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May 29, 2012


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Oh Benita that looks wonderful!! Is that a mailbox I spy beside the door? If so, may I ask what you are using for or why it's their? Just curious.


I'll show you tomorrow :).


it IS such a joy to follow your work! You amaze me so often. Every week day morning when I have my first cup of coffee it´s also Benita time ;-D, it kind of kickstarts my day. Even though I usually wake up around 05 I save that first cup until seven when your post appear, it´s become the first treat of my day. What an amazing job you have done to the new place!


I'm here in California at 10:30 p.m. What a treat it is to catch a fresh edition of the Chez Larsson blog! It's like eye candy--except I know (at least I can imagine) how many calories have been expended to achieve that visually delicious treat! Your house and home look fabulous! I live vicariously through you and it's a great life! Thank you!


What a great place for you to enjoy your summer!! It really looks amazing. I love the grey foundation it all looks so crisp and fresh.
Mailbox= gardening tools ?


All will be revealed tomorrow :).


Your home looks very big now, compared to the before shot. It must be all the white that seems to expand the house. It looks amazing, I must admit I did not see that the house could get this nice


Totally brilliant - I love it!
Does it make the neighbours look shabby?


Ha ha, "ghetto before" :). And wow. I never get tired of looking at your before/afters. They remind me that there IS hope for even the saddest looking part of the yard or house.

And hey! You might be getting a second-generation reader here pretty soon. My daughter was talking about how much she loved organizing stuff at home and how easy it made her life, so you know what direction I pointed her in...


Ooooh, nice; I am a sucker for before and after pictures!


A frog into a prince transformation. Took lots of kisses (i.e. hard work) and the result is wonderful.


Looks great so far - you must be working hard! :-)


You made wonder in such a short time Benita. Have a nice week.


Looks great good on you , I just love watching your little nest transform ...thanks for sharing


The transformation you did on this house of yours is truly amazing and astonishing! I am applauding from the bowwom of my heart to your endurance and determination to turn things to their best and hope to be able to follow you lead we finally will be moving into our own place sometime next year.

the spectator

Your place is looking SO GOOD. And yes, you made the right decision about painting over the green.


Brava! The work you've done is so right on--and your house is so beautiful now!

Debbie from Illinois

Your home looks wonderful! So what have the neighbors said about the renovations you have done?

Debbie from Illinois


Whoa! Amazing, amazing job - it looks marvelous:)


I think both my closest neighbors enjoy their outdoor spaces even though they're very different to mine :).


Ooh, great, Britney's very welcome to visit!


They're positive as far as I can tell :).


I love the transformation! The grey is so much better than the green


Benita, this looks amazing. I keep scrolling up and down from the 'before' and 'after' shot, and it is truly impressive. You are an inspiration! It looks so great. You have converted me to white exteriors. It looks so sharp. Hope you get to really enjoy it this summer!

Lisa Flaherty

Beautiful transformation! One thing I've noticed in many, if not all, of your pictures of the back of your house is the back door is open or quite ajar. I love it--looks so inviting and adds life and interest!


I find it amazing how much bigger your house looks now. Great job, clean and simple.
I missed my window to paint my foundation, the plants are too high now, so I'll have to wait until the fall or maybe next spring.


Your home looks AMAZING!!!


Wow, it looks great. It must be very satisfying to see it come together. Can't wait to see what else you have planned.

p.s. Have you seen your hedgehog visitor lately?


well done! it looks amazing & so fresh. i think i would have gone a shade or so darker on the bottom just so it takes on a more organic/"sprung up from the ground" look, but it looks great with the choice you made!


Love, love, love! I just read that your foundation color looks best when it's just a few shades darker than your home. The light grey is perfect! You have really inspired me to get cracking, we painted our ugly cinder block garage white this weekend and it looks fab! It just looks so clean...I'm loving the white and am starting to look for things to freshen up with it! My husband just texted me as I'm writing this and said "what else can we do to the outside of the house to look prettier?" haha Thanks for inspiring us!!!


Everything looks so fresh, and crisp and clean and is so beautifully put together, like a "composition". This place is like music! :-)I think I'd take your advice over any experts' any day if I wanted to create my own enjoyable home. And it's great to witness all the steps you take towards achieving what works and is enjoyable for YOU. I guess we all are learning on the way by just stopping by every day. Thanks for sharing!


You put things together so well! The house is looking magazine worthy! Nice work.


Wow! It looks great. I am one of the people who really liked the green but, as usual, you were right. You always are. I could move in down there. It even has a mailbox for me. (Even though I know that's not what it's for.)


Så fint!


Very, very nice!

Aunt Peaches

Wow! This looks so crisp and clean. I never would have thought of painting my home's foundation...now I'm wondering if I could pull it off this weekend!

Your before and after shots are so inspiring. Thank you!

Jacqui Bee


Susan M.

So beautiful--fresh, clean, and tidy. And *welcoming*--I'd love to sit on that deck with a cold beverage. :) Great job!!!


Love the change! Did you ever think of changing the metal railing for something "woody" to match the deck beside it (which is lovely btw) and use as a trellis? I admire your no fuss attitude and taste.


It looks lovely. Your neighbors must be overjoyed that you bought that house.


Hi Benita,

Your house is turning out lovelier day by day and I adore it a lot. I admire the way you take decisions. If I had been in your place, I would have stayed with the green, fearing how the grey would turn out. But the result is so pretty and neat! Waiting eagerly to see your lawn in full green and lush.


Anna K

Beautiful! You should be so proud of yourself for this transformation!


No, I much prefer original when it's still in good shape and can be updated. I've never been a fan of wood railings anyway because they tend to look so heavy.


I haven't :(

swedish House



If you want to know what it might be like to live in the US suburbs, I LOVE this blog, and this particular story. TOO funny!


"don't you dare get MY lawn MOIST. With YOUR water!" LOL


PS. I KNEW that green was not "you" - I knew it! And here it is, gone.


Looks fresh and fabulous!

Eily Bergin

What a beautiful house. :)


I prefer my front house colors to match the back house colors too. It's cute how the foundation (almost) matches your new awning.


beautiful and magazine-worthy :D i really like how the colours all go so well together with one another. perfect!

Fröken Prickig

Du är så fantastiskt händig!


wow beautiful! Congratulations :)


This looks beautiful! I am in awe of your vision. Good work!

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