eat snails, so you might have some use of them if you have snail problems (I do, so that's the first thing I think of)


We live in the states. My mom used to have one as a pet. They seem so exotic over here. Funny to see a wild one :)


We live in the states. My mom used to have one as a pet. They seem so exotic over here. Funny to see a wild one :)


We love hedgehogs and they are very common in the wild here in Switzerland - one often comes snuffling through our property at dusk in the summer and very little (other than our dog) will deter him. Sadly they often get killed by cars. You can feed a little cat food, just avoid milk, as that disturbs their digestions (people used to give milk a lot).

This one is just what you need to munch all the slugs away from your hosta plant in the background!! Slugs adore hostas... so far I have mine in pots to try and avoid too much damage.


oh, so amazing you've spotted one! my littlest is in love with them, so i'm always reading hedgehog books and negotiating about getting a pet one. have a lovely long weekend! x

Froken Prickig

Good luck & have a nice weekend!


Ett litet tips: Mata den gärna, då kommer den tillbaka ofta vilket håller sniglarna borta, MEN mata den så långt bort från altanen som möjligt för de är söta men bajsar FÖRSKRÄCKLIGT mycket, och det är inte lätt att få bort kletet från trädäcket. Varje morgon. Tro mig. ;-)


Hi, Benita, like Diane said, cat food is good for them, and their natural food is lots of snails and slugs, (I can't remember what else) You could maybe try a bit of food around dusk where you saw it, or immediately, if you see in daylight, as they probably are very hungry. I used to have one in the garden, and it loved chicken-flavour cat food, (the cats used to stare at it, but didn't approach) It took any flavour, but I tended to put out whatever the cats decided now bored them. I had no fear of mice and rats arriving for a snack because of the cats, who certainly would never have allowed that.
Enjoy your boot sale, they can be great fun, and a good source of collectable stuff.
Happy weekend. Mal


Igelkottar is one of my favorite words in Swedish! :)

Dana from CT

Oh so cute! As previous poster said we do not have them here in the United States. They are just so Beatrix Potter CUTE. Wish we did. Instead we had Coyotes howling last night while we enjoyed a fire on the screened in porch. And I heard an owl hooting last night too :-) I like owls. Coyotes not so much!

Enjoy your long weekend!!


I saw this guy at around 9 pm and he seemed ok, just out for a stroll hopefully.


I don't have a snail problem (thank god!) at this house but it's good to know that he'd be a useful helper!


Haha, hur mycket kan en sån där pys få ur sig undrar jag ju förstås nu :)


Awwww, I adore hedgehogs! How cute!


Clearly I am an American - my first thought was "Is that a baby groundhog?" :) Hedgehogs are much sweeter!


Have fun x

Account Deleted

Your neighbor is so cute ! Have a nice weekend everyone :) and good luck with the boot sale!


I hope your new neighbor is a regular feature on your blog, he/she is adorable!!!

Lisa Flaherty

Had to forward this to my mom immediately! She has a childhood memory of a hedgehog in her Opa's garden while growing up in Germany. Thank you so much for sharing him with us!


Ah I love hegdehogs, I haven't seen one in person since I was a little girl in England. My Aunt had a little hegdehog friend that she fed a saucer of milk for ten years! He would come out from somewhere in the garden at the exact time every day!

Thank you for the lovely pictures everyday, the inspiring organization. Your house is lovely! Happy Friday!

Louise - California

Louise D

Hi Benita,

if you want to create a nice space to invite your nice little neighbour, you can make a litlle pile of wood in a quiet corner of your backyard. It can incite him to live here...


So cute!


Oh, so cute! Happy weekend.
Kisses from Brazil


I think I would much rather have a cute hedgehog roaming my backyard rather than the stinky skunks we have in North America! Do hedgehogs dig up sod looking for grubs and bugs like skunks and raccoons do?


I don't know but when I saw him he just waddled along, it didn't look like he dug anything up.


Oh, good to hear!

I bet his internet was down, so he was desperate to get caught up on the 'Chez Larsson Experience' and having a nose around at the new improvements in the 'hood. ;)




Really don´t want to sound negative about hedgehogs, because they truly are cute! But I need to warn you that they carry fleas and the cats can bring them inside. They can bite the cat and then live on it for a couple of days but they wont multiply (they need hedgehogblood) My cats brought in fleas and they ended up in MY bed.....they itch....BADLY!!!


Eeeewww! Good thing I decided not to feed it then...


OMG Cute new neighbor! I hope he comes to visit often! :)

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