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May 22, 2012


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Helene @ Homebound

It looks amazing Benita. What colour are your going for the handrail? White or a pop of colour? Have a lovely day...

amycapdet / May Zaragoza

You've got a lot in little time. Your house looks gorgeous inside and outside. I admire your energy and of course your good taste! Hopefully with the new deck and the lawn almost finished you'll find moments to sit back and enjoy the lovely view :)


It is amazing what White paint Can do. I am impressed !!!


Wow what a difference a fresh coat of paint does - the exterior looks like it's brand new now! Such a fantastic change you've made to your garden already, I'll be waiting to see more :)


I just love looking at your befores and afters!! Crisp and clean are definitely the right words :)


Det är så fint Benita! Verkligen! Helt otroligt vad du har hunnit med på så kort tid. Ska ta dina killars namn och nummer när det är dags för oss att fixa fram- och baksida :)



Hej Benita!
WOW! Your house is perfectly smart and chic...very contemporary!
I LOVE it!
Have a great week ahead


The handrail will metallic grey!


Absolut! De är toppen!


Hi Benita - it's looking really, really good outside and inside! I hope you enjoy your new outside space this spring and summertime.


Very crispy and clean indeed! Great work!


Looking great! I am sure your neighbours are thrilled to have you in the neighbourhood. You must be a big inspiration!


so clean and simple. you make it look so easy!


Love, love, love the white, so blinding!


Oh Benita!
You have worked miracles!
You definitely are my "home-transformer" hero!


Just curious, what do you mean by "attach awning fabric below handrail"? Lookin' good! I love the tree shadow on the lawn.


There's a rail just below the handrail and one further down and I will stretch awning fabric between them. Will show you when it's done!


It's amazing Benita! I love white and your before and afters, they are so cool!


Your progress is amazing and the house is looking wonderful :)

Dana from CT

I wish your neighbor to the right would paint their house white!! It's driving me crazy.
Your home is truly gorgeous. The new deck is just perfect. Enjoy!


Haha, me too. And that particular shade of yellow just is the worst if you as me...

Fröken Fräken

Snyggelisnyggt! Du har inte funderat på att måla räcket i den där mörkröna funkisfärgen som en del kallar Köpenhamnsgrön? Jag tror att den heter så iaf, en slags mörkgrön som är vanlig på fönsterkarmar och andra detaljer på funkishus? (om du har någon aning om vad jag yrar om.. hur som, jag älskar den färgen på husdetaljer!)


It looks stunning. what a transformation! I wish i had your vision.


Vilka killar! Är det speciell eternitfärg (har du eternit? ser ut så) du målar med?


Ja, det är Eternit. Jag har grundat med denna http://alcro.resolutmrm.com/3B2_ROOT/3B2MMS/Company/Alcro/media/G2Instance/PDF/G2In_09_0237_16.pdf och målats med denna http://alcro.resolutmrm.com/3B2_ROOT/3B2MMS/Company/Alcro/media/G2Instance/PDF/G2In_09_0235_16.pdf. Tydligen bäst till eternit enligt dem som förstår sig på.


Jag vill inte introducera yterligare en färg eftersom jag har svarta rännor och gula grannar... Det blir silvergrått eftersom ställningen till markisen är silvergrå och jag kommer att ha markistyg på räcket. Matchat liksom :).


I remember that style of window from my German relatives' houses. Do you not have bugs in Europe that you can live without screens?

I think the house looks fantastic!




We do get occasional ones but nothing dangerous, just a few flies and mosquitos. No need for screeens.


It looks SO much better! I love the modern-ness of it. I love the green foundation, too, and thought perhaps you had done it. I'll be sad to see that go!


Love it! Wonder if the neighbors are jealous? They should be! And do your contractors travel? Like to America? I can pay them in Vermont microbrew beer!


I also thought that you had done that green touch on the base. It looked so much like "understatement" Benita green. I understand wanting to match the grey to the other grey bits outside, but that green seems so unique. Here in Germany the bases are all grey tones. I am trying to think of which color to paint mine.


I love fresh paint! Your home is so beautiful and I love each and every thing you have done to it and always look forward to your new ideas & projects. Thank you so much for sharing with all of us!


I have said this before, YOUR NEIGHBORS MUST LOVE YOU. Look how you have improved the entire neighborhood! So so pretty!


Du har en underbar blogg! Jag undrar var du köpte dina fina utestolar? De skulle vara perfekta för mig!


Åh, tack! De är Toy av Philippe Starck för Driade: http://www.driade.com/home.php?idT=4&idST=8&idP=488&idC=1&pagProd=toy_poltroncina&clickP=true


It makes me smile and happy that you have so worked your magic!


Love how your home has turned out! You have the ability to get more done in a year than most of us can in 10 years! :) Enjoy your home!

Would it be too much trouble to ask you to post the before picture of the back of your home with this new "after" picture?


Once it's all done I'll post proper before and afters. Promise!


Jisses vad fint du gör -och snabbt! Inspirerande. Tackar för alla tips och fina bilder!


Ett litet tips... Använd fiberduk när du sår gräs. Det går mycket fortare, håller fukten och så slipper du alla fröer som finns i luften så här års. Det finns mer ogräsfrö i luften än vad man kan ana.

Det är ju inte vrålsnyggt precis, men du gillar ju vitt ;-)

Hälsn. Lotta

Ofelia, from México City

It looks pretty awesome! I love the deck, the table, chairs and planters. Congrats!


It looks fantastic. Definitely fresh and crisp. What a huge difference a can of white paint can do. Enjoy!

Michelle DuPuis

Super cute. And your deck looks fabulous!

christine e-e

amazing... bright... clean... & fresh looking.
love your deck & the nice tidy planter box. what sort of plants do you have growing?


Det har jag kört förut men faktiskt inte tänkt på dénna gång, men nu har gräset kommit igång ordentligt utan så det får vara :)


At the moment not a lot. There seems to be a peony which I wasn't aware of which is exciting, a euphornia, a variety of hosta that seems to love the sun, some wild clematis and a white rose if I remember correctly.


I don't know what to think.... I'm jealous of and excited for you. This is such a vast improvement and yet, you're not even finished. I'm tired just reading your to-do list Benita.


On the living room window there is a skinny side and a wide side. Do they both open?

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