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May 24, 2012


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I like to see how you fix those awkward little problems that sometimes pop up around the house.
Do you use a special kind of paint for concrete?
I'm looking forward to seeing it painted and tidy :)


Nice work and it will be so nice when it's done. You think the crack will open again? Is that possible?


I guess that the stairs might still shift over the years to come but I'm noy worried of it cracking open anytime soon.


I'm using the same paint as for the green walls which are also concrete. That paint is a special one for concrete.

Lorna from Atlanta

You are an inspiring reminder to do things right and not put a band aid on repairs. Just get the pain in the butt thing done right and move on.


Good post, Benita, and a reminder not to put awkward jobs off! x


Ah, but this post IS interesting! At least to me, as we have a similar problem that needs fixing. :-)

an apartment dweller

This post is interesting to me and I don't even have a similar problem that needs fixing.Very inspiring.


That looks like a very good solution. I found this interesting how you'd fixed the problem. Great


I like the way they used the pieces of wood against the steps to clamp the form boards. I never would have thought of that. Another reason it's fun to hang out with contractors.


That is a sick way of trying to fill in serious gaps like that. Your hired contractors were excellent to do this for you Benita.


Au contraire! I found this post quite interesting. I just bought a house and will no doubt have to tackle similar issues. Like another poster said, it's nice to see things done right.


I like this type of nitty gritty post. Besides being interesting in and of itsself, it gives us a before picture well before the after - we get to ponder what you might be planning; what the area might look like after you've worked your magic - and anticipate seeing the end results.


That gap is scary. What does it mean that parts of the house are separating? Does it mean that the house is leaning to the side? Is this a given scenario over time? I don't get it.

Debbie from Chicago

I would of never thought of fixing it like that. Your contractor is clever. I would make sure to never lose their number. :)


It's nothing to worry about. It's not the house that's shifting it's the concrete staircase which wasn't attached to the house but leaning against it. We have clay soil and it's to be expected after 58 years.

Dana from CT

I too like posts like this. It's a major before and after difference which I find very satisfying. Can't wait to see the whole completed picture!


I actually love seeing how awkward little jobs like that get done. I don't even own a house at the moment but will definitely file that away in the ol' memory banks.

Lisa Flaherty

I agree with the other commenters--I like this type of post. I think it would be difficult to hunt down a specific fix like this on the internet, but this idea can now be filed away in my brain and serve as a jumping point for solving this and other problems!


Very good post. I like how you fix all the "small" things as well, that's what makes the whole impression of the house look so good and solid! No quick fixes.


Oh those busy chaps!!


making a silk purse out of a sow's ear -- that rumpelstiltskin thing you do -- IS the most interesting post. fer realz.


I'm another who likes posts like this. Sorry for this comment simply echoing the others, but thought the vote might be encouraging for you to keep on adding these.


If you have clay soil you are very lucky that's all that's shifted. We have clay soil where we live and all the houses have problems: things coming away like your stairs, windows and doors that can only be opened certain times of the year, cracks in the walls, etc. Count your lucky stars. Anyway, this means that, of course this post is interesting. And relevant.


I also like this post very much. With an old house, you always have similar items. It's funny, how you can see the solutions of the previous owner to some problems - sometimes I didn't even know what the problem was, when I came to a funny constructionf the previous owner had installed.


Ooh, I'm pleased to hear that at least some of you actually enjoyed this post :)


I thought this post was interesting! It'll help me with DIYs on my home

Account Deleted

I'll say the same as everyone else said i liked this post very much. Very interesting the way they fixed the gap and took me a while to understand why they didn't put concrete on the side of the stairs too.


These nitty gritty fix it posts are so interesting! It's the sort of repair that people have no idea where to start with and so often gets pushed to the back of the To Do List. Thanks for the inspiration. Please continue ...

suzy hausfrau

I LOVE these posts, and yay for getting some help! As I was reading the post I had to stop flinching and remind myself that you weren't here in Australia where the creepy crawlies can be really poisonous. Do you guys get nasty spiders and snakes over there?


No nasty spiders, just friendly cute ones :). We do have vipers but very rarely in suburbia, they tend to stay in less populated areas.


I actually really appreciate this post. I would have NO idea what to do with this scenario!


Is there a particular reason you did not paint the walls your famous white? Just curious.


Because this is the foundation of the house and it should have a different color to the house itself to anchor it.

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