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May 30, 2012


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It's a great idea. Can you do a post on what tools you store there? (Sometimes we can be so nosey! lol)


What you see is it. At the moment a trowl, some grass seeds, a pair of scissors and a brush. What will also end up there are the clippers and garden gloves I guess. Gardening clutter basically.


I love that you've re-installed this. I love putting original details back into houses. The last house we lived in we found its original victorian roll top bath being used in the garden as a planter. It was still in great condition so we had it professionally re-conditioned and re-enamelled. We then installed it back in the bathroom. Felt so good and it looked fantastic!


And I thought it was a gray mailbox!! It was just dusty.
Good use for the old box.

Vicki K

How does the Swedish on the box translate into English? I love the quick grab 'n go AND it's originality to the house!


It's the name of the block which translates to "map measurer".


Haha, that's what I thought too!


Brilliant re-cycling x

the spectator

This a really nifty idea which I am going to 'borrow'.


Me too!


Great idea!


Excellent idea! I saw this idea in Sunset Magazine years ago and intended to use it but never have put it into action. I should be on the lookout for an old box at one of the thrift shops that I frequent. Thanks for the re-inspiration! Yours looks perfect and so at-home in that location! Such a timesaver and it allows you to garden when the need/spirit presents itself. Otherwise, as we all know, procrastination (does Benita REALLY know the meaning of that word? I certainly do!) can set in.

I wonder how long it will be before someone leaves you a little love note in the box. I wonder if you will you let us know. I hope so!


Great re-use! Are the window bars for security? Do they release from the inside if one must get out in an emergency?


Such a simple and cool idea.

Here in the U.S., I'd be concerned that the tools would be stolen. I guess it's not a huge loss if they were but it would annoy me.


yes, but they weren't added by me. As for getting out I'd use the door...


Haha, I don't expect any love notes :).


and lucky you that it turned out to be green! Great find and great use of something original to the house.


So great. To bad I never thought about that when we replaced our old mailbox. But our mailbox was not as cool as yours and with such history.


Due to lighting I assume, your wonderful box looks greyish in the top photo. If you decide to paint, it would look fantastic in pale grey (with letters re-stenciled back on perhaps). Just a thought!

Ann H.

Benita! It was so fun to receive my weekly email from Real Simple today, which quotes you!!


Um, no that would be 50 years worth of attic dust :)

Petra from NL

OOoh... must be on the look out for one of those. At the moment such tools are in a plastic bin under a rolling cart in the kitchen but I would know the perfect spot for something like this...


I noticed the mailbox in your last post and thought "hmm...they must deliver mail differently over there." Now it all makes sense. Great idea!

Julia @the BackLoop

This is the perfect idea. I love having just a few things up front that I can grab for improtu weeding, or poop scooping from the feral cats in the neighborhood. I have two little ones and can't leave them in the front yard playing while I either 1- dash into the back shed or 2-go through the house into the garage. My littlest one is a runner and her second favorite outside activity is to run into the street the moment you take your eyes off of her :-\
Luckily we don't live on a busy street.

Anyhow, all of that is to say - I'm going to be looking for something at our thrift store that I can repurpose.

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