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May 31, 2012


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Looks great! This is totally unrelated but... I was sitting on a beach in South Carolina flipping through the current issue of Real Simple and saw your name next to the (candle drawer and the divided bin) organization tips! I immediately grabbed my mom and said, "Hey, I know her! Well, sort of..." It's a small world! Congrats on your feature!


I was wondering what are you going to do with that gap, the fabric sounds very good. I like the grey, it looks brand new.


Holy Moly! It looks like you replaced it! VERY nice.

In the last picture, that plant with the yellow flowers - I have that too, left over from the previous owners of the house. What's it called, do you know?


It's a Euphorbia! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Euphorbia Not super keen on the yellow spring bloom but I like how it turns all green later on. Mine may go now that I'm replanting the whole flowerbed though. Will see... The plants arrived the other day!


It looks completely nee! Always amazed by your diy transformation.


Euphorbia! Well, gotta keep that in honor of the Eurovision winner ;)

I've been considering getting rid of ours too - I'm not crazy about the yellow either. But they do give a little brightness out there when everything else is still waiting to bloom. We'll see. Looking forward to seeing your new plants!


It looks wonderful, Benita, and the awning fabric will look perfect! Also, I'm very taken with your mouse sander!! I need one of those in my life! Which model do you have? x


Wow I would never have thought that could be rescued. It looks fantastic


Wow, looks like new. I think silver metallic looks nicer, blends better with everything else.


Ok, now I'll be singing Euphorbiaaaaa...


Mine's a Black and Decker and it's my second one. Not because there was something wrong with the first one but because I wore the poor thing out! I don't know the model name of the one I have and it's a few years old. Don't bother getting one with a million little attachments, you'll end up using the regular pointy tip for everything anyway.


That looks fabulous!!! (of course.)


Sorry. I did it to myself too - we'll be singing together.

Petra from NL

Can't wait to see the fabric.


That is an unbelievable transformation. I was just about to throw out a rusty old garden bench I thought it was beyond saving but now..


Du är ju helt otroligt duktig!
Allt blir ju superfint!
Önskar att jag hade mer tid...


It looks great!! Question... Did you brush it on or was the paint a spray paint?
I don't see brush marks in the picture. The finish looks so smooth.

Out of Ours

Looks amazing Benita! I think the silver was a better choice than your original black. The black would have been too stark against you white and dove grey walls so the silver blends in much better.


It was a can and I did brush it on :).


I'm impressed -- looking at the rust in the Exhibit A&B photos, I'd have written this one off as too far gone. Nice rescue!

Debbie from Chicago

Wow! I would of never thought to sand it and repaint. I will say it again, you are one clever gal. :)


isn't it just amazing what a difference a small change can make!? that looks great! i too had a Euphorbia for years. what a cute plant!

Lisa W


Lisa Flaherty

I have that mouse sander-brand new and in the box- for years! I bought in intending to refinish our kitchen cabinets, which never happened. You are amazing! I am inspired to use it on our front door which needs new paint ASAP!


This must have been hard work, it looks really good. My hand rail is rusty and coming apart, but it's so bad that it's splitting so I think we are going to have to completely replace.

Dana @ Bungalow'56

Can't believe how good it looks Benita! Can't wait to see the whole finished look. After your rainy day of course.

christine e-e

awesome... I too like the gray.
Have you ever tried the "hammered spray paint"... I've used this spray paint on lamp bases, patio furniture, picture frames & decorative accents...
here's the link: http://www.rustoleum.com/cbgproduct.asp?pid=159
I love trying to save or recycle items instead of getting rid of them. I have a funky wall shelf that was my grandmother's - she had it in her bathroom - for knick-knacks. I think it's now being held together with all the various coats of spray paint... Not using it right now, but can't bear to get rid of it.
As usual, your blog inspires me to add items to my own "To Do" list.


Lovely work. You need a bit of hand sewing to do out on the deck!


The metallic gray really highlights the architectural curves of the handrail that I think the black would have masked. Good call on the paint color choice! And the lack of brush strokes speaks to your expertise. Did you prime the metal before you painted with the gray metal color?


The paint I used is primer and paint all in one and prevents rust at the same time so all that was needed was two coats.


I didn't know that hammered paint came in spray version but I know of the can version. I have to say I'm not really into the hammered look so much. I prefer a smoother finish. I can see it working well in a perhaps more rustic context though.


Just thought to say that would you care to show your sewing place in the basement in a future post? I'm just redoing my office/craft area and I'd love to see your place for the inspiration. No pressure, if you don't want to show it, that's ok.


I don't have a great sewing spot yet. The last few times I've been standing at the counter top in the laundry room:).


The banister looks really great in that colour. If I remember right you sowed the awning your self. I'm about to replace the fabric on an old awning. Do you have any pictures of how you did or any tips and tricks I might need. I would really be grateful for some advice. Love your blog and follow it regularly and love the inspiration that it brings. You make everything look so neat, clean and new.
Love Carolin


I didn't sew the awning myself. It's not a project I'd take on myself. Too large pieces of fabric to handle on a regular sewing machine unortunately on ones own in my opinion. Here's a site for replacenent awnings: http://www.dittsolskydd.se/.


Vilket märke va det på färgen du använde? Min kära mor har målat om sitt trappräcke varje år nu på sistone för att färgen alltid flagnar av...


Det finns en länk i inlägget :)


Haha sorry :) Jag va så tagen av bilderna att jag missade länken.

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